10 Comparison of BitTorrent Clients for Spyware and Adware

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µTorrent vs Vuze vs BitTorrent 7 vs BitComet? Which is the best and doesn’t come with any spyware or adware? As shown in the table below, the top 4 in term of market share comes with some form of spyware, usually in an optional toolbar.

BitSpirit is probably the only Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 torrent clients without any spyware, and it is free. My primary choice is BitTorrent 7, simply because it is created by the founder of torrent. I can’t say much about the downloading speed, I did not notice any significant speed improvement when I downloaded the OpenOffice 3.3 from Oracle via torrent.

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Since these spyware and adware are optional, remember to select ‘custom’ installation when installing the software.

 CostSpyware or AdwareOS
µTorrentMain: free
Plus: $24.95/yr
Adware: Optional
Conduit search
(formerly Azureus)
Main: free
Mobile: $10
Plus: $24.99/yr
Adware: Optional Vuze
toolbar powered by Bing
BitTorrent 7FreeAdware: Optionally
installs Ask toolbar
BitCometFreeAd-supported: Optionally
sets your browser
homepage to
TransmissionFreeNo adware, 100% cleanMac
BitSpiritFreeNo adware, 100% cleanWin
BitTyrantFreeNo adware, 100% cleanWin
rTorrentFreeNo adware, 100% cleanMac
LimeWireMain: free
Pro: $35
MLDonkeyFreeNo adware, 100% cleanWin

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Is BitTorrent Illegal?

BitTorrent is not 100% illegal, quite a number of big corporations uses torrent to distribute files. A good example is OpenOffice.org P2P downloads – http://www.openoffice.org/distribution/p2p/

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    Sharing files via BitTorrent is pretty easy

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      Does Vuze (Azureus) torrent client install any spyware?

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    Whitson Gordon [ Reply ]

    uTorrent is hands down the best we’ve ever used

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      Howling [ Reply ]

      how to Optimizing Bittorrent Clients for Speed?

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    Jared Moya [ Reply ]

    Sadly, BitTorrent sites come and go

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    Yaara Lancet [ Reply ]

    This is one that we’re pretty excited about, because the BitTorrent client options on Android have been pretty slim

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      vision [ Reply ]

      Best spyware/adware-free BitTorrent client that ISN’T Bittorrent?

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    how to download torrent? tutorial anyone?

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      Xperia [ Reply ]

      Does μTorrentPlus torrent client install any spyware?

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