Norton Internet Security 2012 Antivirus Review

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Norton Internet Security 2012 Antivirus Review

Norton Internet Security 2012 by Symantec is my favorite antivirus security software,

Norton Internet Security 2012 Antivirus Review


  • Installation was quick, only 1 or 2 buttons to click.
  • It doesn’t lag the system, unlike other antivirus.
  • It is always up to date with the Sonar 4 technology.

Are Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2012 lighter on the memory? Yes, I’ve tried a number of free antiviruses and I noticed my laptop’s fan is always on high speed, meaning to say these free antiviruses are consuming lots of resources, generating heat.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Antivirus Review

Difference between Shareware and Freeware

There are plenty of free antiviruses from established companies such as AVG, Avira, Avast, Panda and more. Most of these free antivirus are known as premium, it tend to comes with nag ware, where pop-ups will appear once in a while nagging you to purchase the paid version.

Furthermore, what I dislike about these freeware is their sneaky methods of installing browser toolbars and changing your default search engine to theirs. The average internet user will find it an uphill task to change the settings or un-check it during installation.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Antivirus Review

Norton Internet Security 2012 Activation

The product key is clearly printed on the back of the CD sleeves, no phone call required to activate the software, simply connect to the internet and it will automatically verify with their server and you are ready to go.

All in all, Norton has proven to be reliable throughout my entire computing years. It is a reliable antivirus software and highly recommended by us.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Virus Test

In this video I’ll show you how to install Norton Internet Security 2012 and then we’ll see if it really blocks viruses…or not.

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    Protect yourself from viruses, cybercriminals, and other threats which make the Internet a dangerous place with Norton Internet Security 2012 from Symantec.

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