Emire Blogger XML Template

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emire blogspot blogger template download

Emire Blogger XML Template

7 comments on “Emire Blogger XML Template

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    Aaron Salentine [ Reply ]

    I LOVE this template, but I wish it had padded borders for the images that I place in my posts. I’ve tried to alter this, but I cannot. Can this be changed?

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    Srinivas DMS [ Reply ]

    how to download?

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    can i please use and alter your template, sir?because i find it’s nice and clean to look at.

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    yauhui [ Reply ]

    how come the links are blue? i tried altering every single blue hex but no avail :(

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    wow,,,,it’s amazing…..but any others?

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    geraldine [ Reply ]

    How do I do to use this template in my blog? how do I open the file i downleaded here and place it into blogspot?

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    Unknown [ Reply ]

    What a good template, simple, clean and the best minimal.

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