Japanese Cannibal Feast (Could be Korean / Taiwanese)

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Japanese Cannibal Feast (Could be Korean / Taiwanese)

Here is a really gross picture of a cannibal feast, not sure if these people are Japanese / Koreans or Taiwanese, could be Chinese, anyway, why in the world would anyone take part in this or dine in such a restaurant? The body and whatever that is in it may be fake, but the concept is really scary, worst that watching horror movie.

Japanese Cannibal Feast

52 comments on “Japanese Cannibal Feast (Could be Korean / Taiwanese)

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    these people are Japanese.
    You shouldn’t treat all the Asian the same.

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    ewww omg thats sooooo gross

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    Its not a real person

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    Jagatguru [ Reply ]

    I m totally Shocked.How they think about such dinner.Are they ethically bankruft and mentally sort-circuited?I may imagine they are come from some rich familly where the value of humanity totaly abolished.Actually it’s the idea of self destruction.This type of people is nothing but to destroy all the right thought and creativeness.


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    yoyoyo cannibal here-ox [ Reply ]

    shut up anyways im a cannibal myself, me and my mate eat people,witoto

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    Spider [ Reply ]

    Calm down and stop being so closed minded.

    Its not a real person. Obviously these people just have a dark sense of humor. That doesn’t make them sick.

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    this is not a real human lollololololoooll1!!1

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    Fred Barnard [ Reply ]

    Do you suppose some parts of the effigy taste like fish?

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    Actually, I find this rather interesting.
    Morbid as it is, I’d really like to know if this ‘restaurant’ that serves up fake bodies as its cuisine is truly existent.
    If so, sign me up!

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    u humans are sick eating ur own species (even thought thats fake), selfish,full of hatred, and stupid,humans ur worst than monkeys

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      Scribbles [ Reply ]

      for your info monkeys are cannibalisms as well and shall i say one of the first to participate in this act … which in all respect is delicious art and magnificent way of expressing who you are and what life is about ……. Life is an adventure

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    wai kim [ Reply ]

    r u guys sohai?

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    manuel [ Reply ]

    oh..shit!! what are you doing?

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    Yeah… really sick and gross, who would ever think of doing such a think as symbolically committing cannibalism.

    It sure is a good thing that in the west we do not symbolically commit cannibalism every Sunday as part of a religious ceremony.

    Eat of this bread for it is my body, drink of this wine for it is my blood.

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    hmmm, I wonder what human tastes like? to think of it is really disgusting and unhuman thing to do but how come there are people who eats human. hmmmm an religious act or simply human meat tastes good? i’m not a cannibal lolz haha

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    Actually your not to far off on the horror movie though. This is actually a after party from a Japanese horror film. I can remember the name of the movie though.

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    well, if this is the after party for a HORROR film, then this isn’t to bad. it’s probably, you know, for the HORROR part lol. so its not as disgusting as it seems ahah.

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    Jonie Baby [ Reply ]

    Wow. ppl are so ignorant. Just because they have a diferent way to dine doesnt mean they are totally wacked. geez ppl get out and see some culture. I mean ppl eat snails and all other weird shit.Besides, it just the presentation and get over ur girlish self.

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    shikokun [ Reply ]

    For God’s sake people! It’s a bit of fun like a pinyata (excuse my spelling) filled with sweets beaten to pieces by children! Everybody in the picture is laughing and giggling. When I was a kid I had cakes shaped as people and animals…I ate them! I also had that game you perform surgery on and you get zapped if you get it wrong…am I mentally disturbed for that?
    Get a life all you Politically correct loosers geezeeee! It is people like you that are destroying the world!

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    david pan [ Reply ]

    kind of weird, interesting though, i wonder if the fake body is made of anything edible or is it something inside it? and btw, taiwanese is chinese…

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    read da bible [ Reply ]

    These people are CHRISTIANS dumbass.

    Read the bible – Christ gave his followers bread and wine and said this is my body and blood. Both in a metaphorical and a literal sense.

    Read your bible you dumbasses

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    god must blast u!

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    Maybe some Asians so that. But more of Psychos and Serial Killers from America and Africa. An Example : Offical Killer Bushyetc..

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    that….is sick and twisted lol
    i might do it if i was drunk tho (:

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    mga morron its not a real perso halata naman mga gunggung…….!!!!

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    @shabba@ [ Reply ]

    this really doesn’t bother me, it’s not a real person so i don’t understand the big GAAAASPP!!!… =_=

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    @shabba@ [ Reply ]

    but actual cannibalism does make me feel sick, scary bananas @_@

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    People have their own differing opinions about this matter, and in my case — it’s sick. Even though it’s not real, it’s symbolically hinting at cannibalism.

    This is not a matter of being politically correct. This is a matter of humanity. If people is allowed to practice cannibalism, then all the murder laws in the world will be rendered useless. What’s wrong with killing people when WE CAN EAT THEM? *sarcastic*

    In that way, we can raise and harvest humans to eat. So who will be the eater, and who will be the victim? It could be anybody. Don’t you find that scary?

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    BigBlackWilly [ Reply ]

    It would be better if it was a guy, and had a really big p you could eat…

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    GRACIE [ Reply ]

    this is gross and just think if we were eating someone that is from our family are human animals or what??????????

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    maybe i have eaten someone from your family gracie… well at least eaten them out ..lol.. this is a joke and if people cannot see there is no harm meant by it. than i think they are retarded….but thats just my opinion…. o and taiwan is a republic of china but don’t call them chinese… they will get pissed.. (i know because my girlfriend is taiwanese) taiwan has it’s own government and olympic team…lol.. i have spent a lot of time in that country and on my passport i have zero info on china stamped in it only taiwan.

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    Sidney Marie [ Reply ]

    This is supposedly a cannibal banquet. I found this on a separate website…

    “Here’s how the Cannibal Banquet works… a pinata-like “body” is carefully crafted, then stuffed with edible goodies in a red sauce. More “sauce” is somehow embedded into the outside covering – “skin” as it were – of the body so that it will appear to bleed when cut into.”

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    I live in Tokyo,they seem very polite but in reality if you understand their language I believe they are the most impolite people in the world.They are shy in front of foreigners and wild among themselves.
    Their men spent time after work in the bars to drink and drink then go late at their home.Their girls like to marry with foreigners and not be in japan.sometimes I think there are two things important in their life:gathering much money and have rude xxx.
    I have been also in middle east and I believe they worth better than japan.

    If you are going to come japan you’d better to know they have hidden racism.

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    craptastic [ Reply ]

    dude desperate races try almost anything.. I think they’re japanese.. the value of life there is so low that it rains suicidal dudes and dudets at college dorms..

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    !WTF_ITS(UR)*MOM*! [ Reply ]

    loooool! thats not even a real human,
    yeah its probably true that japanese people are actually quite sick and disgusting,they eat humans (apparantly), they eat whales, squid, octupus, snake, squirrel and literarily, they are like the people who just go about eating everything, even insects.

    This whole cannibal banquet is just a joke and if all of you over sensitive people don’t like it don’t look at it.

    April 8th, 2009
    btw lol,
    how did you actually know that japanese people have “rude xxx”?? can you tell us all what “rude sex” actually is. Surely someone like you must know, right? (just joking mate ;) )

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    Danny Petrov [ Reply ]

    This is F****** FAKE & STUPID!!!

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    Ummm well I don’t think it’s gross if it’s not a real body but if it was … Some people say nothing’s wrong with cannibalism … I would say: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING !!!! You say there’s nothing wrong with it but what would you do if you were the one being eaten by someone? If you were laying on a table and someone would cut a part of your flesh with a knife then eat it while watching you suffering? What would you do! XD Well to people who say there’s nothing wrong with that try cutting yourself and eating your flesh before eating the flesh of others. And if you say we don’t talk about eating someone alive then I would say: Ok someone dead, but what right do you have to eat someone else body is he/she ok with that you can’t know. The only case of cannibalism acceptable is like in a plane crash eating the dead body to survive …TO SURVIVE ..Well that was my point!

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    Michelle [ Reply ]

    and as long as the brain isn’t consumed we wont go crazy eating the humans. mad cow disease came from the cows eating each other’s brains. i know this because people in africa used to do it.they would eat their enemies after battle and ate the brain thinking it would give them strength but in reality caused madness.

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    Michelle [ Reply ]

    whoever said something about self destruction. first of all it is NOT self destructive because cannibalism is about eating OTHER people not YOURSELF. and im sure most who find it disgustiing are the ones fearing it. whats to fear about some human meat? dont worry anyone i eat will be nice and dead.cannibalism is not so much about killing.some people do it to survive. its more common than you think. there is a type of spider that gives birth and the offspring eat her once they hatch.

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    Michelle [ Reply ]

    lol your funny marie. we need permission to eat dead people. once they aren’t alive the body is pretty useless. after all, its only a vessel.

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    Looks very funny!
    I would go to a restaurant like this with my Japanese friends (this kind of theme-restaurants can only be in Japan).
    Of course it’s supposed to look gross, something you do once in your life with friends, eating some tofu-breast or whatever.
    And genuine cannibalism was a culturally religious thing, it had a clear meaning in the societies. They didn’t go hunt for human when they felt hungry.
    Some incredible sh*t I read on this site, bytheway.

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    the Q man [ Reply ]

    ok I can say I would eat there and know alot of people that would with me. Except the fact that the girl was nude, and full sized. come on we eat cakes that look like people and have red filling or even the food called “Bloody Fingers” that looks like moldy fingers with jam for blood, this isnt much different. though i do say it is very wrong to have a full size nude girl/guy on a table being eaten. notice people on the internet argue about everything? even though its all OPINION NOT FACT. i bet someone will try to argue with me but i will not answer because there is no point. they believe what they believe and I myself so if you agree post JAO = just an opinion

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    They are Japanese in my thouht:)

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    Japanese eat anything? Yeah buddy, they walk around the streets hunting for whales. Well Americans eat pretty much anything as well. They eat cows, chickens, pigs, squirrels, raccoons, dogs. Yes, half of those are done in the deep south and not in New York or Los Angeles, so I guess people in Tokyo don’t go looking for squirrels either eh? In Tokyo, they eat Fish, Cow, Chicken, and Shellfish, just like… OH anywhere else. And unless you are a vegetarian, you can go F yourself when you say… OH The Japanese hunt whales! Yeah buddy, they all hunt whales. It’s kind of like you have Physical Education class and Japanese have whale hunting class. Moron.

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    Oh shit!!!!!! Its really sick……… Though unreal, still how can one do that????????

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    yeah it’s not a real body but still
    the thought of eating something that resembles a human body?
    i guess they’re just running out of things to amaze the world huh
    and really the japanese have a history of cannibalism a ritual that’s supposed to absorb the energy of the eaten body
    sick bastards..

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    they are real human some people are idiot eating fresh like dis

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    All of that is the same at eating animal so what, some day I’m ganna make it real, not like alive but create dead clone, not alive clone and then people can eat it.

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    Md Ibrahim [ Reply ]

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