How to Detect and Find Invisible Users on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger

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How do detect invisible user in Yahoo Messenger? I find it annoying when a person comes online with the status “Invisible to Everyone” in both Yahoo and MSN Messenger, things are made worst when both parties are invisible.

The invisible feature is great, there are times such as exam weeks when we don’t want to be disturbed because we would like to do some research online or keep in touch with classmates, discussing the exam paper, or we’re coming online for a short period of time just to check our email, that’s the time when we don’t want anyone to bug us or we’re not in the mood to entertain them.

How to Detect and Find Invisible Users on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger
There are various web application that is able to reveal invisible Yahoo Messenger user, XEEBER and Invisible scanner are the better ones in the market, its free!

As for MSN Messenger, there is only one tool available, the Show Invisible MSN Messenger Status detector, it reveals, finds, and detects you and your contact lists MSN information and inform you all you want to know about your contacts. For example which person deleted or blocked you.

Reveal Invisible Users MSN Messenger

For those who are curious about which of his/her friends deleted or blocked them, do give the service a try but be cautious, I believe the tool is meant to be some sort of email harvesting application or another email hijacking tool created by spammers. Give it a try but remember to change your password as soon as you’re done with it.

Rule number one, never reveal your password to other company besides the original service provider.

invisible msn name trick messenger

Here is a cool little MSN Name Trick that allows you to have an invisible MSN Screen Name. This nickname trick should work for most versions of Messenger (ie MSN 6, 7.5, 8.0). Just follow these instructions:

  • Open the Options window so you can change your MSN Name
  • Hold down ALT on your keyboard and type in 0160 using the Numeric Keypad (usually on the right side of your keyboard)
  • Click OK to save your new Invisible MSN Name!

34 comments on “How to Detect and Find Invisible Users on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger

  1. Gravatar

    Xeeber isn’t work :(

  2. Gravatar
    alireza [ Reply ]

    great tips
    you can find yahoo status (online , oflline , invisible) in this site too Yahoo invisible detector

  3. Gravatar
    Praduman [ Reply ]

    gr3…! it works…thanks alireza…….

  4. Gravatar

    how to detect invisible users in msn messenger

  5. Gravatar
    philis` [ Reply ]

    there are lot of detectors available but most of them didn’t work and usually downloadable, can anyone help me, if you know some invisible detectors for MSN/LIVE MESSENGER that no need for download and very much effective please tell me how.

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    madamido [ Reply ]

    how to detect invisible users in msn messenger

  7. Gravatar

    how to know when my friend invisible?

  8. Gravatar

    how to detect invisible users in msn messenger

  9. Gravatar

    How i can to Detect and Find Invisible Users on MSN ??
    helppp …pls

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    Roberto [ Reply ]

    This is the best yahoo invisible checker

  11. Gravatar

    yu can check easily whther who is online on yahoo .. its the easiest way to find out ..
    if yu r still gettin a problem yu can contact me on yahoo ur_favourite_321@yahoo…
    on msn dreams_capturer321@hotmail…
    and on cell as well +923314061161

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    Check this great Yahoo invisible scanner with a lot of functionalities!

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    how to make my friend invisible?

  14. Gravatar

    Thanks Ali These were helpful.

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    hello can i now wer i can finis a working msn/live invisible detector? please help me….

  16. Gravatar
    Sherru [ Reply ]

    All these invisible detectivez are for yahooo
    can anyone tell us how we can find a working MSN invisible detector???

  17. Gravatar
    rdance [ Reply ]

    Lots of detectors for invisible ym account…
    But just hardly find one for msn account…
    The following one works for only if the user hasn’t set “Only people on my Allow List can see my status…” in his Privacy Option…

    I hope some genius can come up one for msn account very soon =.=

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    IT Freak [ Reply ]

    The link for the MSN Messenger is a blocked site from mozilla firefox. So all users are cautioned to not to use this site.

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    asghari [ Reply ] also works

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    perse adrian [ Reply ]

    You can try Yahoo invisible checker

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    “How to Detect and Find Invisible Users on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger”

    Newbie! There’s no way to detect.

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    Guest #2 [ Reply ]

    Just wanted to run something by you guys to see if one of my friends is really signed in to Messenger and just appearing offline or maybe has me blocked.

    I signed in to WL Mesenger and noticed that one of my contacts shows as offline.

    When I go to WL Hotmail and click Contacts and then click on her picture, sometimes I get the option to “Send instant message (Offline)” and sometimes that option is not there. If it’s not there, does that mean she really online and just lurking as invisible?

    Just curious because I like to appear offline once in a while and was just wondering if this is a way for my contacts to tell I’m really signed in.

  23. Gravatar

    Wana check hotmail weather its online or not,

  24. Gravatar
    Marian [ Reply ]

    I personally use detectinvisible, and I found it excellent.
    Gorgeous interface, fast.

    They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

  25. Gravatar
    Natalie [ Reply ]

    Hi all,

    for YAHOO: ydetector works great as well, even when i am on pidgin.

    checkmsnstatus im not sure this works. Like a friend i know who is on meebo doesnt appear here. nor me, on pidgin.

  26. Gravatar
    emesen [ Reply ]

    gives a random status, checkecd my own MSN account by simultaneously switching on and off and it didn’t show always correct, they must be collecting e-mails people are entering in the textbox…

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    tuvshuu [ Reply ]

    there are always yahoo detector site no more MSN detector guys pls tel me how to detect MSN mesenger..

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    There is no working MSN invisible user checker? It’s proved… don’t waist your time. The result is as og 09-04-2010. I investigated for last one whole week.

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    Another useful website, it can:
    – Check the status: online, invisible, offline
    – View and download avater
    – Add nick
    – Send the message
    – View the profile
    – 100% correct, never busy

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    Thanks, is working well, accurate 100%

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    doreet [ Reply ]

    Please tell me, here,how the heck I can get into my old email, “” cause someone has stolen it,I cannot get in; or the company yahoo has locked it down.It is not helping me get my old email back,aat all; have been big a=——–, and complete jerks.whoever has it, I want it back, can you please post here,how the hell I can get it back? It’s a very old email,and I suspect the stupid company yahoo has stolen it back from me;and I WANT IT BACK, I HAVE THINGS PUT ON THERE,AND SENT TO ME!!!PLEASE HELP, please post it here,how to get it back, thank you. :(

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    There are no real exploits or hacks for windows live messenger. Lots and lots of tricks for yahoo but nothing for windows live messenger. This is a real bummer. Its windows live to hard to exploit? If anyone can make a programme that lets you view private profiles for wlm that would be awesome as there is nothing around at the moment.

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      GeckoFly [ Reply ]

      @Guest – Since MSN and Yahoo now shares the same protocol or are compatible with each other, it is possible to see invisible MSN user by adding them to YM and detect invisible user. Read more –

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