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I tried surfing the internet with Google Chrome for an entire week and have to admit that I’m still pretty much a Firefox fan. Google Chrome does has its pros and cons, so does Firefox 3, the drawback for Google Chrome is the compatibility issue with certain blogs and websites that uses Java, for instant embedded video in blogs from certain company does not stream well with Google Chrome.

Firefox on the other hand appears to be unstable, I have this bookmark issue where for no reason my bookmark would disappear, restarting Firefox does not solve the issue, I need to restart the computer, only then will the bookmark reappear. Anyway, if you’re into Google Chrome’s user interface, do give the Firefox 3 – Google Chrome Theme a try, you’ll love it. Download the FF3 Google Chrome theme.

Download Google Chrome theme for Mozilla Firefox 3

Update – Download The latest Firefox 13

The up and coming version Firefox 14 and 15 will be better and sync automatically with all devices. For a faster and safer browsing experience, always keep your browser up to date. The latest Mozilla Firefox is version 13 and it can be downloaded via the following link –

Browser Test and Comparison

Chrome 19 vs Firefox 13 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 12 vs Safari 5.1 for which is the best and fastest browser for both mac and windows.

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    it’s good

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      FXChrome :: Add-ons for Firefox – Chrome like theme for Firefox

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        Adam Pash [ Reply ]

        Install a Chrome-Inspired Firefox Theme …

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      Awesome Mozilla Firefox Themes

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        Varun Krish [ Reply ]

        chrome firefox addon
        best firefox tab add on

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    Firefox [ Reply ]

    like this one should not miss so I just…

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      Yahoo Answer [ Reply ]

      Spitfire Firefox chrome theme

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    Google Chrome is a free web browser that takes just seconds to install

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      peipei [ Reply ]

      Chromifox Basic is a coat of chrome for Firefox

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    Brandon De Hoyos [ Reply ]

    Chrome Themes and Theme Creator

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      How To Change Facebook Theme On Firefox And Chrome?

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    Chris Pirillo [ Reply ]

    Common Firefox theme issues and solutions

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