Celcom 3g (HSDPA) Mobile Wireless Broadband Test

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Celcom 3g (HSDPA) Mobile Wireless Broadband Test

I went around town wanting to subscribe to a mobile broadband internet, based on my peers’ firsthand experience and advices, I have decided to settle for Celcom 3G broadband, this is because most of the Celcom 3G user’s feedbacks are rather good, whereas Maxis Mobile Broadband user has nothing good to say, which pretty much summed up the lousy internet connection promised by Maxis.

For your information, I picked the RM98 mobile broadband package; it promise me a maximum speed of 3.6mbps and will be shaped to 128kbps once I reached the 5GB limit, which in my own opinion is quite reasonable. I’m not a hardcore torrent user; neither do I play games online, therefore 128kbps is more than enough for me.

The hardware purchased is the Australian Three mobile broadband modem by Huawei, a Chinese networking company in China, believed to be the biggest or perhaps one of the biggest networking company in the world, I do not need to go into details how they achieve this magnificent success in such a short period of time, but we do know stealing intellectual property from Cisco did assist Huawei in many ways.

huawei 3g modem 3 mobile broadband australia

Now, for the Mobile Broadband Speed test, Celcom 3G promised me a maximum speed of 3.6mbps, to carry out the speed test experiment, I’ve decided to pay speedtest.net a visit. Please note that this test might not be as accurate as it is because an undersea submarine cable in Europe snapped recently and causes minor internet disruption across Asia and Middle East, which is not as bad as the previous Taiwan Quake that literally cut off internet access across the entire South East Asia and Australia.

Below is a snapshot of the broadband speed test, somewhat disappointed, hopefully it is due to the submarine cables and not Celcom.

Celcom 3g (HSDPA) Mobile Wireless Broadband Test

The reason I choose a mobile broadband over land line based Streamyx is because I might move around once I find myself a job, it would be a hassle to inform Telekom of my change of address again and again. Therefore, the best option is still a mobile broadband, Streamyx may appear to be lousy, then again, it has no limit and is way much faster than a mobile broadband.

17 comments on “Celcom 3g (HSDPA) Mobile Wireless Broadband Test

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    mohamed iszhar b saad [ Reply ]

    couldn’t access sms through celcom broadband..how to access it??

    already registerd..but it didn’t works..
    how to register??

  2. Gravatar

    Sedih dengan celcom… lepas register 3 hari baru aktif… kena call 10 kali baru dapat… lepas tu… speed sedih… teruk lagi dial-up…
    i cuba maxis broadband. aktif 1 jam… speed ok… dapat 400kbps… dah terminate celcom

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    Faiz Hanafi [ Reply ]

    celcom nie kolot btl.nk downl0ad pown kena tnggu lama2.tensen tulah

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    jombet [ Reply ]

    celcom 3g masa promo bukan main indah bunyinya tapi dah cuba teruknya…speed teruk..dah tu selalu terputus…mana janji celcom nak upgrade tu lah ini lah…bukak youtube kena tunggu lama…apa lagi nak download…mengecewakan…berbulan2 tuggu dah tapi tak ada progress langsung…wang dah banyak keluar…kotakan lah janji nak bagi yg terbaik kpd customer…jgn nak duit org ajaa.

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    Honestly, celcom broadband is not my first choice.. Make some survey found maxis and P1 is good to used as downloader on my areas.. I had used as maxis prepaid user paid rm8 for 24 hrs can gain internet access for download near to 3.2Mbps and upload 1.2Mbps. Also tried DIgi rm10/week and Celcom rm6 for 24 hrs unfortunetely gained only max 420Kbps..
    My conclusion is Maxis is worth to purchase is your covourage area archied HSPA.
    Attention!!!! Pls carefully used maxis broadband not exceed those package limit.. Cost under your risk..
    If you are really need damn fastest internet access then choose MAxis lor..

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      GeckoFly [ Reply ]

      Ur the first person that says Maxis is reliable, I’ve used Celcom 3G before and it is bad. A friend of mine is using P1 and he finds it horrible. As for Maxis, I did subscribe to the prepaid internet thing, conclusion = terrible.

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    r3v3ng3r [ Reply ]

    celcom just a shit.. better to use maxis.. but celcom plays a dirty monopoly thus maxis have to limit the bandwidth.. celcom is not private but belongs to the GOV! bullshit!

  7. Gravatar
    cintia [ Reply ]

    rugi betul nak bayar 3g broadband ni..walaupun tinggal kat bandar but still slow giler..nak tengok you tube jangan haraplah speed!!

  8. Gravatar
    coolflame [ Reply ]

    oops! i just signed up for 3gig no contract package, the salesperson claimed only throttled 10% when fooled-user-policy kick in. will check it out any way coz 7 days free trial and get to keep the modem(another modem, what for?)

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    sekejap cepat,sekejap lambat,susah juga nak cakap,masa saya ambil broadband celcom ni,mcm2 yg dijanjikan,tapi skrang semuanya susah juga nak cakap.kalu saya dah malas nak layan celcom broadband ni, lebih baik ”TERMINATED”saja LOOOOOOO……….

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    1 bought the celcom package of 68 rm then when pay turn to be 70 rm- reason paper cost for 2 rm, the first 5 months the line is so good but now this is the 2nd months the line is very bad, i get fedup to go on due to the line very slow and it cut every few second. i called their toll free they said i need to pay extra 15rm in order to make the line speed better and i allow them to put into my bill but the result still the same, what can i do, iam paying rm70 monthly for nothing.

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    amin san [ Reply ]

    celcom broadband kdang2 oke kdang2 x..,nk tnggu mlam bru nek 1.43Mbps .,time siang nek pon smpai 30-40Kbps jew..,

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    CelcomVictim [ Reply ]

    Tuka P1 trus laju, celcom is like a poo

  13. Gravatar
    cirusmania [ Reply ]

    semua sama ler…sbln guna utk download atau ngok youtube .pastu tu bila abis je quote diorg low korg punya speed..so kena top-up atau beli quote speed utk ko org download atau tgok youtube blik.

  14. Gravatar
    cirusmania [ Reply ]

    byar blnan tetap sama tp utk speed laju kena byar lain..x ke tipu namanya…

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    broadband celcom menyakitkan hati..x berbaloi btol,merugikan bayar bulan2 baik g on9 kt cc je,puas ati byar tpi laju.

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    2020 negara maju….macam mana nak maju…internet broadband celcom macam kura2. Kat bandar pula disumbat pelbagai jalur lebar. Kat kampung ketinggalan. Yang x ada coverage internet pun ada. 512 kb pun berbayar…memalukan.

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