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VirtualDJ is the DJ software used by many big brands such as Numark or Hercules, and is used around the world by bedroom DJs and professional superstars alike. With its breakthrough BeatLock engine, your songs will always stay on the beat, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ. The automatic seamless loop engine and the synchronized sampler will let you perform astounding remixes on the fly.

The video engine lets you mix and scratch music videos as easily as audio. You can also use a special timecode vinyl and scratch MP3s or videos directly on a real turntable. Add to that customizable interfaces to suit both beginners and professionals; A visual beat display; An infinite number of cues; VST, freeframe and proprietary beat-synced effects; Karaoke; Internet broadcast; Recording and burning; CDs, vinyls and DVDs ripping; Automatic playlist mixing; DRM compatibility; Headphones and external mixer modes, and compatibility with many existing DJ devices.

Version 5.2 includes new smart play and smart cue options, new interface, and new compatible controllers.

Virtual DJ 5.2 Pro Screenshot


Rules and Regulation:

1. Contest ends December 31, 2008. All entries must be received by 12:00 noon EST.
2. One entry and winner per person.
3. Winner will be selected by a random drawing of all feed subscriber.
4. Decision of GeckoandFly is final; winner will be notified via email.

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    it’s great i love it thank you so much

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    eduardo [ Reply ]

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    segundo [ Reply ]

    key for virtual

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    u r the best:D

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    Please send me Link to Virtual Dj, mine has run’ed out of date, and the Serial # for it, thanks :)

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    Keith Norris [ Reply ]

    Please send serial # the software is revolutionary and I can really use this
    Thank You,
    Keith C. Norris

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    dj bashment [ Reply ]

    pls send me the serial #

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    Please send me the Link to free Virtual DJ 5.2 Pro + serial number

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    DJ Orion [ Reply ]

    I need the serial pls. It would be great.thx

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    alvaro [ Reply ]

    Please send me the Link to free Virtual DJ 5.2 Pro + serial number
    thank you

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    Subodh [ Reply ]

    i am looking for this software please give me it

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    khusta [ Reply ]

    can you please tell me where can i download a full version of Virtual Dj 5.2, because i really like it and if you would insist of helping me out, i will be very greatful

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    Offline [ Reply ]

    cna you plz tell me where to download and find serial thx

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    please send me serial no. for virtual DJ 5.2

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    Dj Shamis [ Reply ]

    hi,please send me serial for virtual dj5.2
    b.r Dj Shamis
    From: Iran

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    hi,please send me serial for virtual dj5.2

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    thanasis [ Reply ]

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    Zamokuhle [ Reply ]

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    Eduardo [ Reply ]

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    vaibhav [ Reply ]

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    Plz i want the serials virtual dj 6.0

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    dj golddust [ Reply ]

    I have been a dj for over 5 years from i was 9 till now im only 14 and the virtual dj has been the best help ever thank you virtual dj. by the way can you make it so i can use spotfiy i hate using i tunes it is melting thatn the onley bad thing :):):):)

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    Waheed [ Reply ]

    Am gretaful to came across this site.I need licence key for Virtual Dj 6.0.3 will be happy

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    CyberJooo [ Reply ]

    Hi Waheed, send me you install of virtualdj 6.0.3 (not trial) and I will crack it for you

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    Groovy Kids [ Reply ]

    Pls can any one help me with virtual Dj 5.2 with key? I don’t money to buy pls anybody that can help should pls send it to my mail asap. or
    Thanks to you all.

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    cecilio santos [ Reply ]

    i want virtual dj 6.1.2 for free software you my help me to give me for free virtual dj

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    cecilio santos [ Reply ]

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    Eugene Quaye [ Reply ]

    Am gretaful to have come across this site.I need licence key or serial number for Virtual Dj 6.0.1 will be happy

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    Dj M3LL0 [ Reply ]

    I need virtual dj serial number immedately

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    please i hve to play in a party and i don’t have the serial code to access the virtual dj..please give me the code as i can play for the party please please..

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    pharell [ Reply ]

    i am only a poor DJ please help me

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    pharell [ Reply ]

    i want the software it self full version

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