2 Free 3D Model, Animation, Interior Rendering Software Engine and Services

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Open source free 3D model rendering freeware, software and programs? There are hundreds of these architectural 3D computers rendering engine programs available on the net for free; the only catch is which one of them is the industry leading 3D rendering application, thus making the format universally acceptable by most users.

Blender – 3D Model Rendering Software

A free and open source 3D modeling and animation application for everyone, due to the complexity of the software and powerful rendering engine, Blender is tailored for movie making, short 3d animation rendering, 3d graphics rendering, 3d character rendering, game and more. In short, it is a realistic 3d rendering application. Download Blender – Free 3d animation rendering application.

Free 3D Model Interior Rendering Software Engine and Services

SketchUp – 3D Architectural Rendering Software

Unlike Blender, Google SketchUp is a down to earth 3D application for everyone; it is simple, straightforward and easy to master. Just like all Google products, the user interface is easy on the eyes. 3D model can be exported into Google Earth’s community, the only drawback is the ugly photorealistic 3d rendering which is not realistic at all, it is mainly tailored for architects and architecture student for 3d interior and exterior rendering / visualizing.

If you’re looking for a laptop for 3d rendering, don’t worry about SketchUp, it is the software for all laptops due to the minimal resources it consumed each cycle. Download SketchUp – Free 3d architectural rendering software.

Free 3D Model Interior Rendering Software Engine and Services

Other 3D Computer Rendering Software Resources

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3 comments on “2 Free 3D Model, Animation, Interior Rendering Software Engine and Services

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    Dexter [ Reply ]

    I think Blender is the best open-source 3d application ever.

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    3D Modeler [ Reply ]

    – 3D modeling of Characters, architecture hi polygonal, low polygonal
    technical devices modeling;
    – Texturing, mapping, bump, specular;
    – Setup, morphing, rigging characters;
    – Sketches in details, 2D pictures.
    – 3D Print

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    francis [ Reply ]

    wow its very amazing for me i want to create a game using this system

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