Download Google Chrome vs Apple Safari Browser For Mac OSX

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Download Google Chrome for Mac OS X 10.6 or later. The million dollar question, which is a better browser for Apple Mac OSX? Personally, I believe speed is not an issue, what difference does it makes if all sites loads and renders 1 or 2 seconds faster than a competing browser? The age of which browser is faster is over, and we’ve just entered the age of cloud. The age of cloud browser is the idea of having the same bookmark synced automatically on all devices and being able to close your laptop and continued browser the same sites with another device seamlessly.

2 Browser Addon to Auto Bypass Internet Censorship

google chrome browser apple mac

safari mac apple browser

Apple literally controls the entire eco-system of Apple devices, therefore if you own an iPhone, MacBook and iPad, Safari is the best. Since both Apple Safari and Google Chrome uses the same Webkit rendering engine, it means they are more or less the same, only differs in term of functionality.

Undeniably, Google Chrome is a snappier browser with lots of plugins. At the end of the day, it all goes down with which browser you are most comfortable with.

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