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Updates: Contest Closed

How to crack and activate Norton Utilities? Download free Norton Utilities from Torrent? Searching for Norton Utilities keygen, serial number, activation code, license key and product key? Attention readers. In conjunction with our 3rd Anniversary, GeckoandFly is giving away one genuine copy of Norton Utilities for free worth $49.99.

To participate, subscribe to GeckoandFly’s feed (enter your email and confirm your subscription) and stand a chance to win a genuine serial number and license key for Norton Utilities. No puzzle to solve, no catchy slogan or tricky quiz. Simply drop your email and pray hard. One lucky winner shall be chosen randomly using the ‘the hat’ software. Please read the terms and conditions:

Rules and Regulations

  • Competition ends March 15, 2009. All entry has to be received by 12:00 noon EST.
  • One entry per person.
  • The lucky winner shall be selected by a random drawing of all feed subscriber.
  • Decision of GeckoandFly is final, the winner shall be notified via email.

Norton Utilities Review

After being in hiatus for so many years, Symantec released v14 of Norton Utilities for Windows XP/Vista on February 3, 2009. According to Symantec, it’s a unique tool which will boost system memory, accelerate startup time, free up disk space and boost overall system performance. It is essentially Norton 360 v3.0 minus the firewall and antivirus.

Norton Utilities for Windows XP/Vista on February 3, 2009, boasting that it’s a unique tool which will “reclaim system memory, accelerate startup time, free up disk space and boost overall system performance.” Its tools include Registry Defragmenter, Registry Cleaners, Disk Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter, Startup Manager, Service Manager, Restore Center, System Optimizer, Process Viewer, and Performance Test.

Norton Utilities Screenshots




Updates: Contest Closed, Winner is Samuel Smith from Australia. Congratulation!

Note: Downloading and installing pirated software is against the law, please be aware that most pirated software with crack files, keygen, serial number generator, product key generator, license key and activation code found online via p2p networks such as Torrent comes attached with Virus, Trojan, worms and Spyware.

Don’t believe me? Scan your serial number or activation code generator by uploading it to VirusTotal; it’s an online Meta antivirus engine where it checks the uploaded file against 32 antivirus engine and database. Chances are these keygen and crack are infected with spyware or some sort of malware.

Why does it contain Spyware or Virus? It’s a simple fact of making money online. Hackers and virus writers distribute these cracks with the intention of harvesting some data for a small sum of profit, or to convert your computer into a zombie comp for sending spams. One of their favorite software to infect is none other than security software because you are most likely not to have any antivirus installed thus making your computer even more vulnerable and an easy target.

My advice is – purchase a genuine copy of Norton Utilities instead of taking the unnecessary risk of using a crack, keygen, serial number, product key or activation code. If money is an issue, try some of these free (with limitation) antivirus software:

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