How to Save and Download Google Maps to Jpeg for Offline Browsing

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UPDATE: Watch this video on how to download Google Maps onto your Android. With the new JellyBean Update for Android, now you can download Google Earth Maps onto your Android Smartphone for offline viewing, offline Maps are especially helpful when you’re abroad or outside your network. You can browse saved areas or get your bearings by using My Location and compass mode.

Download Google Earth Maps

To download the maps for offline viewing, click on the ‘menu’ button on your android Smartphone and tablet. From there, a drop down list appears and you have the option of selecting the area to download for offline viewing. Remember, the size of the file is huge, depending on the location and area selected; it can be as large as 100MB. Download the maps via Wifi to save bandwidth.

How to save or download portion of Google Maps (Measure Distance on Google Maps) for offline browsing? You can download a segment of the map as an image file for offline browsing, I find this really useful. Most of use who uses a map are always on the go, therefore it make sense to load the map into our mobile phone for offline browsing.

I believe this simple software is a useful tool for backpackers, architects, surveyors, road builders, students and more.

Here are its features:

  • Save images as JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24, BMP or Targa files
  • Runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Works on Linux and Mac OS X via WineHQ

9 comments on “How to Save and Download Google Maps to Jpeg for Offline Browsing

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    Don Goddard [ Reply ]

    I was assemblying and stitching maps from Google until I found a really nice utility called Google Map Buddy. You save the file to your hard drive (it doesn’t need to be installed) and uses it to identify the area you would like to save. Within a few seconds the software parses the area into individual maps, save them, stitches them togoether and deletes the smaller map to leave the one your want.


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      hey the google map buddy is not there on the net so if u have it plz. mail it to me

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        Get Google Maps on your mobile phone for free, and never carry a paper map again.

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        Casey Chan [ Reply ]

        After somehow managing to survive life without it, Google Maps is back and better than ever for iOS.

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    Google map buddy IS available just do a Google search for it. Google banned this software because it violated their terms of service. God forbid we acquire any high resolution satellite images and save them. here Ill make it easy on you.
    CNET is hosting the download.

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    Timika Bordwine [ Reply ]

    Excellent post. I like the way you expose your writing talent! Keep up good work.

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    maoliangs [ Reply ]

    OK,friends, I admit, I come here to push my software to you.But my products [Google Satellite SuperGet][Google Map SuperGet][Google Terrain SuperGet] are truly high-efficiency in downloading and mosaicing google images,format as “GeoTIF”,”Geojpg”. it’s indeed smart tool which can help you download small tile images from google earth.You can view downloaded maps offline. Moreover you can easily get the longitude and latitude of each exported image.

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    muhammad kabir [ Reply ]

    I could be greatful if I got map download

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      Casey Johnston [ Reply ]

      More than 10 million iOS users sprinted back into the arms of Google Maps the weekend after the new third-party app was released

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