Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Windows 7

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Windows movie maker is my favorite movie editing tool; it comes default in Windows XP Professional but not in the home edition, no reason give by Microsoft. Initially I thought Windows Movie Maker comes exclusively for those who purchased the Professional edition, I was wrong.

Unlike QuickTime, Microsoft Movie Maker allows you to export to a wide variety of formats and it is faster.

Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Windows 7


Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorial

This is an easy video editing tutorial for beginners. Make your own YouTube Videos with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.

9 comments on “Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Windows 7

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    Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows [ Reply ]

    Turn your videos and photos into movies with Movie Maker, a free download in Windows Essentials.

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      how Movie Maker helps you create and share movies with your friend online.

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        open source Movie Maker alternative

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    Jack Herrick [ Reply ]

    How to Make a Video in Windows Movie Maker. If you’re a PC

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    Windows Movie Maker gives you the tools to create, edit, and share home movies.

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      how to Edit a movie in Windows Movie Maker?

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    Jessica Dolcourt [ Reply ]

    There are many professional-level video editing programs on the market such as Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas.

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      Microsoft [ Reply ]

      Short of getting a Mac and using iMovie, what are the alternatives?

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    microsoft windows movie maker 6.0 for windows 7 and windows 8 free download, where?

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