Automatic Call Recorder for Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphone and Apple iPhone 3G

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How to record a phone call conversation? First you’ll need a mobile phone powered by Symbian S60v5 or an iPhone, from what I heard, this feature is available in some SonyEricsson mobilephone. As for BlackBerry user, recording a phone conversation is not available, it seems that BlackBerry has a policy against this, you’ll need to get a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5800 + Total Recall

Currently I am using Total Recall, based on all the other mobile application I tried, this is the best mobile phone Call Recorder for Nokia 5800. Here are the reasons:

  • No beep, this is a really important feature, you don’t want the other person to know you’re recording the conversation.
  • Automatically records all conversation, unlike others where I have to press the ‘0’ for recording during a conversation, imaging that on a touchscreen.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to understand
  • Filter options based on incoming, outgoing, mobile numbers and so on are amazing.

Automatic Call Recorder for Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphone and Apple iPhone 3G

Automatic Call Recorder for Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphone and Apple iPhone 3G

And here are some of the features I really like compared with its competitors:

  • FREE Updates for the Life of your device!
  • Password Protection
  • Autostart/auto recording – No need to press some button for recording

This application is not free; I can’t find other alternative or a free application. It comes with a price tag of USD15; I think this is pretty reasonable. Do share with me if you happened to know or stumbled upon a free alternative.

Apple iPhone + Record-A-Call

Since I don’t own an iPhone, it is hard to tell if this mobile app works. Obviously you won’t get to find this sort of apps in the iPhone store; you’ll probably need to visit a website via safari for this feature. This is what I found – Record-a-Call. Basically what it does is it allows you to record phone conversations and conference calls, and easily receive the transcribed text of your recordings.

  • Record phone conversations
  • Transcribe recorded conversations into simple text
  • Transcribe conference calls for quick and easy meeting minutes

Automatic Call Recorder for Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphone and Apple iPhone 3G

Since this application is not installed onto your Smartphone, not to mention that we won’t know what is going on or what the application is collecting, it is best that you avoid using this app, if possible, get a Symbian S60v5. Remember, point your safari browser to this url –

Automatic Call Recorder for Nokia Symbian S60 Smartphone and Apple iPhone 3G

I suspect that the full conversation will be released to you upon some sort of payment, you’ll only be able to receive a trimmed down version of the actual recorded conversation via email.

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    soheila [ Reply ]

    I need to records my calls

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    i want auto call racord my mobile samsung-SGH-L700

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    recording calls is MUST

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    NASEEB::.. [ Reply ]

    Can I use Call Recorder Application in Nokia 6300?

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    danish faraz [ Reply ]

    which mobile in samsung corby auto call recorder and chepest mobile

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    Praveen [ Reply ]

    Even I am using Total Recal on my 5800. It used to work fin until I upgraded the firmware last week (to 52.0.007)

    Aren’t you facing this problem?

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    i’ve installed totalrecall on nokia n95 8g but the app has a problem .when i press and hold menu button a list of running programs will appear and totalrecall’s icon is in that list and from here it is possible to end the program. is it possible to hide the app icon from this list??

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    Ted Murphy [ Reply ]

    Easiest and quickest way to record any phone call is through CallTrunk. Cloud-based, keeps the call saved and available forever, free for the first 25 minutes

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    Oluwole [ Reply ]

    I used a particular calls recorder called “Record me” but it lasted for only 10 days and i don’t have credit card to buy online. Please can you send this “Total record” to my e-mail. I’ll be grateful if my request is granted. Thanks.

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    muhammad hassan [ Reply ]

    all my dear if u find any software for nokia mobile plz visit u find every software for all nokia mobiles. best site

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    ashok arya [ Reply ]

    I have Nokia 7610 handset and i want call recorder with password and the call were recorded in memory card so plz arrange the same
    as early as possible.


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    Bishnoi 9541989777 [ Reply ]

    I need it

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    IS THIS WORK AUTO……………..????????/

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    i wont this soft

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