Change Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows XP And Classic Style for Free

Updated: October 30, 2015 / Home » Desktop Computer Software

Windows 7 has eliminated the classic start menu feature we are so used to in Windows XP; this may be a problem for those who are from the older generation, especially our parents. A change in layout will confuse them; this will cause lots of unnecessary troubleshooting such as how to access this program and so on.

Fear not, below are three simple software that will enable you to revert your Windows Start Menu to the default Windows 7 and classic start menu.

Change Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows XP and Classic Style For Free

  • Classic Shell – Classic Shell adds some missing features to Windows 7 and Vista like a classic start menu, toolbar for Explorer and others.
  • Classic Windows XP Start Menu
  • CSMenu – Good old Windows 98 classic start menu

7 comments on “Change Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows XP And Classic Style for Free

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    Nursani Ahmad [ Reply ]

    thanks, I will try this for my pc

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    You call this XP style?
    XP style start menu has 2 columns like the current vista and 7 start menu. However, the All Programs menu expands out horizontally, and thats what I believe most users migrating from XP are looking for. But it’s still not available, hopefully someone will come up with a solution.

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    Yes, I’d like to have the expandible Start Menu back too… But for some reason, ALL these “classic” Start Menu replacements also remove Windows 7’s wonderful Search box, which lets you find any shortcut in just a few keystrokes. That was an actual improvement… Why couldn’t they leave that part as-is, or at least give you that option?

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    anonymous [ Reply ]

    @James, did you even try Classic Shell instead of trolling? It has both style Classic menus – single column and double column and skins as well.

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    When using Classic shell the Start Menu button is not pushed when using Classic theme. This is very annoying. I hate Classic Shell.

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    Agenda21 [ Reply ]

    Fast and easy. I won’t leave WINDOWS XP… This makes life so easy. I usually use UBUNTU 10.10 linux, and have Windows XP running in a VirtualBox if I need something only Windows programs can offer. This is the ultimate!! THANKS!

    People on the Windows 7 forums are all asking for something like this…


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    Over all the programs that are available for the start menu, classic shell is the best and is free. You can even have the two column xp or 98 style classic, or windows 7 and be able to customize them even further to your liking. Yes the start button doesn’t press in when you click it, hmm. I only noticed that from another comment. I think I could live with that over the windows 7 menu. I like windows 7, just now even better. The menu even loads faster that windows 7 default. I have control panel set to menu’s. took for ever to load, classic shell its opened immediately. If I have any problems with this program, (Not that I do) I will help support this program and give feedback to make this program even better. Keep up the nice work, great program. Thank you!

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