MacBook and iPhone Multi-Touch Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows 7 Notebook

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MacBook And iPhone Multi-Touch Synaptics TouchPad Driver For Windows 7 Notebook

Admit it, Apple’s multi touch feature in both iPhone and MacBook are awesome. Due to unresolved patent problems, no manufacture dare to introduce multi-touch technology in their hardware and software, until Google decided to introduce this feature in Android G1. Watch the video below, is that not awesome? Where to download synaptic touchpad multitouch driver for Windows 7? Read on.

  • Three-Finger Gestures and its sub-sections, Top and Bottom, which relate to what happens when you drag three fingers up or down, respectively. I prefer to use these gestures as page back and forward in a browser.
  • Two-Finger Gestures, where you can get fancy and add actions to diagonal drags, left-to-right and right-to-left flicks, and the like.

Now, because this is supposedly an unofficial release, it might not work in all Windows OS. As for me, it doesn’t work at all, probably because I am using Windows 7 64-bit.

12 comments on “MacBook and iPhone Multi-Touch Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows 7 Notebook

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    Donald Melanson [ Reply ]

    Haven’t updated your laptop’s trackpad driver lately? … the latest Synaptics driver seems to enable multitouch gestures

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      peipei [ Reply ]

      Since doing so the multitouch gestures on my touchpad, that had … I’ve tried installing the latest 64 bit XP/Window 7 drivers from Synaptics

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    Soumya Pratihari [ Reply ]

    Synaptics Touchpad Driver free download for Windows 7 and Windows XP. How to enable MultiTouch Gestures on Windows 7 Synaptics?

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      Debajyoti Das [ Reply ]

      T400 Synaptics Multitouch trackpad drivers

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    where to download synaptics touchpad driver for windows 7?

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      how to download and enable free Synaptics Gesture Suite for HP, Lenovo, Dell laptops?

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    Kevin Purdy [ Reply ]

    Get Mac-Like Scrolling and Gestures on a Windows Laptop

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      how to Enable Multitouch(two-fingers) on Synaptics trackpad on Linux?

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    Can I disable multi-touch gestures on my Acer Aspire?

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    Yahoo Answer [ Reply ]

    Synaptics touch pads doesn’t come with multi-touch features by default

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