Download The Most Powerful and Latest Antivirus for Free

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Which is the most powerful antivirus? Norton Power Eraser is the latest free product by Symantec, known as the most powerful anti virus software in the market. However, it is still in beta stage, therefore very unstable. Norton Power Eraser eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect. If you have become the victim of crimeware that regular virus scans can’t detect, use the Norton Power Eraser to target and eliminate them.

When all other antivirus fails, Norton Power Eraser might save the day. It is still in beta stage, meaning to say there bound to be lots of false positive when it comes to detecting viruses. Because the Norton Power Eraser uses aggressive methods to detect these threats, there is a risk that it can select some legitimate programs for removal. As shown in the screenshot I captured below, even photoshop was labeled as a malware.

Download The Most Powerful And Latest Antivirus For Free

Download The Most Powerful And Latest Antivirus For Free

You should use this tool very carefully, and only after you have exhausted all other options and method.

Download The Most Powerful And Latest Antivirus For Free

9 comments on “Download The Most Powerful and Latest Antivirus for Free

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    vijayaragavan [ Reply ]

    ya its nice i didnt used but here after i will use this…

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    Norton [ Reply ]

    Norton Antivirus 2013 is the most powerful tool to protect your windows 8 from viruses, Trojans and worms…

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    What is the most powerful free antivirus software besides Norton? McAfee or Kaspersky?

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    Whitson Gordon [ Reply ]

    I personally prefer Panda Antivirus Pro or AVG Free… norton is bad

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    Will Shanklin [ Reply ]

    Avira Free Antivirus 2013 is a really good antivirus

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      It really depends on a person’s preference.

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    most powerful antivirus in the world is Kaspersky…. KGB knows it.

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      rumors has it that the KGB has a cyber crime team writing viruses

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    download now most powerful antivirus full version for 2013 and 2014, thank you

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