Top 20 Worst and Best Cell Phone Radiation Chart, Safety List and Brand Comparison

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Which mobile or cell phone has the highest radiation? Which manufacturer has the safest phone with the lowest level of radiation? Get a Safer Phone compiled a huge list of mobile phones with the level of radiation according to brand.

Topping the chart with is Nokia and Sony Ericsson with the most model listed as the safest while Blackberry, Palm and Motorola have the most number of model listed as unsafe with very high level of radiation.

Cell Phone Radiation Chart List And Brand Comparison

How reliable is the information? I’ve been using mobile phone for 10 years and a variety of brand. From what I observed, whenever there is an incoming call and it so happen that a paper clip is beside my Motorola Razr, the paper clips are magnetized towards the direction of the phone. Nokia has a better track record, where as Samsung is neither here nor there.

LG, Samsung and HTC scored reasonably well, Apple iPhone is nowhere in the list. Depending on your usage, most cell phones are relatively safe and pose no danger to our health. After all, you don’t want to outlive your friends, right?

Cell Phone Radiation Chart, Safety List and Brand Comparison

How to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation?

Test shows that smartphone radiation is real, whether you get brain cancer or not depends on your gene. With enough radiation, you are very likely to get brain cancer. As shown in the MRI scan below, a simple comparison:

Here are 5 useful tips on how to reduce your cellphone radiation exposure:

  • 1. Minimize the usage of hand phones, if you are going to talk for long hours, switch to loud speaker.
  • 2. Use hands-free
  • 3. Avoid radiation shield, it weakens the signal, therefore the cellphone has to emit more radiation to receive signal.
  • 4. Avoid putting your phone in the pocket or clip it onto your belt.
  • 5. Switch from left to right every 10 minutes if you intend to talk for long hours.

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    Sabrina Boquet [ Reply ]

    I only need 2 people to sign up underneath me to get free cell service. Can someone help me out?Thanks!

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    Victoria Justice [ Reply ]

    Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation

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      The World Health Organization recently revealed the radiation levels emitted from common cell phones to be “possibly carcinogenic.”

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        20 Highest and Lowest Radiation Cell Phones?

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    Maria Bartiromo [ Reply ]

    Nine months after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the FCC might launch an inquiry into whether its cell phone radiation emission

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    Britney Spears [ Reply ]

    2-Year Study Finds Cell Phone Radiation Danger To Brain

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      The radiofrequency field generated by your cell phone causes brain tissue to heat up, according to new research.

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        Kelly Hodgkins [ Reply ]

        Researchers are divided on whether radiation from cellphones pose health

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    Lokesh Singh [ Reply ]

    Mobile phone use is classed as a 2B carcinogen, which sounds scary

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    Young Yang [ Reply ]

    tips for minimizing cell phone radiation

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    Ellis Hamburger [ Reply ]

    ell phone radiation levels vary depending on the strength of the wireless … shouldn’t use the SAR value to compare the “safety” of cell phones

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