Track Stolen iPhone Via GPS, Locate Cheating Boyfriend and Husband

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UPDATE – MobileMe has been discontinued by Apple. Norton Anti-Theft Software appears to be a better solution.

How to catch a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband? Here is a track and locate your missing or stolen iPhone. Find My iPhone by Apple is a free application but requires a MobileMe subscription (60-day free trial available). If you lose your iPhone or iPad while on the go, simply install this free app on any other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to find it. Sign in with your member name and password to locate your missing device on a map and have it display a message or play a sound. You can even remotely lock the device to protect your privacy, or wipe it to permanently delete all of your data if you think that it won’t be returned.

Track Stolen iPhone Via GPS, Locate Cheating Boyfriend and Husband

  • Locate your iPhone or iPad on a map via GPS
  • Display a message and optionally play a sound for two minutes at full volume even if your device is set to silent
  • Remotely set a pass code lock on your device (or lock it using your existing pass code)
  • Remotely wipe your device to permanently erase all of your personal data

Depending on how you use this application, it can be used to track your child’s location or a cheating spouse. Remember, use with care.

14 comments on “Track Stolen iPhone Via GPS, Locate Cheating Boyfriend and Husband

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    Christopher Breen [ Reply ]

    thanks for the info, this is a very useful app

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      Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

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    There’s nothing quite like that sudden, sinking feeling you get when you realize you just left your laptop in the a public place

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      this is a very good Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

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        Emil Protalinski [ Reply ]

        It is understood the tracking started with Apple’s iOS 4 update, …. iPhone is not the only smartphone able to track with GPS

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    KayFay [ Reply ]

    where to download norton anti-theft for mobile security android and
    norton anti-theft removal tool?

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    Eliane Fiolet [ Reply ]

    Symantec launched Norton Anti-Theft, a web-based service that enables people to remotely lock, locate and retrieve lost or stolen mobile

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      muhammad [ Reply ]

      The most important key to catching your husband cheating is to act like you are completely oblivious to the fact something is wrong.

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        Sam Gustin [ Reply ]

        Smart divorce lawyers out there may already be instructing husbands and …. Is there any way of tracking the phone

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      caught red handed [ Reply ]

      If you suspect your husband cheating , or boyfriend, then a Cheating Spouse Cell Phone Tool will help you.

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    Norton [ Reply ]

    Never lose track of your digital devices with Norton™ Anti-Theft. Instantly locate, follow, and lock down lost or stolen laptops, smartphones, and tablets

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      Brandon De Hoyos [ Reply ]

      Using iphone 6 tracking software to get a cheating spouse/girlfriend/ boyfriend has helped countless men

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    How To Use Your iPhone To GPS Track Someone’s Location?

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    Tutorial [ Reply ]

    Google latitude; Radio signals; GPS tracking system; Cell phone reverse tracking … iPhone tracking apps; Android tracking apps

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