How to Remove Geinimi Virus from Google Android Smartphone

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How to Remove Geinimi Virus from Google Android Smartphone google android virus

How to remove Geinimi from Android phone? There is a new virus in town and it goes by the name Geinimi, believed to have originated from China. This new malicious program, known as the most sophisticated Google Android virus has the ability to steal personal data such as credit card, contacts, emails and more.

If you download apps from the official Google Market, then you’re safe, however, if you’ve been download pirated apps from unofficial channel, for you information the Geinimi malware has already infected a few applications, including repackaged versions of apps sold in China such as Monkey Jump 2, President vs. Aliens, City Defense and Baseball Superstars 2010.

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If you’re looking for free antivirus for Google Android platform, lookout is a good software to begin with. It comes in two flavor and here is the free Essential Security edition:

  • Protect against viruses, malware and spyware
  • Backup and restore your contacts
  • Find your phone if it is lost or stolen

I’ve wirtten about it a long time ago, do checkout the previous article – FREE Mobile AntiVirus for Android, BlackBerry And Windows Mobile 7.

Lookout’s Mobile Security App

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14 comments on “How to Remove Geinimi Virus from Google Android Smartphone

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    ZamZam [ Reply ]

    how to remove and delete Trojan.Android.Geinimi.A from my samsung galaxy android?

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    Geinimi is one of the first trojan families for the Android

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    Bradley Mitchell [ Reply ]

    Looking for more information on mobile threats like Geinimi?

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      Free antivirus [ Reply ]

      you need a good android malware removal and protection, try some antivirus app, such as Norton or kaspersky for android

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    Barry Schwartz [ Reply ]

    How to remove Geinimi from Android phone?

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    Android malware has infected possibly one to five million downloads

  6. Gravatar
    Sam Gustin [ Reply ]

    Just how much Android malware is there anyway?

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      According to research, 79% against 0.7% for iOS. You’re safer with iOS.

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    Tutorial [ Reply ]

    The amount of malware targeting Android is still growing fast

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      If you never root it or mod the android OS, you’re safe by downloading apps from Google Play. maybe 99% safer… install an antivirus as a secondary layer of protection.

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    Gaptequ [ Reply ]

    I need to update my antivirus

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    Chce sprawdzić czy mam wirusy i złośliwe oprogramowanie. I naprawa

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