24 Hour Gold Chart – Live Streaming Gold Commodity Rates

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24 Hour Gold Chart - Live Streaming Gold Commodity Rates

If you’re a Gold investor and a Gold bug like me, you might find this live gold price chart and rates very useful by Kitco. To get the latest Gold price (precious metal commodities), you’ll have to press the “Refresh” button on your browser while holding down the key to refresh the page.

Where To Find Gold Price Charts / Quotes?

Where to by gold? Kitco live gold prices chart provides a 24 hours spot gold price. Based on my own observation, Gold price fluctuates more during the New York and European trading hours whereas the changes in price are minimal during the Asian (China and India) trading hours. Gold futures chart is closely tied to the American market more than anything else.

p.s. Remember, Gold is a precious commodity; it doesn’t rust nor loses its properties. It is always advisable to invest in physical bullion, this comes in handy when there is a war as you are able to trade it for food, whereas Gold ETF simply disappear into thin air just like your paper money during emergencies.

Latest Gold Price (Updated Daily)

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