21 Microsoft Windows 8 Metro UI Wallpaper

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Microsoft is about to release the revolutionary Windows 8 operating software this coming October. It is believed to be a risky attempt at integrating the smartphones, tablets and computers under one operating system, which had never been done before. The idea is great but what are sacrifices in term of performance?

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windows 8 wallpaper download metro

Anyway, below are 21 amazing unofficial Windows 8 wallpapers for your Windows 8 powered smartphones, tablets and laptops. Click on the thumbnail to download. Remember to share this article with your friends on facebook! Looks pretty awesome on your Microsoft Windows 8 smartphone too.

Microsoft Windows 8 Demo

7 comments on “21 Microsoft Windows 8 Metro UI Wallpaper

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    what is windows 8 metro font and how to windows 8 disable metro?

    • Gravatar

      But Microsoft doesn’t give up easily, and Windows 8 tablets are with us

  2. Gravatar
    Sameed Khan [ Reply ]

    Have Windows 8 on your PC but can’t find Metro-themed wallpapers to match the new look?

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      microsoft [ Reply ]

      Download Free Windows 8 UX Pack

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    Ahmad Awais [ Reply ]

    Latest Windows 8 with metro UI demands a lot off creative and official looking wallpapers.

  4. Gravatar

    Thanks for the amazing wallpaper, love it. can’t wait for mac and android version.

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      You can also check out many other Windows 8 Metro UI inspired themes for Windows 7

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