Shadow Color Optical Illusion By Edward Andelson

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An optical illusion on colors, take note of the colour of background A and background B, the Grey color of both A and B appears to be different. One slightly darker than the other, or so it seems to be. Is it really different in terms of tone? The truth is, both A and B are of the same color, take a look at the Grey strip that runs across both the checkerboard boxes. Our mind is playing tricks with us.

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shadow Color Optical illusion

shadow Color Optical illusion

This optical illusion also emphasises the significance of relativity when attempting to measure things – and the effects of perspective, in this case light and shadow. What we see changes according to how we are seeing it. Perspective and relativity determine values. Very few things are absolute. Most things are relative and depend on one’s viewpoint and the context in which they exist.


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    cathleen [ Reply ]

    looks the same to me.

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    I’ve downloaded the first image and checked with photoshop: both cells are same color! rgb(120,120,120)

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    Andrew [ Reply ]

    Yes they are the same but the B block is sourrunded by darker blocks.

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    Try to view both pictures in one display, 1st A block darker than the 2nd A block, more like 2nd B idiot….thats why they looks same at 2nd picture…..(^_^)v

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    frances [ Reply ]

    omg! my dad was refusing it was the same colour…. haha ?:)

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    Zachary [ Reply ]

    Holy crap i thought they were the same serious i don’t get but it’s still pretty cool!

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    they changed the colors,it totally stupid

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    theyre really not the same. if u punch two holes in a piece of paper and hold one hole up to each square, the a one is darker. im not even kidding. try it

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    this is totally wierd. do they change the colours or not? who cares about holes in paper anyway. it just ruins the paper.

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    This is actually true, people. On Paintshop, if you select the dropper tool and hover it over each square, they have the same R, G, B numbers and the same shade of grey even appeares at the side. Also, what’s scarier is when you select each square and paste them onto a seperate image next to each other. Same shade! In the original image, they look different because of the shading creating by the cylinder. Scary stuff.

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    THEIR NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!! THIS MAKES MY BRAIN HURT!!!!! THEIR NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alexis [ Reply ]

    There not the same.
    I think the stripes on the second image goes from dark to light, but its not noticable.

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    Dude, they really arent the same, i have no proof, but i swear they made A lighter and B darker in the second one explaining it

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    hehehehe [ Reply ]

    duh its not the same look closer the bar goes from dark to light

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    They are the same colour, get the dropper tool on paint, select one of the squares. Now try and draw on the other one, nothing comes up because they are the same colour.

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    fantastic…. it’s unbelievable… i checked it with photoshop…. marvelous…

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    Michael [ Reply ]

    Dammit! It can’t be, but it IS. Photoshop doesn’t lie.

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    just save the first picture and open it with paint.. then use the dropper and draw on the other square.. its the same color.. the colors around square A is brighter then A so it makes A look darker.. but if you just take out everything else besides A and B.. then they look exactly the same color

    pretty simple

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    hayley [ Reply ]

    they ARE THE SAME i didn’t believe it at first but i copied and pasted the pic into paint and grabbed the colour. Seriously try it its f’ing weird!!

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    they are the same!!!
    its hard to see but if u don’t believe check with photoshop or paint…if i didn’t check i wouldnt believe.

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    They are both the same

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    They really are the same. If you print it out, cut out the two squares and put them side by side, they are the same. I did it!

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    emmanuel [ Reply ]

    ahh the miracles of the human eye and brain. the squares are the same tone and color. you know there are many great artists who understand and use color and tone just as magically. check out Gauguin friends. google search his name and view the images. then find out if your local museums have any of his originals and go see them.

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    turtle [ Reply ]

    seriously they are the same colour the onli reason the B is darker is due to the shade being provided from the cylinder…. dont you people look or think outside the box, i mean why else would the cylinder be there… you must be pretty ignorant and/or mentally retarded not to notice it open your mind people do your own thinking and as for the people using paint and photoshop you people need to have cause you have nothing better to do with your time then play on paint and/or photoshop



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    Errr... [ Reply ]

    this is plane shit. OMG so how can they be the same. Put your hands were the Fat lines arwe then you’ll see they are not the same colour. DUH . DimWitsss!!!!!!!

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    Errr... Is stupid [ Reply ]

    Actually they are the same. Dimwit….(who says that?) anyways copy the image now. then go into paint and paste. use the color sample tool. the thing that looks like a syringe almost. take the color of the background of A or B (it dosnt matter because they are the same) then paint on the other block ex: if you take the color from the background A paint over the actual letterB. and vice versa, notice how the color from the other block will erase the other letter. (color from background of A will erase the letter B) Because the color is the same….now STOP SAYING THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BECAUSE THEY ARE!…..

    Dimwittsss!!! hahaha

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    You people are idiots. Take the thing on to MS paint and try it for yourself. Go on. Try.

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    Zara :) [ Reply ]

    Errr… Is stupid is very smart. i’m going to try his method for myself and see who is right. Oh, and by the way, no one has said dimwit since 1950. LOL.

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    Zara :) [ Reply ]

    Wow, he is actually right. IN URRRRRRRRR FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry i just had to do that. :)

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    Block A is not of the same color you dumbass in both pictures… IDIOT !!!

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    i dont get it! what shades are lighter than what shades?

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    French Soldier [ Reply ]

    It is obviously the same color, skeptics are simply wrong.

    Cover the sides of the screen with an object on the first image and you’ll understand.

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    You Guys Are SADDD [ Reply ]

    I do agree with people who said Background A has gotten much lighter than the one without the compared bar. Okay, it’s not that I don’t admit optical illusions don’t exist. But if all you’re proving on is by Photoshop or Paint, I’m going to have to say, this is pure bullshit. Because paint and photoshop means shit to me, you can always create bugs, no matter how you click on the thing with the syringe, it’ll give you that color. So I do think this is quite bullshit, but who knows, whoever mentioned about cutting it out and putting them sideway saw that they’re the same color could be right. But it is pretty obvious that Background A is much darker than Background B in Figure 1, but in Figure 2, Background A noticeably lighten up, and the Bar that compares the two was contrasted from light to dark from bottom to top, respectively. So I do think this is pure bullshit.

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    I'm sorry but YOU are sad..... [ Reply ]

    The two colors (A and B) are the same. And it’s amazing to me how many people will get on here and call someone else a “dumb-ass” or some other thing like that because they don’t have the sense to approach this thing in some rational way. It’s scary. And it’s an example of why this country (and our world) is such a messed up place (and getting messier by the day.) If you use Photoshop or Paint, then you can “cut” a little piece of one of the squares and “paste” it onto the other and you’ll see that it blends in perfectly (no need to use the “dropped” for those who have a fear of that or think it might be bugged.) Being unable to get beyond the way things APPEAR to you is one of the reasons this world is so f—ed up.

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    Tooumas [ Reply ]

    They are same colour…. You idiots, if you don’t have photoshop, take paint and try first picture there.

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