3 Creative Disable Parking Warnings

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I love this disable awareness advertisement, personally I think it is effective and hate the sight when young and old able people take the disable parking space for granted. This advertisement reminds me of Steve Jobs. I read somewhere that he loves to park his car at the disable parking bay during his rebellious days.

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disabled advertisement creative ads logo reminder parking bay

disabled advertisement creative ads logo reminder parking bay

disable advertisement parking bay steve jobs

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    Sarah C [ Reply ]

    Hi, I so love these signs. This is one of my biggest gripes when I go out. So many times I’ve wanted to go and confront the morons who take the disabled spaces then go sprinting away!! Aargh………… I could moan all night about it, but instead if it’s ok, I’m going to print off a couple of the signs and do a scrapbook layout of them. I’ll give you full credits for the photos and wont alter them except to crop them a little. Thanks in advance, Sarah C

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