3 Things To Know About ‘How To Hack Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail And Facebook Account’

DISCLAIMER: The author of this article does not advocate the breaking of any law. The article is written for an information and warning purposes only. Think logically, if one can hack an email by performing a few Google search without much knowledge in computer, something is seriously wrong with that email provider. Don’t Fall Victim […]

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Tutorial : Block and Stop All Facebook Game Requests

Are you sick and tired of receiving endless Facebook game request such as Diamond Dash, Candy Crush, FarmVille, and many more from your friends? Telling them to stop sending the notification will be perceived as rude, they might think you are not friendly. The best way to stop receiving these annoying game request is to […]

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20 Islamic Facebook Cover Photo For Muslims

Ramadan is around the corner, celebrate this amazing month by showing your love for the religion. For Muslims around the world with Facebook account, do encourage your Muslim friends to display their love for Islam by changing their Facebook Cover Photo. Click on the image for the high resolution at 851 x 315 pixel for […]

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7 Facebook Secret Tips and Hacking Tricks

Here are 8 amazing facebook tricks you will love, one of them is turning yourself into an emoji! If you find these tips useful, remember to share this with your friends. Have fun. :) See Also ➤ 14 Insulting Quotes To Use Before You Unfriend A Friend on Facebook The 7 Facebook secrets you need […]

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45 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Here are 45 amazing and creative Facebook Timeline Cover, if you are thinking of some crazy idea for your company’s facebook, check out the list below. If you’re planning on creating your own creative Facebook Cover Photo, We’ve provided a template. Click on the image above for a higher resolution.

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