7 Best VPNs – No Logging IP Addresses And 100% Anonymous

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How to hide your IP address when downloading? When it comes to choosing a VPN, it is always important to avoid the Five, Nine and Fourteen Eye countries. These 14 countries have laws that requires all internet companies too keep a log of their user’s activities for future references. Technically, their government can spy on you with impunity in the name of security.

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Why privacy matters? Glenn Greenwald once said – I’ve debated this issue around the world, every single time somebody has said to me, “I don’t really worry about invasions of privacy because I don’t have anything to hide.” I always say the same thing to them. I get out a pen, I write down my email address. I say, “Here’s my email address. What I want you to do when you get home is email me the passwords to all of your email accounts, not just the nice, respectable work one in your name, but all of them, because I want to be able to just troll through what it is you’re doing online, read what I want to read and publish whatever I find interesting. After all, if you’re not a bad person, if you’re doing nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.” Not a single person has taken me up on that offer.

No Log VPN Providers For Hiding IP Address - 100% Anonymous Via BitCoin

Complete List of VPN Extra Layers of Privacy

All VPN service providers listed here are outside the US and the fourteen eye countries ( Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden ), they all use encryption, accept Bitcoin, support OpenVPN and have a no logging policy or what so ever.

Services based in the United States are not recommended because of the country’s surveillance programs, use of National Security Letters (NSLs) and accompanying gag orders, which forbid the recipient from talking about the request.

VPN ServicePrivacy Jurisdiction
Based in (Country)
"Fourteen Eyes"
Enemy of
the Internet
Traffic Logging






Hong KongNoNoNoNo










Northern CyprusNoNoNo








Hong KongNoNoNo


Hong KongNoNoNo


Hong KongNoNoNoNo


Hong KongNoNoNo

My Private Network

Hong KongNoNoNoNo






Hong KongNoNoNo




Hong KongNoNoNo
















Hong KongNoNoNo









* According to Snowden and Wikileaks, countries that are friendly towards USA are often forced to hand over sensitive data. This includes Israel, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Hong Kong might do the same under intense pressure from China. Panama is probably the safest bet as they are neutral, those from Eastern Europe probably have Russia to worried about.

It is important to note that using a VPN provider will not make you 100% anonymous. They may provide you with anonymity, but there are certain lines that you do not cross, such as abusing a child, dealing with illegal substance, terrorism and etc. VPN will give you a better privacy. A VPN is not a tool for illegal activities. Don’t rely on a “no log” policy. Below are 6 of the best VPN with the best privacy. Works great on Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Apple’s macOS.

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↓ 01 – NordVPN | 100% No Log & Anonymous | Dedicated P2P Torrent Server


Advanced security. Internet freedom. Complete privacy. Imagine VPN as a hack-proof, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. Nobody can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. NordVPN gives you peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

Know that your data is always private. Real internet privacy is just a click away. NordVPN protects your IP address and makes sure that no one else can see which websites you visit or what files you download.

  • Strict no logs policy
  • DNS leak protection
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Dedicated server for P2P torrenting and streaming

↓ 02 – Trust.Zone VPN | Accepts BitCoin

Trust.Zone VPN

Trust.Zone VPN Service hides your online identity and keeps you anonymous. Trust.Zone is service which gives you access to our VPN network (VPN is Virtual Private Network or `Network over Internet`). All transferred data are encrypted, so there is no way to define what kind of data is transferring. Transferred data packets are useless for `listeners` because packets are encrypted.

  • Surf Anonymously – Hide your IP address & location. We do not log the activities of our users. Anonymous VPN service.
  • Stop ISP from Tracking You – Prevent your ISP from monitoring your online activity and tracking your every move.
  • Protect Your Privacy – Encrypt all your internet traffic, protect yourself from cyber threats and unsecured wi-fi hotspots.

↓ 03 – BlackVPN | Accepts BitCoin


BlackVPN Limited is registered in Hong Kong – as far away from the 5-eyes (and 14-eyes) countries as they could find. Hong Kong has no mandatory data retention policy, so we’re free to operate with a minimum of knowledge on their customers. Hong Kong is recognised as a solid international business location with a strong legal framework, high government integrity and low corruption.

  • Private – Keep your real location and Unique IP address hidden. prevent Anyone from viewing your Internet activity.
  • Secure – Use WiFi Hotspots Safe From cyber criminals. block incoming threats and DDoS Attacks With Our Firewall.
  • Unblocked – Avoid censorship and unblock websites not available in your area. Watch movies and TV from around the world.

↓ 04 – Le VPN | Accepts BitCoin


Whether you need Le VPN to keep your important business documents private or just want to be able to enjoy the new Netflix shows that people in the US have been raving about, they have you covered. The best part is, no matter what purpose of a VPN that you choose Le VPN for, you get access to all of our great features from one low cost plan.

  • Freedom – Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other sites blocked in countries with strict censorship. Access geographically limited resources and enjoy your Internet freedom with a VPN.
  • Security – Protect your Internet connection in public WiFi spots, hotels, airport lounges, etc. You can be assured that your Internet connection and all data transfer are always secure no matter what.
  • Confidentiality – Stop all information collection by your Internet provider, as well as any monitoring of your connection by your network administrator. Keep your online activities private and anonymous.
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↓ 05 – CactusVPN | Accepts BitCoin


CactusVPN started as a small company in Moldova and gladly now they have customers all over the globe. Their core philosophy, on which they built this company upon, revolves around individual’s privacy and security. They want to deliver excellent services to make the world a better place for people who want to use the internet without its hazards.

  • Anonymous internet identity – A VPN provides a layer of anonymity by hiding your real IP address. Websites that you visit will only see our servers and IP addresses.
  • High level security – VPN creates a tunnel and encrypts all your incoming and outgoing data, meaning no one can access your private information.
  • Bypass Restrictions & Blocks – VPN helps you to bypass censorship imposed by your country, bypass blocks imposed at your workplace, school or university.

↓ 06 – My Private Network | 3 Days Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

My Private Network

Wherever you are in the world, My Private Network can provide you with a safe, secure, private Internet connection to the country of your choice. This puts control of your Internet experience back into your hands and also gives you an additional layer of security and protection.

  • Access any Website – BBC, Sky, HBO, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube… why should your physical location determine what you can and cannot access on the web? Using our service put the decision back in your hands allowing you to access what you want, when you want it.
  • Encrypt Everything – They’re no prudes, but firmly believe some things should be kept private, and your data is one of them. Whether you’re using a public wifi or in a country with questionable internet providers, keeping your internet connection safe and secure should be a given.

↓ 07 – BolehVPN | 1 Day Free Trial


BolehVPN was started as a private project back when our local ISP started blocking and throttling content. Being firm believers of the concept of a free internet, a solution was found to provide the freedom to use the Internet with an emphasis on anonymity, therefore eliminating the worry about being monitored or having sensitive data intercepted.

  • A registered company located outside of FVEY countries
  • Access to all 35 servers from 12 strategically located countries around the world (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA)
  • Accepts Bitcoin and anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Monero, Zcash and Zcoin
  • Ability to obfuscate VPN traffic to mask VPN use
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No logging of user activities on the VPN

1 comment on “7 Best VPNs – No Logging IP Addresses And 100% Anonymous

  1. Gravatar
    Anonymous-4-Areason [ Reply ]

    This list needs to be updated. There are many more reputable and privacy-advocating neutral companies out there, than whats being shown on this list, including ProtonVPN, whom, most notably uses the most secure and private VPN protocols today.

    They use “Secure Core” architecture giving them a strong defense against network attacks. All your network traffic is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange is done with 2048-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA256 is used for message authentication. Kill Switch technology also included.

    As clearly stated on their website:

    “Secure Core protects your connection by routing your traffic through multiple servers before leaving our network. This means an advanced adversary who can monitor the network traffic at the exit server will not be able to discover the true IP address of ProtonVPN users, nor match browsing activity to that IP. Secure core servers are located in hardened datacenters in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden, protected by strong privacy laws, and operated on our own dedicated networks.”

    “We exclusively use VPN protocols which are known to be secure (OpenVPN). Even though they are less costly to operate, you will not find ProtonVPN servers that support PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. By using ProtonVPN, you can be certain that your VPN tunnel is not using a protocol that has already been compromised.”

    “We have carefully selected our encryption cipher suites to only include ones that have Perfect Forward Secrecy. This means that your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later if the encryption key from a subsequent session gets compromised. With each connection, we generate a new encryption key, so a key is never used for more than one session.”

    “In addition to strong technical security, ProtonVPN also benefits from strong legal protection. Because we are based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN is protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy laws and remains outside of US and EU jurisdiction. This means that unlike VPN providers based in a fourteen eyes country, we cannot be coerced into spying on our users.”

    “Under Swiss law, we are not obligated to save any user connection logs, nor can we be forced to perform targeted logging on specific users. This allows us to ensure that your private browsing history does in fact stay private and cannot be turned over to a third party under any circumstances.”

    “ProtonVPN doesn’t just protect your browsing traffic, we also protect your DNS queries. By routing your DNS queries through the encrypted tunnel and not relying on third party DNS providers, we ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed by leaks from DNS queries.”


    Considering the fact that what once was started out as one of the most secure Email services in the world (ProtonMail), born out of a strong desire to offer users the proper privacy protections which so many of the other Big Data companies have been actively subverting and attempting to eviscerate for years, ProtonVPN carries with it the same reputation and stalwart approach to true privacy + security——-not the misguided, yet often touted, ‘security vs. privacy’ mantra.

    Unlike Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and all the other privacy-violating companies out there, ProtonMail & ProtonVPN truly are a cut above the rest and absolutely deserve to be on this list——-In fact, as far as I’m concerned, they should be at the very top of this list!

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