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Paper planes, every boy’s favorite origami when he was a child. It is simple, easy to make and kids love it. Have you ever thought, who is the best paper airplane designer in the world? It may look simple, but it takes maths and science to build the world’s best paper plane.

How to make the best paper airplane that can fly the furthest? John Collin shows you the step by step tutorial on building one. John Collins, origami enthusiast and paper airplane savant, walks us through all the science behind five spectacular paper airplanes. Most people know how to fold a simple plane, but paper airplanes can take as much from science as the newest car designs. The best material for a paper plane are:

  • A4 size or US letter size paper
  • Paper maximum weight (100gsm A4)
  • The smoothest, stiffest paper stock is Conqueror Paper

And my all time 3 must have paper planes are:

1. Paper Airlanes HQ

Written & Video Instructions | 50 Designs | No Templates

Paper Airlanes HQ

With over 50 flying paper airplane designs in both written and video step-by-step folding instructions, they have all classes of paper airplanes represented from darts to gliders to jets to schoolyard contest winners. There are models that look really cool, or fly super far or stay aloft for extended periods of time. They have 4 categories, such as Designs for Distance, Cool Designs, Easy Designs, and Popular Designs.

2. Fold’NFly

Written & Video Instructions | 51 Designs | Paid Templates


They have a huge database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials and printable folding plans. Find the best paper airplanes that fly the furthest and stay aloft the longest. Learn how to make paper airplanes that will impress your friends. With more than 10 years of experience, Fold’NFly has been teaching people around the world how to make paper airplanes. Their extensive database of designs includes step-by-step instructions, video guides and printable templates where you simply fold on the numbered lines to get a perfect paper plane, every time.

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3. NASA Glen Research Center

Written Instructions | 2 Designs | Free Templates

NASA Glen Research Center

NASA is not just about space, NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. They did a lot of research on aeronautics, and contributed many advances in the field of aeroplanes aerodynamics. Here are 2 paper airplanes with really good gliding capability.

4. Virginia Commonwealth University

Written Instructions | 4 Designs | Free Templates

Virginia Commonwealth University

As part of VCU’s Community Outreach and Engagement, they routinely engage with local schools, community groups, and community members through research projects, outcome-focused collaborations, and activities that raise public awareness of the role engineering plays in our lives. There is no better way to inspire a kid than a paper plane. They’ve released 4 paper plane designs as part of their community project. Test out your ideal paper airplane, thanks to the VCU College of Engineering!

5. Royal Air Force Museum

Written Instructions | 2 Designs | Free Templates

Royal Air Force Museum

Made by the The British Royal Air Force Museum, this is a practical hands-on session in which students will investigate how wing design can affect the flight of a paper aeroplane. Focusing on the science of forces and motion, students will evaluate each design and change variables, thus developing critical thinking and knowledge of fair testing. Investigate how wing design can affect the flight of a paper aeroplane. Focusing on the science of forces and motion.

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6. Fun Paper Airplanes

Video Instructions | 100+ Designs | No Templates

Fun Paper Airplanes

Unlike others, Fun Paper Airplanes is a YouTube channel dedicated to building the best paper airplane design. What I like about his channel is he goes out and tests the performance of the paper planes. My all time favorite is the boomerang paper airplane.

7. Foldable Flight

Video Instructions | 100+ Designs | No Templates

Foldable Flight

Foldable Flight is a YouTube channel where Kyle Boyer teaches everyone on how to fold the coolest paper airplanes on the internet using regular paper or sick foldable templates! He has been designing paper airplanes for over 18 years. This year, he finally decided to share his creations with the world through the launch of his YouTube channel. He has 2 paper planes instructions that I like, not quite planes but more or less the same concept of flying paper – Amazing Tube Paper Airplane and Bat Paper Airplane that Flaps. Visit his YouTube channel for more.

8. One Little Project

Written Instructions | 6 Designs | Free Templates

One Little Project

They have 6 different printable paper airplane designs that are all free and ready to print – the fold lines and instructions are right on the page! One Little Project’s paper plane design is simple and fun. I think their designs are suitable for toddlers or beginners.

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