How to Convert and View Microsoft Office DOCX Format

For those that are still using Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003, Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats is a tiny addons that enables your Office Word to save and edit files in DocX format. As for Microsoft Office 2007, it comes bundled with the service pack. Install this compatibility pack […]

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9 about:config Hack to Make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Some say Mozilla Firefox is better, while others say Google Chrome is. Whatever it is, the best browser is the one you find the most user friendly, for that reason I prefer Firefox over Chrome and Internet Explorer. Speed is not an issue, it doesn’t make any difference if the site is 1 second faster […]

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2 Browser Addon to Auto Bypass Internet Censorship

If you happened to be an American living or traveling to a foreign country with internet censorship such as China, you might want to try these free browser VPN unblocker. It works on many sites, such as Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube, Facebook in China, and many more. The Benefit of using a VPN: Useful for those […]

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