DIY A Very Creative And Unique Volkswagen Christmas Card

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Very Creative And Unique Volkswagen Christmas Card

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DIY Volkswagen Christmas Card for your friends with VW Cars. Yes, isn’t this creative? The logo itself is the snow flakes. I wish they showed us the step by step tutorial on how to create this magnificent and creative Christmas card. How to create this amazing VW Christmas card? Here is a simple tutorial and the outline for the snowflake. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

snowflake diy creative christmas card

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12 comments on “DIY A Very Creative And Unique Volkswagen Christmas Card

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    Quality, any VW fan would be tickled pink to receive this card. I think i will have a go at making one :)

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    I find interested in making Christmas Card for my family members. Anybody could instruct me how to make this card? This one is very nice and should be one best regard to the one who love the most.

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    That’s real funny !
    I’m working at VW long time ago.
    I had my development there.
    Making the card maybe like this:
    Fold Paper 3 times, draw in front VW-Sign and cut out. Fold out and you have snowflake.Glue lefdt and right into the card.
    Greetings from Germany

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    hannah [ Reply ]

    how do you make this card?

  5. Gravatar
    lauren [ Reply ]

    can you e mail me how to make this card?
    my dad restores volkswagens for a living this card is perfect !

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    stan kmiec III [ Reply ]

    i have definitely got to find out how to make this card. i been working with vw for almost 2 years now and loved them since i was a kid. i also own a 20th anniversary gti. please let me know how to make this!

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    carlos barlisan [ Reply ]

    this is a very good card that can be given to any occassion.. pls email me the guide on how to make this, im from the philippines and i own a beetle

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    Stella [ Reply ]

    Brill card can you please tell me how to make it

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    freetao [ Reply ]

    Send me one, dear! These are super cute! :D.

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    What is the source for this image? I cannot find the original website/post/designer of this card or where it originated from.

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    I think it is better if you also put the procedures, but for now, I appreciate it and thanks for this great idea that you share.

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