WEP vs. WPA vs. WPA2 Comparison – How Do Wifi Wireless Get Hacked

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With the right software such as Air Crack or Backtrack, one can easily break any WEP encryption keys. What AirCrack does is it gathers all the data transmit between your router and your devices, compile it and then compute all the possible combination. With today’s processing power and the weakness in WEP, it takes less than 10 minutes to reveal your WEP security key on a busy network.

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WEP vs WPA vs WPA2 Comparison Table

WPA has its own weakness to, but it is harder to crack. WPA2 is highly recommended for SME or enterprise; remember than anything man made can be un-made. WPA2 is crackable too, but it will require too much effort and time. It is easier for the hacker to look for someone using WEP instead of wasting time breaking the WPA2 security code. Below is a simple side by side comparison between WEP, WPA and WPA2.

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NameWired Equivalent PrivacyWifi Protected AccessWifi Protected Access 2
Combo24 bit initialization keys
16.7 million combination
48 bit initialization keys
500 trillion combinations
48 bit initialization keys
500 trillion combinations
Advanced Encryption Standard
Encryption64 bits
128 bits
64 bits
128 bits
64 bits
128 bits
KeysStatic encryption keysUnique encryption keyUnique encryption key
SpeedNot much processing powerSomewhat processing powerRequires greater processing power
Master KeyMaster keys are used directlyMaster keys are never directly usedMaster keys are never directly used

Deauthorizing Wireless Clients with Aircrack-ng, the four-way-handshake and WEP vs WPA cracking

How Do Wi-fi Network Get Hacked

how to hack wifi wireless router network

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    I’ve been asked by a few friends lately about securing their networks and whether it really matters if they use WEP or WPA

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    Bradley Mitchell [ Reply ]

    One good strategy to protect a WiFi home network from electronic attacks is to enable either the WEP or WPA encryption

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    Router [ Reply ]

    What network security should you use on your home network?

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    Omkar Phatak [ Reply ]

    What is the difference between WPA and WEP?

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    wep vs wpa mac? how about macbook?

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    Wikipedia [ Reply ]

    Brute force time to break encryption:
    WEP 4×10-20 years.

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