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Avira Free Antivirus ( Formerly known as Avira AntiVir ) is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive protection against all types of threats, secures your data, protects your privacy and ensures your PC remains virus-free. If you are using the free AVG, Kaspersky or Avast Free Antivirus, I highly recommend switching over to Avira Free Security Suite with AntiVirus Pro.

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Avira Free Security Suite

Avira Free Security Suite powers your digital life with this all-in-one free package. Avira Free Security Suite secures your activities, shields your privacy, and delivers instant time-saving gains on everyday tasks. Why Avira Free Security Suite [ 100% Free and Genuine – Serial License Key Not Required For Product Activation ] is better than other free antivirus?

  • Avira Phantom VPN (Max 1GB per month) – Surf the web anonymously and freely. Borders can’t stop you. Advertisers can’t track you. Snoops can’t spy on you. Even ISPs can’t monitor your online activities to sell your private data.
  • Avira Free System Speedup – Rediscover what peak performance feels like. Your PC boots quickly, programs load easily, and you have enough free space. Your PC is now optimized, fast, and clean. You now have Free Security Suite.
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Avira Free Security Suite

Avira Free Security Suite

  • Avira Browser Safety – Surf with confidence, their discreet browser extension prevents companies from tracking what you do online. It also blocks malicious websites and phishing attacks.
  • Avira SafeSearch Plus – Search faster & smarter with their browser extension highlights infected sites in – and gives you faster access to – your search results.
  • Avira Password Manager – Forget remembering passwords, get unique, unhackable passwords for all your accounts, securely stored for you, and accessible with one master password.

Powered by a combination of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and their endpoint antivirus scanner, they protect your private data against all types of malware including ransomware, Trojans, and spyware.

Avira Free Security Suite

What Is Ransomware?

There are two types of ransomware: crypto-ransomware that encrypts files (rendering them unreadable), and screen-locking ransomware that locks the home screen. In both cases, the authors of malicious software demand a ransom from its victims to access the files and devices. CryptoLocker, FBI Ransomware, and Locky are three cases of widespread ransomware that have infected millions of victims.

Tips And Tricks For Smartphone Parenting

Tips And Tricks For Smartphone Parenting

Cracked Antivirus ‘Files’ From Torrent Are Infected With Malwares

Please avoid torrent or crack files, they are more often than not infected with malware as these hackers know the reason you are downloading an antivirus is because your computer is exposed without protection. These ‘free’ antivirus crack files from torrent are usually infected with ransomware, sometimes cryptocurrency miners or trojans.

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Why take the risk when there are so many free antivirus from some of the best and biggest antivirus companies in the market such as AVG, Avast and more? You are not required to pay for the product’s activation code or serial number with a little bit of compromise such as the lack of some core features.

Always support the original software if you can afford it, especially for small to medium business owners. Software doesn’t magically appear, there are hardworking programmers with families and mouths to feed.


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    i have many input the avira licence key after update the avira antiviurs file its has been working as a demo plz solve this problem urgently thank

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    beaulife [ Reply ]

    Cheers! Finally, we can legally use Avira Antivir for free. Let’s spread the news around, but not to forget to support the paid versions to have newer versions to be developed, hopefully it will be free till then…

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    hi…pls, my license is valid only 92 days…when it ends, what will happen? i need to by it anyway?? :-(

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    GeckoFly [ Reply ]

    I suggest you uninstall your Avira AntiVir and reinstall with a brand new promotional key. then you get another free 92 days, it is just a matter or installing and uninstalling.

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    Antivir Premium Scurity Sweat

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    MITHUN [ Reply ]

    It’s great. Finally we use it full free.

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    i want avira antivir premium serial..

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    send me the avirapremium license key to my mail

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    Nasser Hamidi [ Reply ]

    Tank you

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    Touch Sokret [ Reply ]

    I need Avira Premium Security License file.. please send me by my eamail.

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    it;s free but when got updated it;s become demo !!! why ? or we can not update virus definder ?


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    HBEDV.KEY I want Download in Avira

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    If you have avira preminium key file, please send me.My keys are invaild and so please any way you have key

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    hi, i am arun , i cant open any antivirus official site, when ever i ttry to open the site , it showing error like this , tell me a solution to solve this problem thank u

    “Failed to Connect

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at
    Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.

    * Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later.
    * Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer’s network connection.
    * Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.”

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    chakwenks [ Reply ]

    it’s free but when got updated it’s become demo and antiVir Guard can’t be enable!!! why ? or we can’t update virus definder ? same problem wen i try it more.

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    GeckoFly [ Reply ]


    That is because you are using the crack version. Avira will notify the license server whenever it updates itself, if the license key does not match the one on the server or it is blacklisted, Avira will automatically disable itself.

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    i want avira antivir premium serial..

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    Black Shark Media [ Reply ]

    If you like it, you buy it!!!
    Or you can use the free promotional offers

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    that works 100%
    now I have a valid 3 months license
    thank you very much pal.

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      i need avira priemium activate key

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    thank on the info
    but, how does manner aktiv avira during one year. . ?

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    jackline [ Reply ]

    it’s works 100% , really avira is the best . thnx agian

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    hanya berlaku 3 bulan bagaimana bisa sampai 1 tahun,,,

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    tahani [ Reply ]

    i need Activation code for Avira Antivir

    the license please

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    mikael [ Reply ]

    I need aa licence key for activaating my free avira antivirus

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    ramana [ Reply ]

    i have many input the avira licence key after update the avira antiviurs file its has been working as a demo plz solve this problem urgently thank

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    wawan saputra [ Reply ]

    i need avira premium 2009 free. please

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    erdinç eren [ Reply ]

    I need aa licence key for activaating my free avira antivirus

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    arsenali [ Reply ]

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    Waw!! I’ve tried and i hope it go nice!!

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    Veasna [ Reply ]

    Avira is really working greatest than other anti virus software, coz Avira work very fast not make our computer slow. Avira really work light and great, i like and love this product.
    the interface and design of Avira really simple and easy to use and easy to look.

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    Ravuth [ Reply ]

    If you wanna to use full version of avira, you should change system date.
    and i have many best way to make avira get ful version even we conect to the server of avira.

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    abd_hot [ Reply ]

    just go to this link and submit form with email name. and submit it. after this u will get avira genuine license key at ur mail. go to link and download key for 89 days and enjoy!!!!! tension free dont forget to say thank.

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      gowtham [ Reply ]

      sorry frnd i could’nt get key file

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    this the best antivirus i hve never seen so frnds go and instal it and forget about virus

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    it is very nice useful….

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    charles [ Reply ]

    i need Activation code for Avira Antivir

    the license please

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    Eduard [ Reply ]

    I’m really glad to have a possibility to use the Security-Suite from Avira legally and FREE!

    A lot of thanks to you!!!
    Go on :-)

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    i need avira legal license send it to my email plz. tq

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    johnny [ Reply ]

    i need Activation code for Avira Antivir

    the license please

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    i have need serialkey for Avira version

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    Avira has closed the campagnes so its won´t work with this links :( sorry for my bad english I hope someone has find another way to get a Free license …

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    I found the Alvira anti virus premium on internet, i try to install d tire version just for a mouth, it was difference from all anti virus that i been using. I enjoy d work, bcos its a special anti virus. Pls i needed d keygen for full version, help me out. Thanks for yours co-operation.

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    please send me hbedv.key for avira premium security suite

    i am very gratefull! to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    nilantha [ Reply ]

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    diengtvt3 [ Reply ]

    please send me hbedv.key for avira premium security suite

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    please send me hbedv.key for avira premium security suite

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    my avira software has got spoilt due to an unknown virus. And I can’t even un-install it… What am I suppose to do?
    I even tried re-installing it but it isn’t starting. I have no clue what’s going On. Need help.!

  51. Gravatar

    You don’t have to uninstall and reinstall if you renew the license key.
    1. right click the system tray icon and click “Start AntiVir”
    2. Click “Help”
    3. Select “License Management” which opens the License Wizard
    4. Near the bottom, click “I already have a valid hbedv key License file” and follow the directions just as you did during installation.

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    Hi there, I got a problem, when I update Avira premium, it became a demo version….
    Any idea how to solve this ???

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    Tony Virgo [ Reply ]

    Give me some activation code for avira antivir premium security suite

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    yash kartik [ Reply ]

    please send me hbedv.key for avira premium security suite

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    haritz [ Reply ]

    hey man,,
    thanks for tutorial how to get a avira free license…
    now I can use it in my avira premium security suite…

    don’t forget to visit my blog :D

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    but avira cannot using……………….
    avira say licence over view

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    Dwi Atmodjo H [ Reply ]

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    BUNFIE [ Reply ]

    the promo link is expired n no promo again????
    please cek the link

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    I need avira License (HBEDV.KEY) please.

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    thanhlong [ Reply ]

    where can i go to the registration ? Thakz in advance !

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    Dear Friend thanks for sharing that type Blog.
    now in 2011 when i click that links. The License page will not preview only Avira Home page is going to Privew..

    pleae Test it what is a problem


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    mathew patamia [ Reply ]

    i need the activation key for avira antivirus for 2011

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    i lol-ed [ Reply ]

    no promotion links anymore, better shift to another av..

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    where the Code ?

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    hi! i have got an until 2020 licence for avira sucurity premium.
    when it is intalled it starts working well , but after some minutes the whole Avira stops workin´. and i dont know what is happening
    with it… can someone explaint what is the cause?

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    Ghetto [ Reply ]

    Avira Antivir Premium 2011 V 10 0 0 643 Plus Key Till 2013

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    hermie [ Reply ]

    i need full version of avira premium security 2020 V 10 0 0 643 Plus key Till 2020

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    hermie [ Reply ]

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    aakash [ Reply ]

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    ismael [ Reply ]

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    aatish [ Reply ]

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    desioong [ Reply ]

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    can you please help me with a premium Avira code for mobile? Much appreciated, Thank You

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