Installing hbedv.key and Licensing For Avira Antivirus Premium Security Suite & Internet Security 2012, 2014 Or 2015

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Installation Of Avira With Product Activation – This tutorial works on all version of Avira, including Avira 2012, 2014 and 2015. Please complete the following steps. Install the software from the CD in this box. Insert the CD. The Avira assistant should start automatically.

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If it does not.

  • Open Windows Explorer and view the CD’s contents
  • Double click on the executable autorun.exe

Please select either the online installation (recommended) for Version 2012, 2014 or 2015 or the offline installation for the previous version, Version 10. If you do not have a CD drive. To download the program file, please go to our website and click on Support in the upper navigation bar. On the Support page, click Download.

Click on the appropriate Avira software (Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 or Avira Internet Security 2012) and select the program file for download. Save the program to your hard disk (e.g. to Desktop) and double-click on the program file to begin installation.

  • Avira Antivirus Premium 2012, 2014 or 2015 program file: avira_antivirus_premium_en.exe
  • Avira Internet Security 2012, 2014 or 2015 program file: avira_internet_security_en.exe

If you already have another Avira version on your computer, setup will ask if you want to uninstall this. Click yes to confirm. You will then need to restart your computer, after which the installation will proceed automatically. In the License Wizard, enter your activation code.


Alternatively, Avira can be run as a test version or you can enter an existing valid HBEDV.KEY license file. To do this, click on the HBEDV.KEY link in the sentence “I already have a valid HBEDV.KEY license file.” Note: For product activation, you need an Internet connection. If you are using a proxy server, you should define the correct setting via the “Proxy settings…” button.

In the next window, enter your personal data so the license can be created. Information marked with a * is required information.

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Installation continues and is completed by clicking on Finish. Click on the Avira Control Center icon on your desktop to open the Avira software. After successful installation, a full system scan and the first update, this Avira Control Center window appears.

avira internet security licensing

1- Extend Avira license

These instructions let you activate the license after you have tested Avira using a test license or if you want to install the new license after a license extension. Open the Avira Control Center window from Start > Programs > Avira > Avira Version… or via the program desktop icon. Click on Help in the menu bar and select License Management.


In the License Wizard, to activate the product, enter the new license extension activation code you received. If you have not yet purchased a new license, select the Extend License option and you will be forwarded to the Avira online shop to buy a new license. After the order is complete and you have received the activation code, go back to the instructions “B. Extend Avira license” and begin again.

2 – Avira License Activation Fails

When you enter the activation code you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • Error code 407: It has not been possible to connect to the activation server, a proxy is being used for Internet access. Solution: Click on Proxy settings in the License Wizard and enter the connection data.
  • Error code 551: The activation code was not entered correctly Solution: Check the entry paying particular attention to the “-“ symbol between the five blocks.
  • Error code 555: You are using an activation code that is not compatible with the Avira software you are using. Solution: Cancel the installation, check the Avira version listed in the order confirmation and download the correct Avira software program file from avira.
  • Error code 556: The license period of the purchased activation code has expired. Solution: Purchase a new activation code from our online shop.
  • No Internet connection: please check your Internet access as Avira was unable to establish a connection to the license server on the Internet in order to activate your product. If you have no Internet connection on the activating computer, please contact our Avira Support. Contact information is available at any time at support
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We hope you have found this information useful and that you enjoy the freedom and security of your new Avira software.

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      Download Avira Internet Security 2013

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        protects you with 15 different security technologies, including an extra firewall.

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