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Unlike Facebook, Instagram is less spammy with genuine users. Over the years, Facebook has become the cowboy town for people to push their products, Instagram on the other hand doesn’t have this problem probably because you cannot message strangers, also there is no way to spam tag everyone.

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Nowadays, Instagram is the biggest platform for marketing. Square Instagram photo dimensions are 1080×1080, bear that in mind when you design your templates. For influencer and company marketing branding, these beautiful and creative square Instagram templates are what you need.

1. Download Fashion Brands Instagram Template

These free Instagram templates for Photoshop & Illustrator are ideal for fashion brands, retail businesses & social media influencers.

Fashion Brands Instagram Template

2. Download Social Media Instagram Template

These free social media templates are ideal for promoting product sales, events & promotions. The generic design style and two-tone colour scheme means they can easily be used for a wide range of brands and niches.

Social Media Instagram Template

3. Download Valentine Instagram Template

These free social media banners are sampled from one of their Valentine’s Day Menus. Featuring a simple layout with minimal line-art illustrations, the templates are stylish, professional yet quick & easy to edit.

Valentine Instagram Template

4. Download Thank You Instagram Template

A common practice for popular social media accounts & influencers is to say ‘thank you’ after reaching milestones in fans, likes or followers. So, to help you post stylish Instagram “Thank You” posts, they’ve created this free set of banner templates.

Thank You Instagram Template

5. Download Fashion Social Media Instagram Template

Tear yourself away from your gadget and have a look at what they’ve brought you: vibrant social media templates, destined to refine your hot-loved Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Compose one, customize the PSD template to your liking, replace images with your own via Smart Objects and publish it on your fashion, lifestyle, traveling or social blog.

Fashion Social Media Instagram Template

6. Download Blue Ocean Instagram Template

Refresh your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page with a set of templates in the eye-catching blue colors and attract more passionate users to your source. Lifestyle, fashion, product advertising, online stores will get a totally new look thanks to an aqueous color scale of these 12 templates, revealing your sweetest memories about the summer and vacation by the ocean.

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Blue Ocean Instagram Template

7. Download Hepburn Instagram Template

If you’d like to have unique pictures in the flow of feed, this collection of minimalistic Instagram templates is here to turn your profile into the art gallery. Conquer social media! The set allows using 9 stylish templates with remarkable typography and the matching color palette. Choose the combination of these features, improve the perception of your pictures and post them!

Hepburn Instagram Template

8. Download Rose Instagram Template

Social media is a magnet, which attracts attention and success to you and your brand, so meet another social media templates kit, that is to turn your posts into a center of the digital universe.

Rose Instagram Template

9. Download Brooklyn Fashion Instagram Template

The pictures come alive with stylish and elegant Instagram templates. It’s a perfect tool to switch accents and operate with the images you present. The pack is rich with 15 classy variants of fully-customizable templates in different colors.

Brooklyn Fashion Instagram Template

10. Download Vana Fashion Instagram Template

Show everyone your freshest looks with Vana Fashion templates. They’ll make your profile stand out from the crowd and are certain to become an essential tool for any fashion posts addict. This fabulous set includes 8 Instagram Templates, compatible with Photoshop & Sketch. Their minimalism is easily combined with any type of picture: whether it’s an astounding look or a picture from your summer trip.

Vana Fashion Instagram Template

11. Download Elly Instagram Template

Present images in a beneficial light with the easy-to-edit Elly templates in pastel colors, which are an essential tool if you want your posts to be engaging and ultimately convincing.

Elly Instagram Template

12. Download Hippie Hipster Instagram Template

What can be more inspiring than Japanese street fashion? Lovingly explored, digitized and structured, it is here to imbue your social media via a set of fascinating PSD templates.

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Hippie Hipster Instagram Template

13. Download Classy Wedding Instagram Template

Classy Wedding Instagram Template

14. Download Briley Instagram Template

Briley Instagram Template

15. Download ShapeShift Instagram Template

ShapeShift Instagram Template

16. Download SUPRIMO Instagram Template

SUPRIMO Instagram Template

17. Download Social Media Instagram Template

Set of 3 .PSD files in square format, perfect for use on Instagram or other social media networks. Includes Newsletter/Mailing List, New Blog Post and New Shop Products, but can be easily re-purposed.

Social Media Instagram Template

18. Download Social Media Instagram Template

Includes 88 different banners (88 .PSD files) in 5 different categories.

Social Media Instagram Template

19. Download Fashion Instagram Template

A social media pack of 4 templates for Instagram, created by Anastasia Voutsa.

Fashion Instagram Template

20. Download Black & White Instagram Template

Black & White Instagram Template

21. Download Minimal Lifestyle Instagram Template

With their lightweight design style and summer foliage, these templates are well suited for promoting summer time sales, flash promotions and product discounts. Their fun and friendly theme avoids a typical “salesy” appearance making these designs perfect for Instagram & other social media platforms.

Minimal Lifestyle Instagram Template

22. Download Minimal Beauty Instagram Template

Minimal Beauty Instagram Template

23. Download Food Concept Instagram Template

Food Concept Instagram Template

24. Download Outdoor Adventure Instagram Template

Outdoor Adventure Instagram Template

25. Download SPA Concept Instagram Template

SPA Concept Instagram Template

26. Download Exercise Instagram Template

Exercise Instagram Template

27. Download End Season Sale Instagram Template

Creating eye-catching ads for your Instagram page & social media channels with these readymade templates for Photoshop & Illustrator. Their Grand Sale Templates feature a modern, energetic and fresh design style that is ideal for malls, boutique stores and fashion brands.

End Season Sale Instagram Template

28. Download New Season Instagram Template

New Season Instagram Template

29. Download Fashion Sales Instagram Template

Fashion Sales Instagram Template

30. Download Surfing Instagram Template

Surfing Instagram Template

31. Download Surfing Instagram Template

Surfing Instagram Template

32. Download Coffee Instagram Template

Coffee Instagram Template

33. Download Valentine Sales Instagram Template

Valentine Sales Instagram Template

34. Download Sales Instagram Template

Sales Instagram Template

35. Download Floral Instagram Template

Floral Instagram Template


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