10 Free Online AntiVirus Scanner from Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and Trend Micro

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Free Online AntiVirus Scanner from Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and Trend Micro

Here are the lists of free online virus scanner, some of these online virus scanners requires ActiveX, a unique feature only found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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Scan Files With Multiple Virus Scanners Online

For individual files no larger than 1MB, do give the following online antivirus a try. VirusTotal uses 32 antivirus engines to scan your file for potential malware and threats. It is a one stop solution that gives you 32 results from 32 different type of antivirus. VirusScan on the other hand comes with 21 antivirus engines.

Symantec Guide to Scary Internet Stuff – Botnets

Standalone Scanners

Here is a complete list of 9 free standalone antivirus scanner. They are usually used for 2nd opinion when you suspect that your primary antivirus is compromised.

21 comments on “10 Free Online AntiVirus Scanner from Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and Trend Micro

  1. Gravatar
    Doug Woodall [ Reply ]

    Great list!
    Thanks, Ive got em saved as favs.
    I myself like BitDefenders and Kasperskys.

    • Gravatar
      Preston Gralla [ Reply ]

      Comodo AV Scanner is a free service that lets you quickly find out

  2. Gravatar
    Soineilun Chawnmang [ Reply ]

    I personally like Symantec & Kaspersky

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      Free antivirus [ Reply ]

      Free Antivirus Manual Scan, On Demand Scan

  3. Gravatar
    Soineilun Chawnmang [ Reply ]

    Great tools! Symantec & Kaspersky, healers for my machine!.

  4. Gravatar

    well sometimes i am really LOST with the type of antivirus programme that REALLY WORKS THE BEST FOR ME !! i really got no ideas on these things and how well it can protect me as a user!! pls help !! thanks.

  5. Gravatar
    Syed Shah Ahmed Abdul Hafeez Quadri [ Reply ]

    Do we have any Online scan for mobile?

    • Gravatar
      Tanya Puntti [ Reply ]

      Macports Cleanup Files, Mac Spyware Protection

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        Facebook Security [ Reply ]

        Antivirus & Antispyware Scanning

  6. Gravatar

    I have downlod kesperkey but filed run….

  7. Gravatar

    hi mcafee i like mcafee antivirus scan online

  8. Gravatar

    i have down load symantec usb scaner

    • Gravatar
      Steven Musil [ Reply ]

      Bitdefender Online Virus Scanner is the best!

  9. Gravatar
    harpal saini [ Reply ]

    i have down load symantec usb scaner

    • Gravatar
      Robin Parrish [ Reply ]

      Which Free Online Antivirus Scanner is the Best?

      • Gravatar
        Will Shanklin [ Reply ]

        Tuning your mac – Antivirus Mac Scanner, Mac Cleaning Cnet

  10. Gravatar
    shanty [ Reply ]

    here a great program
    for all antivirus scanner

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      kaspersky lab [ Reply ]

      online antivirus scanner kaspersky

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    if it work it will be good

  12. Gravatar
    vasudev [ Reply ]

    90 days norton antivirus trail pack

  13. Gravatar
    MidnightPiper [ Reply ]

    There iz no Antiviruz Scanner, that is Perfect at thiz Cyber World. You never know, which AntiViruz ll blow out the Virusuz from your Computer. Every AntiViruz can never clean all types of Viruz, but can roam and can cleanse the programz at your HardDisk. ~Piper.

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