3 Permanently Delete Data From Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive and SD Memory Card

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Files deleted from your USB thumb drive are not removed immediately; the deleted files are still known to be occupying the space although it is not visible in Windows. Why is that so? Well, when you delete a file, Windows marked that particular sector in your hard disk as free in the registry, the content is removed when a new data is written onto the previous ‘free’ space, therefore if no new data is written, and it is possible to retrieve the ‘deleted’ data.

Who needs this software? If you happened to be sharing your USB flash drive with an IT expert friend and the USB thumb drive used to contain your private files (e.g. homemade video) which were deleted weeks ago, you should definitely try these data remover to avoid any unwanted incident.

Disk Scrubber – Permanently Delete Data

Disk Scrubber is a freeware, unlike other data remover software, Disk Scrubber has a very simple user interface, possibly the simplest among all. Basically it allows you to permanently delete data from your hard disk or USB thumb drive, data deleted using Disk Scrubber is not recoverable, use with caution.

Permanently Delete Data from Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive and SD Memory Card

The MariusSoft Disk Scrubber is a program that allows you scrub your windows NTFS disk partition to ensure that erased files truly are erased. The program is a simple GUI interface for the built in windows cipher utility that makes it more user friendly.

Disk Wipe – Delete Hard Drive Data

Disk Wipe (freeware) is possibly the most powerful data remover; it does what its title says. Unlike other data remover software, Disk Wipe uses advanced shredding technology such as US DoD (Department of Defense), British HMG IS5 and Russian GOST. These are military technology used in wiping sensitive information in the event that their based in surrounded by enemies. Download Disk Wipe (freeware).

Permanently Delete Data From Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive and SD Memory Card

Data deleted or removed with the following technique will no longer recoverable. Just like all data remover software, Disk Wipe works with every media such as SD memory cards, CF memory cards, USB thumb drives, Hard Disk and many more.

Disk Wipe is a free utility that wipes a device, file, or directory tree clean using either a 3-pass or 7-pass DoD spec wipe. It has been confirmed to work on just about every UNIX, and even Windows. It should compile natively on any UNIX or Windows compiler.

Disk Redactor – Permanently Remove Data

Unlike Disk Wipe, Disk Redactor is a simple data remover tool. It uses a fairly simple technology. Disk Redactor will perform the data shredding task as instructed, this will ensure all data are removed and not recoverable by any other recovery software. Download Disk Redactor, it is free.

Disk Redactor is a WIPE utility that lets you securely erase any old ( deleted ) files and prevent them from being recovered. All your private sensitive insecurely erased information will be wiped from free unused space on your drives to ensure complete data destruction.

Permanently Delete Data from Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive and SD Memory Card

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4 comments on “3 Permanently Delete Data From Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive and SD Memory Card

  1. Hugo Lim April 2, 2009 at 10:49 am - Reply

    hey. thanks for sharing! good resources indeed!

  2. E November 22, 2010 at 4:34 am - Reply

    Just what I needed. And even I could understand it!
    Thank you.

  3. Rahana June 27, 2011 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Another good software to delete files permanently with ease is “File Shredder”.Advantage is it’s right click context menu which makes it very convenient.

  4. fdg January 16, 2013 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    Recommend WBD(Wipe Bad Disk) to erase data permanently on disk with bad sectors fast and reliably.

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