Logitech Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Adapter Review and Error

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Connecting the Logitech wireless speaker adapter is a breeze on both my iPad and Android smartphone. However, it took me one hour to get the bluetooth adapter to connect to my Windows 7 64-bit Sony laptop. If your Windows computer is having problem detecting and displaying a ‘Bluetooth Hands-free Audio’ device as shown in the screenshot below, this is because Windows XP, Vista or 7 doesn’t comes with the required A2DP driver.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Adapter Review And Error

Logitech Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Adapter Review and Error

Solution – Download A2DP and install from Rapidshare. This is the official A2DP driver by broadcom.


It is a pretty straightforward device. The only annoying part is the need to reconnect the Adapter’s Bluetooth every time you restart you computer. This is a must have adapter for those intend to hide their speakers on the bookshelf.

Wireless Radio over Smartphone

Not possible, that is because most smart phones require us to connect the device to the 3.5mm jack. I can’t find the answer to this mysterious question.

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The Drawback?

Unlike the Belkin Wireless Bluetooth Adapter where it has the ability to connect up to 6 devices, the Logitech adapter has the ability to perform 1 connection per device.

7 comments on “Logitech Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Adapter Review and Error

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    Eva Mark [ Reply ]

    how about belkin bluetooth music receiver?

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      This adapter pairs fine with my iPhone, Droid, iPad

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      microsoft [ Reply ]

      The Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth audio devices allows you to wirelessly stream music

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    David Carnoy [ Reply ]

    he good: The affordable Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter adds Bluetooth streaming capabilities to anything with an audio (auxiliary) input

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    logitech wireless speaker adapter price?

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      I have this connected to my A/V receiver (Yamaha) and it works flawlessly with iPads and other bluetooth devices

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    ZamZam [ Reply ]

    I would rate this product a three or maybe even a two out of the box because of it’s range issues. This device connects well and reconnects well but my range was at 10 ft tops and then it skips and stutters.

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