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I do not think this is acceptable under twitter’s terms and conditions. Having said that most of these followers are not real twitter users, they are merely robots, aka accounts created via mass submission with no real followers. If you’re into boosting your blog’s image, a large number of followers, be it fake or real, will have a good impression. Regardless of the ingenuity of the followers, you might want to give it a try and see it for yourself.

🤣😍😂 How to Verify Fake Photos, Images or News Report on Facebook and Twitter

Buy Twitter Followers Service Price Comparison

Scam Alert!

You’ll receive the numbers of followers as agreed; however, there is no guarantee that these followers [bots] will not unfollow you in the following weeks. Based on my own experience and fact finding, this is exactly what happened. Assuming that these followers do stay put, they are nothing more than fake profiles created by robots. Spread the word, don’t fall for this scam!

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Price Comparison for the Cheapest Twitter Services










-$13---$60$87$neg (World)

$19$29$49-$69$119-- (USA)


(Quality No Follow)







Is It OK to Buy Twitter Followers? Or Is That “Cheating?”

Is it OK to buy followers on Twitter and Instagram, fans on Facebook or views on YouTube, in an effort to boost online credibility and break through the social media “noise?” Or do these practices consist of “cheating?” Should we be using such measures to judge one another’s importance and influence? Do we obsess too much about constantly trying to build the value of our personal “brand?”


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