How to Verify Fake Photos, Images or News Report on Facebook and Twitter

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We lives in a new generation where information is overloaded and oversupply. Couple with the need for speed, demand can never catch up with supply of new information, thus some irresponsible people will try to bridge the gap between demand and supply by speculating.

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MSNBC has covered the missing MH370 flight these past two weeks, but they haven’t been defined by that coverage nearly as much as CNN has, and Thursday night, Chris Hayes tore into both CNN and Fox News for promoting “completely baseless speculation” that ends up scaring the crap out of viewers for no reason whatsoever. Hayes started things off with the wince-inducing clip of CNN’s Don Lemon speculating on the possibility of a black hole to explain how cable news is getting more and more “creative” to fuel viewer demand for missing plane coverage with the short supply of news they have to work with. And most of the speculation is “relatively harmless,” as Hayes put it, but then he started going after the “paranoid” theories peddled on cable news that the plane is being made into a terror device and could possibly be targeting Israel. Hayes sent a message to CNN and Fox News that they need to stop scaring viewers in the need to fill airtime.

Before sharing anything, it is always important to verify the news and fotos you found on Facebook, Twitter and more.

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Method 1 – Google Reverse Image Search ‘Search by Image’

Now you can explore the web in an entirely new way by beginning your Google search with an image. Learn more about images on the web and your own photos. Watch the video to learn how to perform this simple task on Google. Share this new found information with your friends on Facebook

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Google Search by Image feature is not the only reverse image search provider in the market, there are a few alternatives. They are:

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Method 2 – Digital Image Forensics for Photoshopped Photos

Image forensics is about detecting if an image has been manipulated or tampered with. Basically what it does is it checks the metadata, the noise level and more. Noise level increase as an image gets photoshopped again and again. Without further ado, here are top 3 free image forensic services.

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Method 3 – Verify the Author

There are other methods, from using Google Maps to Wikipedia. You can even check the owner of the domain name with all the free ‘Whois’ services. Another method is to use Google Advanced Search.

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    Gordon Laing [ Reply ]

    TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image

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      TinEye Reverse Image Search!!!

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      Simplest Way To Find The Original / Altered Version Of An Image

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    Vibin Reddy [ Reply ]

    Google’s new addition to its image search is “similar image search” through which you can find similar or duplicate images.

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      Search for images, graphics, photographs, clip-art, drawings, etc.

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    Will Google’s Similar Images search change the way we look for photo

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      Will Shanklin [ Reply ]

      Image Identification Technology – Find Actual Source of Any Image

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    Image based similarity search engines like google images

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      Vibin Reddy [ Reply ]

      how to Find Similar Matching Images?????

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    Tutorial [ Reply ]

    thanks, this is a great tool to find out who stole or use my copyrighted photos without my permission.

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    Wikipedia [ Reply ]

    Who Stole My Pictures is an extension for Firefox Helps You Track Down and Search For Copied Photos online for photographers!

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    Blacke [ Reply ] has shut down biz. Last checked 13 Aug 2013. How about some update on the latest similar image search engine, huh?

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      Thanks for the info. I guess we are left with Google Reverse Image Search and TinEye. I don’t think there are others, even if there are, it won’t be as powerful as Google.

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