6 Jpeg Photo Repair And Recovery Software

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Before we proceed with this article, do know that there is a difference between “recovering a corrupt memory disc” and “repairing a corrupt Jpeg photo file”. Recovering photos from a damaged SD card is a matter of accessing the files indirectly and duplicate it onto a good disc, while repairing a file means identifying the problem that causes the jpg not viewable and fix it.

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cannot view jpeg corrupt photo image

Here are 6 data recovery software for damaged image files, some performed better than the other, while some failed miserably.

↓ 01 – Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair | Mac & Windows

Free to try (Limited functionality); $39.00 to buy

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a useful JPEG/JPG (or any supported image format) repair software that repairs corrupt or damaged photographs and image files, having JPEG or JPG file extension without modifying their original data. This powerful utility even repairs the images from the memory cards, which are completely unreadable.

This is perhaps one of the best image repair software we’ve used, possibly the most advanced too. Highly recommended.

stellar phoenix jpeg repair software free

↓ 02 – File Repair (Free Photo Repair)

100% free; Freeware

No serial number or product key, 100% free. File Repair software is a basic tool to repair your corrupted files. It scans the damaged file and extracts maximum data from it to a new usable file. Using File Repair, you can repair:

  • Corrupted Word documents (.doc, .docx, .docm, .rtf)
  • Corrupted Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xla, .xlsx)
  • Corrupted Zip or RAR archives (.zip, .rar)
  • Corrupted videos (.avi, .mp4, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .asf, .mpg)
  • Corrupted JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or RAW images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png)
  • Corrupted PDF documents (.pdf)
  • Corrupted Access databases (.mdb, .mde, .accdb, .accde)
  • Corrupted PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pps, .pptx)
  • Corrupted music (.mp3, .wav)
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file repair photo jpeg image free freeware

↓ 03 – Comfy File Repair

Free to try (Save-Disabled); $39.95 to buy

Comfy Repair File restores corrupted JPEG, PNG and TIFF files, unlike PixRecovery with the simple user interface, Comfy comes with a slight complicated program interface. There are 2 methods of recovery, 1 via the wizard that does the guess work, while the other is manual mode where you scan and determine each photo individually.

comfy file recovery photo raw

↓ 04 – PixRecovery

Price: Free to try (Partial recovery, demo mark); $49.00 to buy

PixRecovery repairs corrupted JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or RAW images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png). The recovered data is saved (full version) into a new image in bitmap (.bmp) or original file format according to user’s choice.

As shown in the screen shot below, it is a very simple software that does the repairing job. No thousand and one buttons to click, just drag and wait for the recovery process.

pix recovery jpeg gif png free

↓ 05 – JPEG Recovery Pro

Free to try (15-day trial); $49.95 to buy

JPEG Recovery is a handy tool to repair corrupted JPEG picture or photo which is restored by a photo or data recovery software. JPEG Recovery supports combining 2 JPEG pictures for recovery, just in case the original picture was split into 2 files by the photo or data recovery software.

jpeg recovery pro

↓ 06 – Pic Doctor (Recover + Repair Photoshop PSD)

Free to try; $99.95 to buy

Picture Doctor is not just another jpeg repair tool for damaged graphic files. It can recover corrupt JPG and Adobe Photoshop PSD files. Program restores the corrupted graphic files and saves them into BMP format. It also recovers layers data for PSD images and does batch processing. This is one of the better recovery program in the market.

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Download the demo and activate it with the key emailed to you.

pic doctor serial number product key activation

5 comments on “6 Jpeg Photo Repair And Recovery Software

  1. Gravatar
    Nathan [ Reply ]

    useful article,but, for example,File Repair is terribly prog, i used it (and reviews on the web about it negative). And the rest of the progs … $ 39!? lol no thanks. You did not mention Hetman File Repair 1.1. This high-quality software and costs $ 20. MUCH better than the File Repair. Program performs a bit-level analysis of the JPEG/TIFF images. There is rumored to be a more thorough analysis of the file.

  2. Gravatar
    Nitara J [ Reply ]

    I didn’t try all but tried the first tool. It really worked well.

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Glad that it helps. Remember to backup all your files, especially Jpeg Photos to an external hard disk. Keep 1 copy on an external HD and another on your primary workstation.

  3. Gravatar
    sundar [ Reply ]

    i used picture doctor, i is very useful program. i recovered files, i shows only thumbnail, but no picture. i tired with picture, it recover all pictures within minutes from 16 GB SDHC.

  4. Gravatar
    banzee [ Reply ]

    I used Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum edition. Not only it recovered the lost or deleted photos/videos or Audios from storage media even if it is corrupted or formatted, but also repaired/fixed the JPEG files and immediately rectified the file to make it as a new one.

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