Top 10 Cheapest VPN Client, Software and Services Workable in Iran, China and Saudi Arabia

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Who needs Virtual Private Network VPN? Those that travel often to countries with internet censorship such as China, Iran, Saudi Arab and more or uses public free wifi in places such as starbucks. VPN is more than bypassing internet censorship, it can also prevent hackers from sniffing your password.

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Top 15 VPN Software and Services Top 10 Cheapest VPN Client, Software and Services Workable in Iran, China and Saudi Arabia

There are times when certain website is not available in for your country, such as Hulu or NetFlix. Without further ado, here is a list of comparison of some of the best VPN out in the market at the time of writing.

01 – Comparison Between 11 VPN Price and Services

 PriceIP TypesServersAnonymous Torrent


$5 - 8Shared IP

Ghost Path

$5 - $10
Shared IP
85 servers
31 countries

Boxpn VPN

$3.75 - $6Shared IP
150 servers
16 countries


$14 - $60Dedicated IP34 servers
24 countries


$7 - 14Shared IP
3 countries


$5 - $40Shared IP
34 servers
15 countries
No log


$10Shared IP
67 servers
48 countries
No anonymous, only legal torrent.
No log

Private Internet Access

$3.25 - $6.45Shared IP
263 servers
9 countries
18 Gateways
No log


$11.52 - $78.66-387 servers
54 countries
46,000 Gateways


$10-13 servers-


$10 - 30-140 servers
300 countries

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across public networks like the Internet. It enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they were an integral part of the private network with all the functionality, security and management policies of the private network.[1] This is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, encryption, or a combination of the two. – Wikipedia

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These VPN provider offers OpenVPN and a secure SSL connection and works on Windows and Mac. Additional services such as firewall, web proxy list and more are optional. Do note that some provider only offer services for VPN Cisco routers and does not work on Android, iPad or iPhone smartphone. Read carefully.

02 – What Is The Difference Between Free vs. Paid VPN?

There is no free lunch in this world, there is a price for everything, especially indirect price for free stuff. Free VPN is a big lie to me & can be very dangerous. I want to echo the comment from Chris below. Subscribing to a dodgy VPN service is like giving your house key to a robber.

  • The network admin from the VPN can catch everything you send and gather sensitive stuff like your credit card.
  • They (or their workers) can harvest information about you & blackmail you.
  • They (or their workers) can try to hack your computer, they can inject hidden codes inside the html they send to you, they may modify pages to replace affiliate codes by their own codes.
  • VPN only provides confidential tunneling between hosts (or networks), but not anonymity nor other benefits from security standpoint.
  • The only VPN you can trust to be a secure tunnel is your own VPN deployed and configured by you, and you also must be in full control of both of the VPN endpoints for that.

03 – What About The Free iOS iPhone VPN App and Android VPN App?

For free VPN, as we know that, there is no free bread in the world. There is no guarantee they are not backing-up your IP address, credit card info, your email address and other sensitive data. Unless you have nothing to be stolen, avoid free and go for paid VPN. The only 3 VPN App you can trust are:

  • Symantec VIP Access ( Norton )
  • SecureLine VPN ( Avast Antivirus )
  • SurfEasy Secure ( Opera Software Family )
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04 – The Advantages And Benefit Of Virtual Private Networking

One of the main advantage I like about VPN is the ability to encrypt my email password on a free public wifi.

  • Enhanced security
  • Share files
  • Online anonymity
  • Unblock websites & bypass filter
  • Change IP address
  • Better performance

05 – Top 5 VPN Network Based On Market Share

Which is the best VPN? If you’re unsure, go for these market leader, they may be somewhat expensive but with their strong market share, they have the scale to provide somewhat decent connect.

  • 1 – Hide myass 46%
  • 2 – Strong VPN 21%
  • 3 – Pure VPN 20%
  • 4 – Express VPN 8%
  • 5 – Others 5%

To understand how VPN works, watch the video below. This is perhaps the best video that explains a very boring subject such as the VPN.

06 – Top 10 Most Censored Countries

If you are traveling to any of these countries, especially a short working trip for a week or two, you need to purchase a VPN to access YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter and more. Which is the best VPN? Cisco VPN Client is the best, it establish encrypted VPN tunnels with the Cisco VPN Client for highly secure remote connectivity for your mobile employees or teleworkers. Simple to deploy and use, our IPSecurity (IPsec) -based VPN client is compatible with all Cisco VPN products.

Top 15 VPN Software and Services

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