5 Online Fax Services For Sending & Receiving Faxes Without Fax Machine

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How to send free fax from the internet without a fax machine and credit card? Here are 5 web services that allows you to send free fax over the internet, they are free because it comes with ads or some other form of limitation. If the fax is not urgent, do give these free services a try, other than that, do note that a fax that comes with advertisement might not give a good impression to your clients. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best digital fax services for sending and receiving faxes without buying a physical fax machine.

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↓ 01 – PamFax – Easiest way to fax worldwide

pam fax free internet fax 5 Best Online Electronic Fax To Securely Send & Receive Fax Over The Internet

PamFax is probably the only internet fax service that works on Skype. The good thing about it is the prepaid credit does not expire, you can use PamFax from a Microsoft Windows PC (Windows XP or later), on Mac OS X or on many mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad or WebOS.

  • 3 free pages per month after sign up on selected location.
  • No monthly cost & no ads, no credit card required to sign up.
  • Send/Receive from/to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Outlook and Zimbra
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↓ 02 – MyFax – Faxing simplified. Anytime. Anywhere.

myfax faxing simplified 5 Best Online Electronic Fax To Securely Send & Receive Fax Over The Internet

MyFax gives you your own fax number for free for 30 days! Now you can receive faxes and send faxes free for 30 Days!

  • Get your own personal local or toll free fax number
  • No Limits on how many faxes you can send/receive
  • Store/Save faxes 30-Day

↓ 03 – GotFreeFax – Send Free Fax Online to the US and Canada

got free fax com

GotFreeFax is a very simple faxing service, it only allows sending, no receiving and it is only available for U.S. and Canada!

↓ 04 – FaxZero – Send a fax for free

fax zero free send a fax for free 5 Best Online Electronic Fax To Securely Send & Receive Fax Over The Internet

FaxZero is perhaps the most famous and most reliable fax service. The paid version cost $1.99 per fax via Paypal. Send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, or, Send an International Fax.

  • 100% Free but with Ads on the cover page
  • Maximum 3 pages + cover
  • Max 5 free faxes per day
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↓ 05 – hellofax – Easy. Reliable. Online Secure Faxing

top fax hello fax rating 5 Best Online Electronic Fax To Securely Send & Receive Fax Over The Internet

Faxes don’t have to be a headache. hellofax faxes arrive directly in your inbox as a PDF, where you can view, download and share them. You never have to worry about missing a fax or not knowing when it arrives. It comes straight to you. You can access your faxes from anywhere and unlimited storage is included.

  • 5 free fax per month
  • Integrates nicely with your existing number
  • Email to fax
  • Send and receive faxes online
  • Fax multiple recipients at once
  • Edit and sign faxes electronically
  • International coverage. Fax to 70+ countries
  • Sign in using your Google credentials. (No new password needed)
  • Sync and manage your faxes from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and/or Evernote

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