6 Ways To Protect And Prevent Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail And Facebook Hacking

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Ever wonder if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend has access to your email or Facebook and is secretly logging into your account without you knowledge? For those seeking knowledge on how to perform illegal access to someone’s account, be warned that this is illegal and will land you in jail.

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A bad breakup is unfortunate, made worse if your ex-bf or ex-gf is into computers and have easy access to your laptop. With a few simple legal software such as anti-theft or parental control tools, he or she can easily access your laptop’s microphone, webcam and more. With a Trojan Horse and Keylogger installed, password will be delivered to his or her email, providing him with access to your personal data. Here are the various ways of protecting yourself from that crazy social path physco from stalking you.

↓ 01 – How To Hack Scams

You can’t! If you need to Google on how to hack Gmail or Hotmail, chances are, it is beyond your knowledge. There are no magical one click button software that does these sort of hacking, furthermore, Google and Microsoft takes security very seriously, therefore any bugs are patched immediately.

Any sites that says they know a tiny bug and all you have to do is email them at this GMail or Hotmail together with your password and the email address you wanted to hack is a scam. Unbeknownst to you, that fake email belongs to the hacker. Usually these emails have a very suspicious name to it, for example recoverpassword@hotmail.com (example) or adminpasswordrecovery@yahoo.com (example). So, how does it work?

Things To Know About How To Hack Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail And Facebook Account

These hackers claimed that there is a bug in the Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo mail system and by emailing your user name, your password and your spouse’s / friend’s / enemy’s email address to the designated email address, a reply together with the requested password would arrive in your inbox within a day or two.

Truth is, you are fooled into giving away your password to someone that owns that GMail or Hotmail account, it doesn’t belong to Google or Microsoft administrator. There are no bugs, no backdoors. Change your password immediately!

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↓ 02 – Investigate / Recent Activities

Both Google and Hotmail have an activity page that lists the date and time, location, devices and type of activity. Keep in mind that if you use a mobile device, your location may not be reliable. This is because mobile phone services route your activity through different locations. This can make it look like you signed in from somewhere you’re not.

  • Google Recently Used Devices – Devices that have been active on your account in the last 28 days, or are currently signed in.
  • Microsoft Recent Activity – The recent activity page shows info about when and where you’ve used your Microsoft account within the last 30 days. This includes any time that you signed in to your account, whether you used a web browser, your phone, an email app, a third-party app, or another method.
  • Facebook Security and Login – The features of Facebook Login such as access tokens and permissions make it safe and secure for people and apps to use, but there are some security steps that apps need to implement themselves.
  • Yahoo Recent Activity – See something suspicious? Change your password

Recent Activities

You should recognize most of the account activity in this section. If you know that you didn’t initiate one of them, or if you see a suspicious pattern (like multiple sign-in attempts or profile changes to you didn’t make), don’t panic! Did you login at a cybercafe? Is your office using a VPN? A VPN will re-router your location, therefore it appear as if you are surfing the net from another country.

↓ 03 – Remove Anti-Theft / Trojan Malware / Keylogger

Just like a knife, it can be used for cooking or killing. An anti-theft software or parental control tool for laptops or mobile phones can be used with bad intentions, it can’t capture password or user login but screenshots of your activities can be emailed to the perpetrator, almost as good as losing your password. A trojan on the other hand sends all of your personal information such as username, login password, credit card details and activities to the recipient. Both are equally bad, and should be dealt with immediately.

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The easiest way to hack someone’s email illegally is via keylogger, all they need is to have access to the person’s computer, disable the antivirus and install a password capturing software. However, this will be a problem if he or she enables mobile notification for new devices logging into the account.

↓ 04 – Enhance Security With 2-Step SMS Verification

Your password protects your account. You can also add a second layer of protection with 2-Step Verification, which sends a single-use code to your phone for you to enter when you sign in. So even if somebody manages to steal your password, it is not enough to get into your account. The other reason to activate 2 step verification is because we have the habit of using the same password for all account, hackers that managed to hack other less secure companies will ‘guess’ their way into your account.

More often than not, 2 step verification comes with mobile notifications, enable it and you will receive login alerts as extra security feature. When you turn on login alerts, they’ll send you a text message, email or notification each time someone (including yourself) logs into your account from a new place or new device.

↓ 05 – Update Secret Questions

The other method for someone to gain access to your account is to guess you secret questions and birth date correctly, by doing so, they will be able to reset your password. Without 2-Step SMS Verification enabled, you will lose access to your accounts. Remember how most of Apple’s iPhone users from Hollywood got exposed for their lewd photos?

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Simply because their secret questions are too simple, such as where is your birth place, what’s your mother maiden name, what is the name of your pet. Being celebrities, most of the information are 1 google away, that’s how they got access into your photo gallery and download everything to your comps.

Do not use the default questions, customize the question and only you know the answer to it. If possible, the question must not make any sense but only to you yourself.

  • [ Bad Question ] What is your pet’s name?
  • [ Bad Question ] In what year was your father born?
  • [ Bad Question ] What is your favorite _____?
  • [ Bad Question ] What was the name of your elementary / primary school?

↓ 06 – Install Antivirus With Firewall

How do you protect yourself and prevent hackers from stealing your password? Even if nobody had access to all of your accounts, there is no harm in installing a genuine copy of antivirus with firewall. Always subscribe to the original software, avoid those from torrent. The simple reason is hackers knows the reason you are downloading an antivirus is because you are not protected, therefore these ‘free’ antivirus from torrent are infected with malware.

Maybe it isn’t infected with malware or spyware, with the valid activation key, you are not allowed to update the antivirus software and more importantly, the database for the antivirus engine.

Free antivirus comes with many limitations, depending on the vendor, most of them offer basic protection with no firewall. Updates are slow and it tend to have advertisement. If your purchasing a genuine antivirus is out of question, do try these 12 Free Antivirus For Windows 10 – Microsoft Defender Alternatives.

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  1. Gravatar

    So, there is no way to hack hotmail!
    It’s false, belive me.

    • Gravatar
      anonymous [ Reply ]

      lol no not for “normal people” people like me however are more intellectually gifted and understand more about computers then you will ever know. i spend night after night after night after night running on 2 to 3 hours of sleep each day working on my knowledge of computers. so its a give and take relationship you lose sleep you win knowledge how you use that knowledge is up to you. (for the record White hats blow chunks of monkey nuts) — anonymous Black hat

      • Gravatar
        masoud hashemi [ Reply ]

        dear black hat
        it’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice.
        I don’t know you. don’t even know if you are a man or woman. I’m from Iran. you don’t know how much pain and pressure we are going through here. I have many problems with the ruling system. A couple of their yes-men who pretended to be my friends are spying on me recently. I urgently need to break into their hotmails and yahoomails tofigure out what they are going to do to me. plesae let me know if you know anything about getting their passwords. It’s really a matter of life and death. I know it’s asking too much. but i think you are nice.
        would you ?

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        Krysty [ Reply ]

        Hi, I forgot my password and don’t have access to the phone number I used to sign up for my Yahoo account. Is there still a way to recover the account?

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          for ethical and professional hack ranging from whatsapp, facebook, gmail, hotmail, viber, wechat, snapchat, sms, instagram, device cloning, call interception etc contact

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        Samuel [ Reply ]

        Can you help me get my stuff back someone stole from me via a game I play that takes the use of real money? I needed to sale the inventory as my sister is slowly dying with Lupus and DDS (Defenerative Disc Disease). I really needed to sale the inventory off to help pay her medical bills, I’m desperate. I saw your post, and I’m asking for your help. It shouldn’t be hard, I’ve got one part of their log in information I just need to get the password now.

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      Jay Dot Star [ Reply ]

      I don’t understand.. If you are saying its virtually impossible to hack into someone’s account then how can real hackers hack into accounts.. It isn’t impossible if there are very clever people out there who can accomplish it.. I wonder how they really do it.. I’d love to be a hacker lol just to know what’s really going on around the world and stuff :P wonder where they get the training from!

    • Gravatar
      linda stuart [ Reply ]

      ignorance is no excuse, if you allow this lowlifes to scam you, then its your fault, i have also been a victim like every other person and these site are full of scammers with fast and legit hacking service..

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    wait, i really need a way!!, someone hacked into my yahoo account and changed my password and my secret answer and gos knows what else!, i need a way to recover it, i have about 10 years or more with that account!!, i need my addresses, i just need it back!, can someone help?

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    same thing happened to me:(
    the hacker is a total pervert he changed my msn name to all these things and started talking to me pretending to be me while i was at my friends house… :|:|:(

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    dr. reem [ Reply ]

    Just wanted to say that I wish to hack a gmail account to check a mail I sent..
    but cant find a way. 2ndly I’ve had a friend who’s hotmail address was hacked 2 times. I dunno know how ppl did it… but someone did.

    • Gravatar
      dave rich [ Reply ]

      -Tracking calls
      -Facebook,whatsapp,twitter,gmail hack
      -Cloning of phones
      -Clearing criminal records without leaving traces
      -Changing school grades without leaving traces
      -Website hack -Retrieval of lost or hacked social media accounts

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    I think there must be a way to hack passwords

  6. Gravatar
    Albus Dumbledore [ Reply ]

    “This method is unlikely to be practical unless the password is relatively small. … in which case the attack is called an offline attack (it can be done without connection to the protected resource), or not, in which case it is called an online attack. Offline attack is generally a lot easier, because testing a password is reduced to a quickly calculated mathematical computation; i.e., calculating the hash of the password to be tried and comparing it to the hash of the real password. In an online attack the attacker has to actually try to authenticate himself with all the possible passwords, where arbitrary rules and delays can be imposed by the system and the attempts can be logged.” (These statements come from assumptions which should not be presumed)

    No matter what the scholar`s say we know one thing that we have to crack the password for our client that`s all and in this we are best.

    You decide to switch to a more Action Oriented mode, and decide that you need some outside assistance !!!

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    others use keyloggers to hack into others account…be careful when logging in public internet cafes..

  8. Gravatar
    GeckoFly [ Reply ]

    yes, gamay advise is very true. I had this friend who works in a cyber cafe, he confessed that he intentionally install keylogger into all the computer to harvest email passwords.

    • Gravatar
      Donald [ Reply ]

      looking for the best way to hack into your spouse account to find out if they are cheating ?

  9. Gravatar

    it works I’ve done it…

  10. Gravatar
    Aliceinwonderland [ Reply ]

    Is it safe to install keylogger into my computer? I mean, I just have to wait for my boyfriend to open his hotmail account in my computer and that’s it?

  11. Gravatar
    GeckoFly [ Reply ]

    @Aliceinwonderland: There are a few keyloggers by professionals and it might cost you a few hundred dollars. Yes, its safe.

  12. Gravatar
    gedsky [ Reply ]

    AliceinWonderland….you can also find freeware and softwares that can be use as a keylogger..its safe no harms done….there are many ways how to do that…its easy compared to online hacking….

  13. Gravatar

    i used spyware to record keystrokes But it is detected By avg internet security 8.0. is there any way By which i can record keystrokes without detection.

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    ubs_ubs [ Reply ]

    Here is a sample of fake instruction on to obtain email password posted by a commenter, I’ve removed the email address, these type of tutorial plastered all over the internet has only one intention – to gran hold of your password by fooling you into emailing them to some phony email address. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE, DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

    i hav simple method to hack some one password.first u hav the id of that person in ur contactDISCLAMER: I do NOT take any responsability for the content of this page. If you read this page with it’s methods of fetching hotmail or yahoo passwords you have agreed to take your own responsability for any actions you may make. *

    Follow four easy steps below to learn how to hack into Hotmal or a yahoo account: yahoo and hotmail have different servers in different countries and all our logins randomly go to servers in diferent places so the steps we do only get replied if your victim logs into the same server.

    STEP 1- The first step in the process of hacking in to someone’s hotmail or yahoo account is quite easy. You simply log into your own Hotmail ot yahoo account. Important Note : Your account should have been atleast 3 days old for this to work because you shold be registered in the different servers of yahoo/hotmail and it wont recognize ur account!!

    STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to [email address deleted by admin] for hotmail accounts and [email address deleted by admin] for yahoo accounts. This is the server mailing address to the Hotmail and yahoo backdoor server!! The automated server will (after recieving the information you will send them) will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’

    STEP 3- · In the subject line write “retrieve passwd” (CASE INTESIVE) and in the body of the e-mail write this exact code filling in your hotmail login id and below that your password, and the victim(whose password u want) of hacking’s login name. · its better to cut and paste the following two lines. The code is as follows:


    **Please note! Do NOT Enter the victims email-address, just the loginname** For example if I’d like to get my friends hotmail password (john_graham@hotmail.com) to my email (Henokabraham@hotmail.com) (let’s say my password is “mypass”) I would write like this:
    form_pwd: login=john_graham sendto=henokabraham+mypassword For yahoo please send in the entire yahoo e-mail address.

    This will get registered in the Hotmail or Yahoo server into thinking that you are a Administration staff and send u the password!!

    STEP 4- All you have to do is wait for the hotmail server to wait for the other person to login and you will get a mail containing the password! It normally takes 48hrs and also depends when you vicyim logs into the server. Note that if the victim has accounts both in hotmail and yahoo then u will get both the passwords in two different mails.

    process is not guaranteed to work.you just get lucky if both of u send it to the same server.This method is used by many other email services as well when they what’s to check up on their subscribers. what have u gotta lose anyways.. try it and if it works its a bumper!!! s.

    Here is a sample of fake instruction on how obtain email password posted by a commenter, I’ve removed the email address, these type of tutorial plastered all over the internet has only one intention – to gran hold of your password by fooling you into emailing them to some phony email address. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE, DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

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      ma criselda joson [ Reply ]

      please help me to get back the password of my yahoo mail account

  15. Gravatar

    These all stuff are freaking a lie!

    They are not true! No one should believe them!

    If these hackers have gots, then why don’t they hack my gmail account! What are you chickens? :)))) blak blak!!! blaaaakkk!! It is an open challange!

    So come on!

  16. Gravatar
    AzulBlue [ Reply ]

    Guys i need to recover my hotmail password, someone changed it and now i don’t have access to my account, can anyone help me?

    • Gravatar

      same thing happen to me.. how sad.. cant access my Facebook acct either..

    • Gravatar
      freeman [ Reply ]

      everybody claims they know how to hack stuff when clearly they are just bunch of fake hackers trying to ripp people off their money

  17. Gravatar

    Online email password is totaly impossible now, unless u use spyware softwares like keyloggers or spyagent to save all action but this work on poste not online.
    when u have a solution plz inform me too!!

  18. Gravatar
    afraid4mybestfriend [ Reply ]


    • Gravatar
      anonymous2 [ Reply ]

      really… when someone like anonymous leaves a comment like that tons of people show up and spam with their nice replies – ” I want to know if my husband is cheating on me”; “Someone broke into my banking account” …really…? And you want to solve your problems by hacking? these people are probably teenagers or something and trying to hack someone else’s account just for laughs.

  19. Gravatar
    Javier Gutierrez [ Reply ]

    Ok. folks… ur under arrest!!! Send me your gmail, hotmail and yahoo accounts and passwords…. NOW.


  20. Gravatar
    K_I_N_G [ Reply ]

    Well the most common method for hacking yahoo, hotmail, or gmail is simple social engineering. Most people are ridiculously ignorant and will easily hand you the info needed too procure a password. Simply go to the site and go to the ‘forgot password’ section. You’ll be asked to fill in their security answers (and the dumbass’s give you the questions). So ask your ‘mark’ (person who’s email your hacking) the questions and they’ll undoubtedly answer.

  21. Gravatar
    wizzards of the coast [ Reply ]

    To all those ignorant people out there that get scammed on a daily basis hoping to hack their friends account: READ COMMENTS 6,15 & 21 as they depict reality.


    for those that know a bit of hacking brute forcing hotmail would be just ridiculous in thought. It would be even tough to crack their MD5 encryption even if you had the password files in your local pc:P

    The only known “exploits” for those stuff are those that are not down to the providers. I.E put a keylogger on a victim’s mashine or even yours and lure them to log in OR guess their secret question and link their profile to a bogus one so when the user reclaims their account you still have access to it.

    As for those who claim they got hacked, they did get hack because someone hacked their machine, NOT Mircrosoft’s servers!


  22. Gravatar
    sarbottam [ Reply ]

    someone hacked into my hotmail account and changed my password and my secret answer is too not matching ! i need a way to recover it !! i need my addresses, i just need it back!, can someone help me plzzzz?

  23. Gravatar

    dont think that there is no back door or some thing what can get u in remeber there is always be a way its jsut u and i cant see it yet!i wont give up

  24. Gravatar

    and oh yes trogens keylogers r real they realy r belive me when i say this !

  25. Gravatar
    hareindranath sivam [ Reply ]

    can u teach me how 2 hack mails.t u .. . . . .name is WARLOCK

  26. Gravatar
    nosheen [ Reply ]

    plz teach me how to hack yahoo id plz i will be thank full to u plz some one teach me plz any kind person teach me how to hack yahoo id

    • Gravatar
      OSSSSS [ Reply ]

      am a professional hacker contact with me.

      • Gravatar
        panimalar [ Reply ]

        hi i want hack facebook n yahoo account can u help me

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    plz.. i want to know how to hack yahoo mail password..someone out there plz help me..

  28. Gravatar
    CEHacker [ Reply ]

    The easiest way for someone to gain access to any of your mail accounts is by way of a trojan or keylogger. When you download files that are suposed to be big, but only say they are 110kb for instance it is likely to be a trojan or a website. Some of these websites use the evil twin attack and phishing.
    The only way I am ever able to do this is by sending a trojan which has a keylogger in it, and by the way this is totally illegal without permission from the courts.
    So if you search around for ways to “hack” an e-mail id you are really giving the black hat hacker permission to hack your account.
    I have a website and a link for network penetration and the legal disclaimer states
    “Sending this e-mail to me gives me legal permission to penetrate your network/domain (by the way I don’t use trojans or keyloggers when I am doing my real job; just plain ‘ol dos commands and other security tools).
    I hope you now know that there is no ethical way of hacking someones e-mail accounts.

  29. Gravatar
    tinolukwe [ Reply ]

    hey CEHacker please let me have a link to your website. i want to get those tools you talked about , the trojan and all. you can even hack my email i dont care. nothing big happening in my life, moreover im as broka as hell. its the streets i have as a family, so i’ll be happy to be a friend with you

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    i need a suggesstion
    how to hack anyy body’s email

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    please e-mail me how to crack a yahoo acc.

  32. Gravatar

    i would like to know how to hack a corporate web site a bank id barclays.com

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    P#445ftg [ Reply ]

    U can’t hack msn,hotmail password!Belive me,everything about that is a joke.

  34. Gravatar
    erterterfdg [ Reply ]

    o and john. r u serios??? u just openly asked someone how to do something extremely illegal, as if someone is just going to teach u how to do tht in like ten minutes, and then u’ll be rich right? JOHN IF U ACT STUPID LIKE THT U WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CRACK A YAHO PASSWORD LET ALONE A BANK PASSWORD

  35. Gravatar
    Stephan Ronald [ Reply ]



    He/she has on e-mail address to which you do not have access or you

    don’t know its existence . You get the impression that you are often lied

    to about little things. Your spouse spends hours and hours in on-line

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    the room ? You discover your spouse has a post office box, which you

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    So, how do you catch a cheating spouse who’s using the Internet for

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  36. Gravatar

    i wish I can believe that its not possible.but its not true.i have all my email accounts hacked by somebody.she even changed my account information.i just want my past emails account be closed so that she cannot pretend to my friends that she’s me.

  37. Gravatar
    freshforest [ Reply ]

    Hi there guys… I totally agree with what “wizzards of the coast” & “CEHacker” advise… yes, the word here is ADVISE…. They are absolutely correct.. You see, I’ve been searching for a way to check out an old girl’s email id… simply because I can’t get over her… I have had tons of girls since, and many many friends… but I just can’t get this particular girl out of my head! So… I’be been trying to look her up on the net and find out what she’s been doing and stuff – and yes.. we are from two different countries…

    I’ve realized a few things in my search though..

    First, hacking anyone’s password or email account is bad, illegal and just not right.. If someone wanted you to have the password, you would have had it by now..

    Second, if you are hacking a password just because ( like me ) you cannot get over a person, or you just wanna spy or check up on someone, then I think the proper word for people like us is LOSER… I really think we ought to get a life!! I’m being painfully honest here… with you guys as well as myself.. ok..

    Third, if you are hacking a password for other reasons than personal, then you are venturing into being a criminal… You need to stop and think for a moment as to what you are actually trying to do.. Just hack a password, and I guess it won’t stop there.. What makes you think that tomorrow you wont try and hack something more big … So STOP! Might be a good chance to take a good rethink!

    Four, passwords and the supporting infrastructure are created by seasoned and wily engineers and programmers, for the express reason of preventing people like us with mucking around with what the password is trying to stop… So, if you are not an engineer or programmer, it is just a waste of time to try and hack a password… And if you were an engineer or programmer… I guess you wouldn’t be on this blog…

    That was my bit… Mr. CEHacker… your note was good and well put.. made a lot of sense.

    • Gravatar
      Sad Loser trine Hackxbf [ Reply ]

      felt like such a LOSER reading this lmao! :-(

  38. Gravatar

    i realy need someone to hack into my old email and email me a new password for it.

    Some guy has been hacking and changing the password, recovry question and all that stuff for 2 of my emails, he has also done this to a few of my friends becuase they tried to help me.

    please and thank you…

  39. Gravatar
    pupoooo [ Reply ]

    is anyone to tell me the password of this email id i shall be very grateful to you. please can anyone do for me?????

  40. Gravatar

    Fresh forest you’re full of shit programmers are not the only ones that have knoledge in SQL,C++ and many other languages.

  41. Gravatar
    Playin [ Reply ]

    @freshforest……….. Dude very well said….. i really agree with your comments….i was about to start searching on net for hacking an id….. but its true that you need to be an engineer or programmer…….. so i just quit :D :D….. and would ask for some miracle to happen… as the id i want to hack is for knowing if my emails have been read or not :( :( …… No other intentions………

  42. Gravatar
    Steven [ Reply ]

    Brute forcers are real folks. Don’t act like they aren’t. Nobody is going to give one to you though. If they can hack msn with a bruteforce, they won’t make it public.

  43. Gravatar
    kit-katy [ Reply ]

    okay, if u forgot ur password, do u have a alternative email?
    the email can still alway email u thru there
    dont TRUST the spam, i fell for it once, luckily, i changed my password in a nick of time SO DONT FALL FOR IT, if u have any questions regarding if its a spam, keep lookin up on it

  44. Gravatar

    Yes there is a way that thoise people had their yahoo/hotmail and or google:

    All I know is how to do so on hotmail but the person has to know just one thing….The answer to your special question. to got access. It is pretty simple just go to for got password and use the victoms email address and answer their “special question”.

    I am certain the other ones (G-mail and Yahoo)use this same method of changing your password.

  45. Gravatar

    hi to every one, plz friends if u know how to hack passwords of gmail plz i have problem with my love,she asking me to know that, plz tell the processes friends

  46. Gravatar

    Easiest way, just ask for their passwords. LOL OR JUS LOOK AT the password they type o.o

  47. Gravatar
    james* the cutest┌♦ [ Reply ]

    i can’t believe how dumb are the people here that say “oh, just answer to their special question”….
    first of all, you are not supposed to answer to that question, it gives you the very smart option to answer to it with something else, in fact, that’s what you are to do, but most idiots go and stupidly answer to it…. i.e. if the question is ” what is your childhood fave movie?” they give the real naswer….NOOOOO!!! people!
    it doesn’t work like that…..
    you are supposed to say anything else like,
    “coca-cola” “i love Queen” or something…
    whatever, but not the real answer! get it???
    be smart people…that’s why you get your accounts hacked after someone asks you that question and you blindly give them the answer.

  48. Gravatar
    dreamcatcher [ Reply ]

    hey guys….everyone is just wasting time here.
    the Qn is…how to hack an account! can it really be done??….if so let it out.
    there are a zillion accounts that are hacked and its no surprise. This just goes to say it has to be easy.
    I want to hack an account too and i intent to find a way.
    so if anyone really knows to do that let me know…and let us all know!!

  49. Gravatar
    fearless [ Reply ]

    yeah!! just let it out so that we can use it for own good and take revenge to the hacker..i know their is a way to hack email and undetected so pls give us the system so that we can use it.. ty

  50. Gravatar
    narendra [ Reply ]

    someone hacked my gmail accounts password can u pls guide how to recover my password

  51. Gravatar

    i nid to hack my gf’s account… i think she’s cheating on me..

  52. Gravatar
    Anthony [ Reply ]

    You people are hopeless, and most of you are right. you are right in saying that, “Yes, there is a way to hack into other people’s email accounts”, and it doesn’t have to take a programmer or engineer to do it. that’s just bullshit. All you need is to know the method and you can do it. It’s not like it’s brain surgery, and it can be very easy if you just have the correct instructions. I know two very reliable methods of how to do it and they have never failed. At least not yet, and I can tell you how it’s done……… But I won’t since most of you would exploit it too much, and furthermore, the fewer ppl who knows how to do it the longer it will be able to work. So go figure it out yourselves!

  53. Gravatar

    this is so so gross.someone hacked into my hotmail account of 5 years and changed the PW.The problem is he is still using the acctt to chat with my dumb pals,i mailed and informed them that it isnt me.But this idiot who is online but some of them think i am jokng….what do i do

  54. Gravatar

    Hey I have broken into yahoo. U do a man in the middle attack, n yahoo then used http even for passwrd authentication. I tried gmail, didnt work. But I have read tht u can hijack a gmail session. But yahoo is totally possible man. I have done it. It was a final project for my networking class. But this session hijacking for gmail sounds real. But then again u have to be in the secured network. Or on a public hotspot. I am going to try the session hijacking n see if i can actually do it. But thr is a fix to it. Just go to ur gmail settings and under general tab select the “browser to use https” for all transactions and then u will be safe.

    • Gravatar
      richard [ Reply ]

      so my man…………………whats the cool secret to hacking the yahoo e.mails…………………..

  55. Gravatar
    cyberkid [ Reply ]

    Hay…there is a way to hack hotmail/gmail/ymail…we just have to know whwrw to look for it…

  56. Gravatar

    plz tell me how to hack yahoo id plz i will be thank full to u plz some one teach me plz any kind person teach me how to hack yahoo id

  57. Gravatar
    tip4you [ Reply ]

    Need to retrieve lost passwords?
    Want your boyfriends/girlfriends login information?

    Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details for the following email clients:

    Outlook Express
    Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)
    Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)
    Windows Mail
    Netscape 6.x/7.x (If the password is not encrypted with master password)
    Mozilla Thunderbird (If the password is not encrypted with master password)
    Group Mail Free
    Yahoo! Mail – If the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger application.
    Hotmail/MSN mail – If the password is saved in MSN/Windows/Live Messenger application.
    Gmail – If the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application, Google Desktop, or by Google Talk.
    For each email account, the following fields are displayed: Account Name, Application, Email, Server, Server Type (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), User Name, and the Password.

  58. Gravatar
    Tevoro [ Reply ]

    For the people that are asking someone else to hack an account for you… Come on guys, read the posts!! You’ll find that its most helpful in telling you that its near impossible to hack an email account… unless you’re really good at social engineering.
    (Which means knowing details of the person that you are hacking, such as DOB, pet names etc, and hope to answer their secret question)

    For those that have their account hacked already, im afraid I dont know how to help you out..

  59. Gravatar
    Katherine Gritter [ Reply ]

    Email Password Recovery Services :

    We are a team of experienced computer professionals from US, France, Italy, Germany and with the most advanced technology! We are specialized in hacking/cracking/recovering web email passwords of world famous email services Yahoo!, Hotmail, Lycos, Gmail etc. (this list is incomplete as there are many more)

    We will find your target person’s password (Friends, wife’s, husbands, kids, boss’s etc etc) within 2 days, depending upon the password.

    We charge a flat fee of US$ 150 for finding out one password. You don’t need to pay anything in advance. You need to pay only after getting necessary proofs and if you are satisfied with that proof.

    • Gravatar
      William Jones [ Reply ]

      Would you contact me about receiving a yahoo password?

    • Gravatar
      panimalar [ Reply ]

      help me i want hack facebook

    • Gravatar
      Federico Alvarado [ Reply ]

      Katherin Gritter Can you please help with a hotmail account, may I contact you by email?

  60. Gravatar

    hey i was wounding how to hack in hotmail cuz i changed my password and now i cant sign in i guess my password dosent work so if anyone has a wedside that works to hack into hotmail.. let me nowww plzzzzz i really want my hotmail account

  61. Gravatar

    there is a way to hack hotmail, only the pro can do it

  62. Gravatar

    Dont know if this has been mentioned but its worth to note about social networking sites with use of forgot my password tool

    as many have security questions to answer which are easily obtainable through reading ppls blogs and profiles ie. fav colour, first car, area where they live etc

    So maybe keep an eye on who u let see ur profile and what information you are really sharing with the world.

  63. Gravatar

    Always remember to log off your session. Never send your password to anybody.
    Make sure there are no ‘wandering eyes’ in the room when you type in your password.
    And dont pick a password related to your screen name.

  64. Gravatar
    Ryswick [ Reply ]

    Guys… If you’ve heard stories about people hacking MSN accounts and stuff like that… think of all the.. more complicated ways…
    1. Keyloggers… they RECORD you passwords… that’s why you should get proper firewalls and anti viruses.
    2. Scamming. Websites may look like MSN, but they do NOT have to be MSN. Simply copying a design, applying it to another website and storing all the information entered in it’s forms will get you access to thousands of accounts belonging to unaware internet users.
    3. Trying to hack someone’s account by sending your password, login and the victims password…

    All of these are ways of getting your password stolen… Yet, since MSN is a Microsoft branch, it is next to impossible to hack it.
    Hacking it would take years of experience in all sorts of coding languages.
    The average internet user has a better chance of getting the password by asking the victim directly.
    I hope you get all your minds straight.

  65. Gravatar
    There is a way [ Reply ]

    There is a way to hack e-mail accounts. But there is the hackers code, “If you can’t figure out how to hack on your own, then you don’t deserve to know.

    • Gravatar

      dude…u r correct…if u gys cant figure out how…u don deserve to kno…..guys there are ways to hack……..try iton ur own..rather than wasting ua time asking questions lik ‘can anybody help me hack him..and his id is bla bla’…bull shit……..as if som1 ll tel u the ways they have acquired through sleepless nites……..

  66. Gravatar

    let me tell you one thing you can’t hack somebodies e-mail useing different softwares by your comp the only way is to download false softwares ex download messhacker when you oppen it the screen its the same with the messenger screen but when you put there us and pw a window shows up and sad error code… affter that in the same folder that the software is you see a txt doc that haves the same name with the account ineside it is the password that he wrote its easy go to your friend comp delete the messenger file and replace it with messhacker sad him//her can you give me a glass of water when he/she leaves you check his/her password ……….

  67. Gravatar

    what’a’ rubish discussion. Really disgusting….Wohhhhhh

  68. Gravatar
    Mr.Joker [ Reply ]

    loook…guys..theres a lot of ways to hack accounts .trust me…but the most common way they can hack ur accaount is by knowing you….its prety easy than it sounds…so..e care ful wif the person who are close to you ..dnt give te ur private or personal informatiion..trust me..its my experiance that is talking rite now…i know how to do it..and it works..so be careful and stay alert..!!!…and WHY SO SERIOUS??

  69. Gravatar

    please tell me how to hack okk hack jophilip_46 and tell me his password he is on gmail please……

  70. Gravatar
    Silent kILLER [ Reply ]

    I want to know how to hack msn ?????Plzzz
    tlee me

  71. Gravatar
    Sam Nolan [ Reply ]

    all rite enough of that bullshit,,,,, u can’t teach us the stuff coz u r not good enough at that yourself, but i know and am sure it happens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    how did ankit ankit fadi and folks like him did it, all you wanna say is that it ain’t easy. Hell if the microsft engineers protect it, didn’t Ankit face none in his glorious times…..
    And cheap thrills, I’m not looking for them,, I know I have what it takes….
    I’ll figure it out and do what i want, I was dumb enoug to search for some silly websites @ google…….

    I’ll refer to my textbooks rather and find the way…….

    ADEu’ to all the loosers

  72. Gravatar

    I KNEW IT!!! I read a way to hack someone on MySpace, and when it started to ask for my e-mail address and password, it got suspicious. I did some more research and found this. Thank you so much for the advice.

  73. Gravatar

    there has to be a way….my 5 accounts got hacked along wid facebook, orkut and my space….every tyme i make ma new id …da hacker gets it nd da nex tym i logg in…it is hacked…m simply fed up!!

  74. Gravatar

    wft y cnt u hck htmail

    coz ppl did it 2 my 1 nd itzzz so anyin

  75. Gravatar
    Trimonty [ Reply ]

    yap!This Dude is true…BUT it does not mean we can’t hack into an account.There is are way…..And That is the only way I’ve already tried it..

  76. Gravatar
    sameeran m [ Reply ]

    some bloody has changed my password&secret question and i need help but there is nothing over this hell site

  77. Gravatar

    hi, i must have to hack a hotmail ID.can u help me.its emergency!help me plz…
    mail me if u can.my mail add is
    i will help u if i can…….


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  79. Gravatar
    no-name [ Reply ]

    yes there is a way to hack a email account:
    social engineering

  80. Gravatar
    muneeb [ Reply ]

    please tell me how to hack a hotmail email , I need it ,…

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    please tell me how to hack my friends msn account but free plzzz

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    send me msg on inbox and please tel me how i cant hack my friends msn account :$

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    dr.hucker.Q8 [ Reply ]

    lol i know how to hack E-mails and i will hack your E-mail say bye to your email haha

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    anushka [ Reply ]

    please hack her password and don’t tell her please

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    hack her please

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    kextmailcomnight [ Reply ]

    You guy just say how to hack hotmail?It very easy you just said a mail to a server in a form which i do not remeber all but i will just write a path a remeber

    you skip three line

  87. Gravatar
    kextmailcomnight [ Reply ]

    If anyone know how to hack gtalk password plz mail me.

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    hi to every one, plz friends if u know how to hack passwords of yahoomail plz i have problem with my love,she asking me to know that, plz tell the processes friends

  89. Gravatar

    no way… no way…UR DOOMED!!:D:D heheh nah come on do u realy thnk that u or others round here r smarter then the ppl taking care of hotmail security?GET REAL!!
    oh wait im smarter i have a way…send ur e-mail and password n ill tell u all about it

  90. Gravatar
    THE TERMINATOR [ Reply ]



  91. Gravatar
    coreax [ Reply ]

    sumppl her r tryin 2 fooolll u guyss beaware…

  92. Gravatar
    Kelina Jestacia [ Reply ]

    I’ve been recently hacked in my hotmail and this guy threatend to come to my house and kill me. I thought he was just fooling around but one day he came to my house and knocked on the door. He said “Remember the e-mail.” I was freaked out so I called the police and it turned out to be my ex-husband and i was really embarrased because i called the police because my ex wanted to play around!

  93. Gravatar
    Justin Hollagindo [ Reply ]

    Um are you a kid or what? That is not how somebody would write a story on how they got hacked. But if you really did, i think your Ex went too far.

  94. Gravatar

    plz tell me how to hack yahoo id plz i will be thank full to u plz some one teach me plz any kind person teach me how to hack yahoo id

  95. Gravatar

    aa by the way to let u know hacking is possible but itz not easy it may take u days just to hack an account
    itz usually done by edditing the source code of a URL and believe me itz not easy as it sounds lol

  96. Gravatar

    need to hack my mates account

  97. Gravatar

    Hacking emails, can be done I used a service before and they sent me screenshots of my ex b/f account info they knew little about him, i just provided them with his email addy no other info. So for allthose that are skeptical about hacking email, its TRUE it can be done. And I’ve learned over a period of time that it’s the most easiest thing to do if you know about all the coding and htmls in the code, there is no program you need to hack an email its all done in the coding scripts.

  98. Gravatar

    I find it so funny that people downloads programs after program to get into an email, and find out in the end it doesnt work. To hack into any type of email you DONT need any program! All you need is your brain and some html courses, brute force, key loggers they are all uncalled for. Study the source code and study the ccs and the other html codes then read into or study what makes that html differ from one that allows you to get in an email. it could be as simple as changeing the word “no” to “yes”, its all in the code, think smarter then the computer an you can access anything you want its that simple!!

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    my main yahoo account got hacked and i need someone to get it back can ur softwear do that

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    hi every one i need help plz how i hack hotmail

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    Death Note Gmail Hacker [ Reply ]

    You guys are bull shits..
    There are ways to hack gmail, hotmail and others ..
    Trust me!

  102. Gravatar
    sdhfsdaf [ Reply ]

    Hi Guy,
    There are so many people who says its possible to hack the password, why no one is having the balls to post the reply here

  103. Gravatar
    jonegana [ Reply ]

    Is there anyway of installing a program that records keylogs, without having access to the computer??? and how can i retrieve the data after?

  104. Gravatar
    jonegana [ Reply ]

    I need to hack my girlfriend’s account, is very urgent, I think She is cheating, But i cant reset the password, it would look suspicious. PLEASE

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    hello sir, company create antivirus means that company very well know about create virus …. ….same as hacking….how to contol hackers means they well know hacking…..what is your reason…

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    Hi If there is anyone who can help me to hack my boyfriend’s gmail account i’d be very very grateful.

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    Hack4cash [ Reply ]

    Hey Everybody..I can Hack Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo…hit me up at

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    SadGirl [ Reply ]

    I’m 16

    I made a mistake.

    My ex boyfriend has pictures of me in his hotmail.

    I need to hack it so I can delete them.


    He’s threatening me with them. I just want them gone. Then I could forget.

  109. Gravatar
    Best of the Best [ Reply ]

    uhh no offense to yuh ppl but tryin to hack ur bf’s account on valentines day isnt a good idea………jus dump the guy

  110. Gravatar
    CDO_HACKER [ Reply ]

    You know guys i really disgrace my self why i hacked someone’s FS and his other accounts..

    it’s just because I’ve just wonder if he is the XBF of my GF and he keeps doing that “PARAMDAM Mode” so i feel sorry to him he lost his accounts..

    but without knowing he just a friend of my girl but who know i maybe right but still having a bad day think of it, so i tell my GF about it and now my GF don’t ever texting me awts. that’s why i really feel disgrace in my self as a ComSci student.. Grrr..

    jealousy is a big deal why people do hacking..

  111. Gravatar

    plz tell me how to hack yahoo id plz i will be thank full to u plz some one teach me plz any kind person teach me how to hack yahoo id

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    Need you help! My GF – I think in hooking on the side. Need to know for sure. Need help to get in her Yahoo account. Please

  113. Gravatar
    hack_nono [ Reply ]

    please give me codes in this web site

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    My hotmail account was hacked and a vulgar private was uploaded as well as some nude modeling photos.. which were collected from photographers as the hacker pretended to be me. I’ve been on the phone and emailing with Microsoft all day with no luck. My best friend suggested getting someone else to hack in and delete the content (before my family and professors discover it).

    Can anyone help? I’ll pay ya, or something.

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    plz tell me how to hack gmail id plz i will be thank full to u plz some one teach me plz any kind person teach me how to hack yahoo id

  116. Gravatar
    sai kyaw kyaw soe [ Reply ]

    i am a hacker do u known

  117. Gravatar

    oh dear me all these folk trying to hack their gf/bf accounts, if it gets to that point just bloomin’ leave em! lol what a way to carry on…get lives folks!

  118. Gravatar

    go to google and serch free password recovery software

  119. Gravatar

    Forgot to log off a yahoo section.
    Is it possible for a third party to unveal my password from that particular machine?

  120. Gravatar
    Sadia Seymour [ Reply ]

    I am trying to get my boyfriends email account. Can anyone help me?

  121. Gravatar
    susheel [ Reply ]

    see this.. this might be of gr8 help to u

  122. Gravatar

    this is funny its been going on since june wow.people if some on told u how to hake some one what will be the point of having a mail…i mean where i work we get payed for it and its for good use not to 2 c what ur ex is doing..get a life people really

  123. Gravatar
    RISHAB [ Reply ]

    i want a password for the mail id which is

  124. Gravatar

    u guys are so noobs theres no such thing as *HACKING* TO a email account only if u use a keylogger but y do u want to fckin hack email accounts u guys r nerds

  125. Gravatar

    Theres always a way to steal a password, but hacking a mail server like GMail or Hotmail is damm difficult… right? For all that there are many porn sites with passwords hacked every day, and they use similar protections, isn’t that strange? or there are too many dumb people? Bruteforce with several IPs can hack easy passwords, but even so, it is damm difficult to hack a email account like hotmail.

  126. Gravatar

    i need 2 knw how to hack a email address

  127. Gravatar
    castro [ Reply ]

    hi CEHACKER pls i need ur help send me the trojan keylogger pls… my email is

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    someone has hacked my hotmail account and i found out who.. can i do something to get the account back or at least to hack into that assholle’s account?

  129. Gravatar
    michael [ Reply ]

    the only reason why i wanna hack sum1 elses email is because that certain person is ripping every1 off! yes!! the 419 scams!!! a load of ppl actually buy into this, and bloody hell, it makes me mad that to see that ppl can be so insensitive! old and young are being caught with this, and i bloody wish i could do sumthing about this! send them a virus or sumthing to crash their internet or watever, i dont care, im just realy screwed up about this!

  130. Gravatar
    yogendra singh rajawat [ Reply ]

    pls give me a method , how to hack yahoo & gmail A/C

  131. Gravatar

    yups but syill there are many ways to hack:p

  132. Gravatar

    but there is still many ways 4 hacking:p

  133. Gravatar
    Plz Help [ Reply ]

    if u think you know and its a brilliant solution without no viruses, then jus giv me a shout on ere. i’l be cumin in regularly to chek 4 replies, until then, gudbye.

    cmon guyz ders gota be a way, i realy wana hack in 2 sum1s account. aint it strange, this asks 4 ur add 2

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    somebody [ Reply ]

    i need too know how too get back on my account on g-mail

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    someone has hacked my GMAIL account and i forget my security question also. can i do something to get the account back. please tell me how to get my mail back. plzzzz…
    and how to fing my mail was who was hacked..

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    AMIT KUMAR [ Reply ]

    give me the physical and easy solution urgently for open gmail account and orkut account of known email id without password

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    Asanka [ Reply ]

    someone hacked into my yahoo account and changed my password and my secret answer and gos knows what else!, i need a way to recover it, i have about 7 years or more with that account!!, i need my addresses, i just need it back!, can someone help?

  138. Gravatar
    priyanka [ Reply ]

    yaar sum 1 help….me to hack sum1 accout….
    cuz tht bloody
    person hav had hackd ma acount

  139. Gravatar
    Never again [ Reply ]

    p.s. he also would add funds into my account, from where ever and then of course with drawl them…. he even deposited through the ATM, and funny thing is I dont have a ATM card…. jerk…. I lost my account and I am still paying for his gain.

  140. Gravatar
    AWSOME CHIK [ Reply ]

    give me a reason not 2 believe i got hacked but my friend is now being stalked cuz when igot hacked he found out her real name and were she lives and every thing so now i want to hack him cuz we found out he was my X BOYFRIEND so we need to hack him back ppppppppppllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

  141. Gravatar

    i tell think so email id hack!

  142. Gravatar
    blaise [ Reply ]

    you can social hack and email or call or w/e and ask them the answer for the “forgot your password” question.
    Worked once for me, i asked my friend what her pets name was and she told me and i got into the email box and emailed her to tell her.

  143. Gravatar
    Communist Pancake [ Reply ]

    Ok, 2 things.

    1: it’s DDOS, not DOS. It stands for Direct Denial Of Service.
    2: Trying to get someones password for hotmail would be the work of a Cracker, not a hacker. A hacker solves problems. A cracker is generally a dumb person who likes breaking through systems security just for the fun of it.

  144. Gravatar
    Give up [ Reply ]

    You can hack hotmail and it is easy but its not what you think. The only person you are going to be able to hack is your girlfriend or boyfriend and thats only if your smart enough and have a good memory. Its not like you can go ” gee I’m bored today and I’m gonna hack the principle’s email account”! and don’t be so stupid as to do it from your own computer either, or run a stupid hide your ip address, cause when your girlfriend or boyfriend finds out it happened all they have to do is get ahold of microsoft and tell them what happened and then your screwed. For those of you smart enough and figured out how to do it with what I just said then enjoy, for those of you that cant figure it out? dont bother making stupid comments cause I just told you how to do it, its not my fault you cant figure it out

  145. Gravatar
    J Brown [ Reply ]

    Do not be tempted to try Hack-mail.net – it is a scam!

  146. Gravatar
    victor mosteller [ Reply ]

    I was suspicious of my wife. I was able to “hack” a few of her email accounts just by acting like I lost my password…When people sign up for these accounts the info is personal but most of us know our wife’s birthdays, favorite pet, favorite uncle, zip code..etc…
    BTW-once you get that password to the email account you can get the password to other accounts such as myspace and friendster..
    oh yeah, she was guilty as charged!

  147. Gravatar

    how to hack GMail Password

  148. Gravatar


    Can anyone help me to hack my girlfriends hotmail account?. Please contact me

  149. Gravatar

    Can anyone help me to hack facebook password, which connected to hotmail. My husband is cheating on me, i fugured it out but i need a proof to bring it to the court, he had been abusing me verbally. Plz help me to hack.. plzzzzzzz…

  150. Gravatar

    anyone who wants to get passwords and stuff like that … say hacking action … needs some cmd lessonns … and when i say ‘some’ i do mean ‘a lot’ … to become a programmer u need to learn 4 about 3 yrs, every day of the year and put it all to practice day by day – and this is only 4 a medium programmer

    If you get into serious programming, you will have to learn C, the core language of Unix. C++ is very closely related to C; if you know one, learning the other will not be difficult

    C is very efficient, and very sparing of your machine’s resources. Unfortunately, C gets that efficiency by requiring you to do a lot of low-level management of resources (like memory) by hand. All that low-level code is complex and bug-prone, and will soak up huge amounts of your time on debugging. With today’s machines as powerful as they are, this is usually a bad tradeoff — it’s smarter to use a language that uses the machine’s time less efficiently, but your time much more efficiently. Thus, Python

    Other languages of particular importance to hackers include Perl and LISP. Perl is worth learning for practical reasons; it’s very widely used for active web pages and system administration, so that even if you never write Perl you should learn to read it. Many people use Perl in the way I suggest you should use Python, to avoid C programming on jobs that don’t require C’s machine efficiency. You will need to be able to understand their code.
    LISP is worth learning for a different reason — the profound enlightenment experience you will have when you finally get it. That experience will make you a better programmer for the rest of your days, even if you never actually use LISP itself a lot. (You can get some beginning experience with LISP fairly easily by writing and modifying editing modes for the Emacs text editor, or Script-Fu plugins for the GIMP.)
    It’s best, actually, to learn all five of Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, and LISP.
    Besides being the most important hacking languages, they represent very different approaches to programming, and each will educate you in valuable ways.
    2. Get one of the open-source Unixes and learn to use and run it.
    I’ll assume you have a personal computer or can get access to one. (Take a moment to appreciate how much that means. The hacker culture originally evolved back when computers were so expensive that individuals could not own them.) The single most important step any newbie can take toward acquiring hacker skills is to get a copy of Linux or one of the BSD-Unixes or OpenSolaris, install it on a personal machine, and run it.
    Now I think it is probably best to learn C and Lisp first, then Java.

    At that point u will be propably wanting to get to know a Machine Language lets say C64 Assembler, which is not as difficult as some may think. Before geting to it u need maths knowledges

    … So basically u need to work really hard :)

  151. Gravatar

    I’ve been trying to figure out for 3 1/2 years if my fiance has been completely faithful to me I’ve logged onto his hotmail before with knowing his password and found some xxx stuff…i just want to know once and for all if he is still doing that shit behind my back but he changed his password and his secret question answer and i know he wont tell me the truth can someone please help me hack into his hotmail i would really appreciate it.

  152. Gravatar

    Julie download a keylogger you can get a free one from a good torrent site just look for one thats rated via the comments and access his password that way…anyway it sounds like you dont need one as the chances are he is cheating…perhaps you could get even and give me a call Hahahaha

  153. Gravatar
    catluk [ Reply ]

    This is totally true. once i followed some instructions to hack a account and got my email address hacked. luckily i found copies of all my emails were forwarded to another email address which i havent heard. as well im not an executive nor director nor any other person of importance so all those emails were junks. i thank the author of this article for publishing this.

  154. Gravatar

    hey i have locked my self out of my hotmail and my little bro deleted my 360 acct so now i need to get io it if u can help plz plz e-mail

  155. Gravatar
    ruan942 [ Reply ]

    You will be safe as long as you have a strong password, good security software, and most importantly, A MIND!!!!
    People don’t think about what they give away..
    Look, if you don’t give away your email, no one will hack you.

    It’s been said millions of times, never give out your password!!

    Now, don’t ask how to hack here, you won’t be helped.

  156. Gravatar
    Rachel [ Reply ]

    I’ve been married for 14 years and I recently discovered that my
    wife’s high school boyfriend contacted her about a year ago over the
    internet. Since then they have been chatting online.. my ego has been
    shattered and worst of all I have no trust in her! At first she told
    me they had only been chatting and that it was nothing, but after
    hiring your email cracking services, I was able to catch her out
    conclusively. She is remorseful, and I still love her, but I’m sure
    she’s only remorseful because she was caught. thank you for your book,
    at least the deception is over.

  157. Gravatar
    lmc3011 [ Reply ]

    Same thing happened to me too… there was a whole part of my system that i couldnt access which was under a username that wasnt showing up as a user account. i would log on and look at ie settings and they would have all been changed to allow all sorts! Then i’d look at the services and they would mostly all be switched off and remote access would be switched on.No sooner did i put it all back to normal, it would be right back the next time i logged in… The anti virus and security programs i used would say that they were updating but were actually not and all the permissions would be changed. Also im gettin loads of emails bouncing and a lot of ppl saying im emailing them silly messages. I also get the feeling that my mail is being intercepted but there is no other email adresses added in the settings for my mail to be forwarded anywwere. Hey AND>>>my desktop, windows start menu and most of everything else had source codes! it was like my whole software had been rewritten to how the hacker wanted it to look! Can anyone help me with this cos i have just bought a new laptop on windows 7 and i have forwarded all my email accounts to one new account and i thought that by doing this i would not be at risk but here i am again thinking that something is rather dodgy… Can i in any way do something to allow mail to only be sent and recieved from my comp on my ip address? and does anyone know of a way i can find out if this is happening??? ALSO i noticed in source code on sites that i thought were legit, ie msn that in the source code it said something like username= %%3486547fukmsn8736%%% was that the hacker??? pls help me!

  158. Gravatar
    Enrique Zygomaticus [ Reply ]

    This is a total lie.. I one found a site that is no longer up anymore but it was using Xploids or something.. you just typed the victim’s hotmail account, the account you wanted the victim’s password to be sent and the website that was gonna ask him for the Hotmail account and password to send.. so, I tried that with a porn site & I got his password.. really, really simple.. I wish I’d find another site like that one :(

  159. Gravatar
    pilot2crash [ Reply ]

    please let anyone know me that how can i hack yahoo acc Iam in urgent need to hack my dads ac……….

  160. Gravatar

    i think the only way you are going to get into anyone elses account is by guessing the security question on there gmail/hotmail accounts or as i tryed and sucseeded ; simply ask them in like a convosation on a made up profile on facebook but make sure u dont just jump strait to it because they will know. well that is the easyest way to do it i think :) (((( SECURITY QUESTION )))) !!!

  161. Gravatar
    Sportslook [ Reply ]

    I totally agree with you all guys. Initially I too believed in this hacking technique but fortunately never tried.
    I think all young hacking aspirants should be informed about this trap .


  162. Gravatar
    anonymous [ Reply ]

    well the thing here is…..
    there is no keylogger installed on your computer with ur knowledge.
    anyone can put up a disguised keylogger file without any technical knowledge and reroute its ip address to his home pc. let it be in nigeria or ur neighbor.
    be careful and get professional security help if you have confidential details on ur account

  163. Gravatar
    prajjwal [ Reply ]

    the only ways to hack are phishing n keylogging
    now a days phishing is not possible cause of antiviruses n all
    but no one can stop keylogging … the only awesome method

  164. Gravatar
    Natahsa [ Reply ]

    Hi people there is no such way of hacking a hotmail account but THERE IS ONE WAY ! WELL ONE OK IF YOU STOP ASKING TO HACK PPL EMAILS then you will get your way ( NOT )

  165. Gravatar
    Izabela [ Reply ]

    Knowing the password of an account of yahoo messenger / email …from registry

  166. Gravatar
    SkySnaps [ Reply ]

    Hacking a Hotmail account does NOT require any kind of expertise. It’s more like a kids party trick in hacking circles, and an 8 year old could do it with a web browser like Chrome or Firefox….. If a Hotmail user just closes their browser instead of clicking the “Sign Out” button when they leave Hotmail, hijacking that users Session takes less than a minute and you don’t need to know the victims password, or have an arsenal of security exploits at your fingertips. Nor do you need access to their computer… All you need is their email address. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, always use HTTPS (Secure Socket), and ALWAYS click ‘sign-out’ before closing your browser :)

  167. Gravatar
    pooja jain [ Reply ]

    how to hack gmail account plzzz say me…i dnt wanna to hack anyothers acc i just want to hack my own gmail password….plzzz say how to hack

    • Gravatar
      isabella [ Reply ]

      be aware of all these fake hackers out there you only want to rip you off your hard earned money…

  168. Gravatar


    can someone for me hotmail hacking?
    Microsoft has my hotmail account blocked, I have had a lot of hack tools tried out but nothing would succeed who can help me?????

    Greetings aydin.

  169. Gravatar
    Thomas [ Reply ]

    Yes, I can. When do you want your account? How much have you paid?

    • Gravatar

      Hello Thomas,

      Microsoft has my hotmail account blocked, I want to display access?
      I’ll just fake hackers against and I’m already 3 times ripped off.

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    vanessa [ Reply ]

    i was frustrated and depressed when i noticed my spouse was cheating on me and there was nothing i could do about it, one day i saw an ad by this hacker and decided to contact him we got to talking and he has been helping me ever since; hacking into phones and intercepting text messages, getting mail passwords,registry hacks e.t.c. right now i am in the final stages of my divorce getting what i deserve all thanks to ryan. you should contact him if you have any hacking related issues

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    oumer moh [ Reply ]

    nothing is impossible

  172. Gravatar
    lanry benson [ Reply ]

    for ethical and professional hack ranging from whatsapp, facebook, gmail, hotmail, viber, wechat, snapchat, sms, instagram, device cloning, call interception etc contact

  173. Gravatar
    Charlene Ross [ Reply ]

    Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I’ve been ripped off 4 times already.

  174. Gravatar

    you can hack your cheating spouse email (gmail,yahoo,etc) facebook,instagram account,or discover their location

  175. Gravatar
    lisa jenkins [ Reply ]

    If you have a cheating husband and secretly want to know more about him…i know a very good hacker and he can help you with anything i mean anything contact him and thank me later

  176. Gravatar
    Yahoo Team [ Reply ]

    It is impossible to hack emails ! noone can

    Yahoo Team

  177. Gravatar
    Charlene Smith [ Reply ]

    Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I’ve been ripped off 4 times already.

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