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Today you need to remember many passwords, Dashlane is one of the best but not free. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your email account, your website’s FTP password, online banking passwords, Facebook password, etc. The list of keeping these passwords are endless as they are encouraged to have different passwords for different sites for security reasons.

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The reason for using different passwords for each site is to prevent someone from having access to all of your accounts in the event you lose your password. The thief or hacker would have access to all of your email accounts, Facebook, twitter, website, etc as one password is able to unlock all accounts – Unimaginable. Here are some Dashlane alternatives.

1. Bitwarden

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS


The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data. Their secure cloud syncing features allow you to access your data from anywhere, on any device! Your vault is conveniently optimized for use on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone devices.

Since all of your data is fully encrypted before it ever leaves your device, only you have access to it. Not even the team at Bitwarden can read your data, even if they wanted to. Your data is sealed with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

  • Sync all of your devices, no limits!
  • Store unlimited items in your vault
  • Logins, secure notes, credit cards, & identities
  • Two-step authentication (2FA)
  • Secure password generator
  • Self-host on your own server (optional)

2. Norton Password Manager

Microsoft Edge Browser

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager helps provide the tools you need to create, store, and manage your passwords, credit card and other sensitive information online more– safely and securely. With this add-on you can easily access your Password Manager Vault from your Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Never again forget a username or password. Ever.
  • Stop filling in the same forms over and over.
  • Keeps your passwords synchronized across different computers, browsers, and mobile devices.
  • Share interesting content via social networks and email. Quickly and Safely.
  • Warns you of unsafe sites right in your search results and blocks them.
  • Stores your passwords and more in a secure, cloud-based vault that only you can access.

3. KeePass Password Safe

Windows | macOS | Android | iOS | Linux

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).

  • Strong Security – KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases. Both of these ciphers are regarded as being very secure. AES e.g. became effective as a U.S. Federal government standard and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.
  • Multiple User Keys – One master password decrypts the complete database.
  • Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility – KeePass is portable: it can be carried on an USB stick and runs on Windows systems without being installed.

4. LastPass Free

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS

lastpass best password manager Best Free Password Manager Software for Windows, macOS, Android & iOS Desktop Cloud App Management

LastPass makes it easy for anyone to get started with secure password management. Only remember one master password, and safeguard the rest in LastPass. Stop wasting time writing, remembering, and resetting passwords. Only remember one master password, and keep the rest locked up and easy-to-find in the LastPass password manager. LastPass remembers your passwords so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

  • Store Passwords in a Secure Vault – All of your passwords and notes are stored safely in a vault. Easy-to-use, searchable, and organized the way you like.
  • Autofill Every Password – Save passwords as you browse, and LastPass will autofill the login for you next time you sign into that account.
  • One Account or Many – Have multiple Gmail accounts? 12 WordPress logins? Save unlimited logins for websites, and easily switch between them.
  • Convenient Access – Get started on any device, free. Your LastPass vault is backed up and synced automatically where you need it.
  • Store digital records – Insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords… keep all your notes safe and easy to find.
  • Generate strong passwords – The built-in password generator creates long, randomized passwords that protect against hacking.
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5. Enpass Free

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS

Enpass Free

Never Forget a Password Again. Enpass makes your life easy by securely managing your passwords and important information. Enpass is there in the market with their vision to provide a complete, cross-platform password management software as a best fit for every pocket. To achieve this they have even kept the full featured desktop version totally Free on all platforms. For their livings, they charge only for Mobile Apps and that too once for a lifetime license.

  • Wearable Support – Enpass comes with the support for your smart watches, allowing you to access the data from your wrist itself.
  • Biometrics – Login to Enpass using your fingerprint, eye or face on your devices supporting the biometrics sensors.
  • TOTP Support – Goodbye to other authenticator apps, you can access the TOTP of your items from Enpass itself.

6. LessPass

Chrome | Firefox | Android | iOS


LessPass is an open source password manager. Created by Guillaume Vincent & Édouard Lopez. LessPass is a web application and works on all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet and your smartTV). LessPass regenerates your passwords when you need them. No cloud storage is required.

The way it works is that you enter a site, a login and a master password into the plugin and it uses this information to generate a unique password. Everytime you put that combination of site, login and password, it will generate the same password for the website. LessPass computes a unique password using a site, login and a master password. You don’t need to sync a password vault across every device because LessPass works offline!

7. KeePassXC

Windows | macOS | Linux


KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX, a native cross-platform port of KeePass Password Safe, with the goal to extend and improve it with new features and bug fixes to provide a feature-rich, fully cross-platform and modern open-source password manager.

The thing computers can do best is storing information. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to remember and type your passwords. KeePassXC can store your passwords safely and auto-type them into your everyday websites and applications.

  • Encrypted – The complete database is always encrypted with the industry-standard AES (alias Rijndael) encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key. KeePassXC uses a database format that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe. Your wallet works offline and requires no Internet connection.
  • Cross-Platform – KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX, the cross-platform port of KeePass for Windows. Every feature works cross-platform and was thoroughly tested on multiple systems to provide users with the same look and feel on every supported operating system. This includes the beloved Auto-Type feature.

8. Avira Password Manager

Windows | macOS | Linux

Avira Password Manager

Too many accounts, too few passwords? Today’s passwords are hard enough to create, let alone remember. Minimum 8 characters. Numbers. Symbols… Password Manager generates and remembers unique, strong passwords for you. Much like online banking, Avira offers extra safeguards to prevent your Master Password from being compromised.

Using two-factor authentication on Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.? If so, use Password Manager to securely generate codes to protect your online accounts from unauthorized access, even if your password was breached.

  • Keep other sensitive information secure
  • Encrypt password hints
  • Access notes from all your devices
  • Add tags to passwords to better find them (e.g. Shopping)
  • Automatically logs you in to your online accounts
  • Generates strong, unique passwords and securely stores them

9. Kaspersky Password Manager

Windows | macOS | Android | iOS

Kaspersky Password Manager Free

[ Not Free Anymore ] Powerful protection for your digital identity and password management. Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores your passwords, addresses & bank card details – and synchronizes them across your PC, macOS, Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad.

You only need to remember one master password – to access the relevant, individual passwords when you revisit favorite websites. It also automatically helps you to fill in web forms – plus its password generator feature automatically creates strong passwords. Works great on Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Apple’s macOS.

  • Securely stores your passwords, addresses & bank card data
  • Synchronizes data for access from your computers & mobiles
  • Simplifies access to all your favorite websites
  • Automatically generates strong, individual passwords*
  • Makes it easier to fill in online forms on your PC or macOS
  • Gives you a choice of a free version or a premium version
  • Simplifies synchronization & security for multiple devices
  • Includes easy-to-use mobile access & data capture features
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10. Keeper

Windows | macOS | Linux | iOS | Android

keeper password manager

[ Not Free Anymore ] Keeper is a password manager application and digital wallet that securely stores website passwords, financial information and other sensitive documents using 256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge architecture and two-factor authentication.

Files and passwords in Keeper can be synced, backed up in the cloud, and shared using HTTP secure and a locally stored encryption key. Every record in the user’s private vault is encrypted and stored with a unique encryption key. Keeper also addresses the problem of password fatigue, by auto filling login and password fields with stored information.

  • Native & Online Vault for Password Security
  • Secure Random Password Generator
  • Autofill Passwords with KeeperFill
  • Custom Fields Allow You to Protect Everything

11. Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Browser | Android | iOS

Firefox Lockwise

[ Discontinued ] Securely track your Firefox passwords and access them anywhere, quickly open any website from the app to get into your accounts. Ideal for those that uses Mozilla Firefox as their default browser. Created by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy

  • Use Face ID or Touch ID to lock the app and keep your passwords private
  • Secure your information with an automatic timer which locks the app
  • Tap to copy your username and password to get into apps and websites
  • Set the browser you want to open your website URLs

12. SpiderOak Encryptr

Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | iOS

SpiderOak Encryptr

[ Discontinued ] SpiderOak Encryptr is a free, private and secure password management tool and e-wallet. Generate and store secure passwords. Everything is accessible only to you on their No Knowledge cloud, whether you’re on your phone or at your desk. It’s totally free!

Encryptr only ever encrypts or decrypts your data locally on your device. No plain text is ever sent to the server, not even your passphrase, which means an attacker can never access or read your data. Securely access your confidential data from a single account, regardless of where you are, across all of your devices.

  • Create and Protect – Need a specific type of password? Let Encryptr create the perfect one for you. With one click, the password generator will provide you with a secure password or you can save your own as well.
  • Store and Search – Your passwords on Encryptr are automatically synced across all of your devices for easy access. Use the search bar to find the password, credit card number, or notes that you’re looking for.
  • Secure and Private – Giving you peace of mind is their priority. By storing your passwords on Encryptr, all of your data will be saved in encrypted format in their cloud. You are the sole owner of your keys, which decrypt your passwords.

13. KeePassX

Windows | macOS | Linux


[ Discontinued ] KeePassX is an application for people with extremely high demands on secure personal data management. It has a light interface, is cross platform and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

KeePassX saves many different information e.g. user names, passwords, urls, attachments and comments in one single database. For better management user-defined titles and icons can be specified for each single entry. Furthermore the entries are sorted in groups, which are customizable as well. The integrated search function allows searching in a single group or the complete database.

KeePassX offers a little utility for secure password generation. The password generator is very customizable, fast and easy to use. Especially someone who generates passwords frequently will appreciate this feature.

The complete database is always encrypted either with AES (alias Rijndael) or Twofish encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key. Therefore the saved information can be considered as quite safe. KeePassX uses a database format that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe. This makes the use of that application even more favourable.

14. Passopolis

Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Apple Safari

passopolis password manager safe Best Free Password Manager Software for Windows, macOS, Android & iOS Desktop Cloud App Management

[ Discontinued ] Passopolis is a password manager for individuals and teams that securely saves your logins, and allows users to log in and share access. Passopolis is run and maintained by They Are Wizards and is based on the code of Mitro after Mitro Labs announced the discontinuation of their services.

Password Do and Don’t

A simple guide on what to do and don’t when it comes to password management.

password secure do and dont password management


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    It is a very good list of free password managers, all are popular and used by users globally.

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    Great list! I really like the NordPass password checker, it is also a free service and basically checks, whether your passwords have been leaked or not. It’s super convenient, especially with all the data breaches constantly happening.

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    Keeping our data is a mandatory thing at present. Thus, everyone should be aware of such kind of password security apps. I have used LastPass; it’s awesome and easy to use. In addition, it is one of the best apps in 2019. Moreover, I would like to try other apps for securing my devices and data.

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    Well, I still prefer online excel sheets maintained on Google drive than an actual Password manager. Call me old school, but I just don’t trust any third party service with my passwords. Moreover, I use Ivacy VPN at all times to protect my online data.

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