Copperhead Snake Wrapped Around Cat’s Neck

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I love cats, they are so cute. Found this article at Neatorama, according to the blog, 9 year old Jelly the cat was spotted walking around with a copperhead snake wrapped around her neck/collar. The car was paralyzed for a while but veteran managed to save her by injecting a full dose of anti-venom.

Rattlesnake sign

snake cat picture copperhead

Jelly may well be thinking “One life down, eight to go!” While browsing through the blog, I thought it was some Christmas deco on the cat’s neck. Christmas mood got me for good. :)

Australian Copperheads Snake

Austrelaps is a genus of venomous elapid snakes native to the relatively fertile temperate southern and eastern part of the Australian continent. Three species are currently recognized, of which there are no subspecies. They are commonly called copperheads or Australian copperheads.

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What to do if your pet is bitten?

Snake Bite Piercing Treatment For Pet Cats Dogs

What to do if your pet is bitten? The first thing is not to panic, the next thing is to get help from the nearest vet. Do not suck out the blood, it is poisonous and may endanger your own life. Instead, you should:

  • If possible, try to identify the snake
  • Look for fang marks
  • If bitten on a leg, wrap a constricting band on the affected limb snugly at a level just above the bite wound (on the body side of the wound).
  • Visit the nearest animal hospital

10 signs your dog or cat has been biten snake infographic
Click on the image for a higher resolution

Snake VS Dogs Cats


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    Anders [ Reply ]

    Although generally not considered lethal, a bite from a copperhead is extremely painful.

    Given the size of the cat it would probably have died had it not been for the antivenom.

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      Chris Davies [ Reply ]

      Thanks for the info, I had no idea. I hope the cat lives

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    When a Dog is Bitten by a Copperhead Snake

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    The venom from a copperhead snake can kill a human. … back so I suspect the cat’s just picked it up and the snake’s just wrapped itself fair around the neck

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    Chris Hoffman [ Reply ]

    a Tasmanian cat has been found by its owner with a poisonous copperhead snake wrapped around its neck.

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    Jelly (the cat) uses up one of her lives

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