30 Wireless NetGear Router Default Login Password

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Lost your NetGear router’s username and password? Couldn’t remember where you store it? There are two ways to recover the password and gain access to the router, the first method involves resetting the password to factory settings, while the second method uses the master key to gain access to the router. Here are a list of master password for your router, if it doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer for the default password and try and hard reset it.

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Method 1 – Restore Factory Settings

Insert the tip of a pen or a paper clip into the ‘reset’ hole (located at the back of your router), push the button for 5 seconds or more, make sure the power is on for the router. For confirmation of resetting the router to default settings, you should be able to see all of the router’s LED flashes or blinks, on certain models the router would restart itself.

When you’re done, access the router with the default username and password as stated in your user manual.

Method 2 – Master Key / Password

Every router comes with a master key or password, these set of password enables you to access the router without restoring or losing the settings.

Vendor Model Protocol Username Password
NETGEARWGT624 Rev. 2HTTPadminpassword
NETGEARMR-314 Rev. 3.26HTTPadmin1234
NETGEARRP114 Rev. 3.26TELNET(none)1234
NETGEARWG602 Rev. FIRMWARE VERSION 1.7.14HTTPsuperman21241036
NETGEARWGR614 Rev. V4MULTIadminpassword
NETGEARRP114 Rev. 3.20-3.26HTTPadmin1234
NETGEARADSL MODEM DG632 Rev. V3.3.0A_CXHTTPadminpassword
NETGEARGS724T Rev. V1.0.1_1104HTTPn/apassword
NETGEARWNR834 BV2adminpassword
NETGEARWPN824 / WPN824V2HTTPadminpassword
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Learn the Default Password for Every Network Router!

Need to reset your router? Veronica shows you how to find your default username and password to make that process easier, on today’s Tekzilla Daily. Or, you could always use this information to hack your neighbor’s router. Your choice.

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    BPL RAMSHU [ Reply ]


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    Where is netgear Wnr2000

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      Alexis [ Reply ]

      Wnr2000 the
      user name: admin
      password: password

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        Whitson Gordon [ Reply ]

        How to View or Change Your Wireless Network Password?

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    I think I know my password, my computer keeps asking for a network security key for my Netgear WNR 2000.

    Is there a master network security key?

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      also looking master network security key for netgear WNR 2000

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        Yahoo Answer [ Reply ]

        N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR4000

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        unlimited [ Reply ]

        I forgot Username and password My Router

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        avis45@onlyinternet.net [ Reply ]

        need to connect Kindle Fire to Wi-Fi

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      Matt Egan [ Reply ]

      Log in to your NETGEAR router by browsing to – … By default, the password is password or 1234

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    Joaquin [ Reply ]

    Thank you dude

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    This is the default account information, not a master to enable you to get in if you forgot your information.

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    tracey [ Reply ]

    I need to put my password back in for my wireless, where can I find that pop up box where I can type it in??

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    This is the default account information, not a master to enable you to get in if you forgot your information.

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      Trey Ratcliff [ Reply ]

      The default username is admin, the default password is password

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    Josh Jackson [ Reply ]

    Step-by-Step Instructions to Change the Default Admin Password on Your Netgear Router.

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    Netgear broadband routers ship with a default administrator password and user name / IDs set at the factory.

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    Bradley Mitchell [ Reply ]

    Depending on the router, you can either view or reset the wireless network password

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    Aibek Esengulov [ Reply ]

    how to find netgear password and change wifi code?

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      microsoft [ Reply ]

      Can’t Log In to Router with default name/password After Resetting

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    Tim Fisher [ Reply ]

    Find the NETGEAR WNDR3400 default password, default username, and default IP address here

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    My router netgear67 iam not geating help me out

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      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      have you tried contacting NetGear official communication channel?

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    my netgear router is WNR614.
    i forgot the password. But i don’t want to reset that router. Please help me out from this problem……..

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    help... [ Reply ]

    Where is netgear21?

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      Isaiah Williams [ Reply ]

      That’s what I need!!!!!

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    madison [ Reply ]

    Where is NETGEAR19???

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    madison [ Reply ]

    Were is NETGEAR19???

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    Brianna [ Reply ]

    Who can find out the default password for NETGEAR04 ?.

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    can anybody tell me the password of NETGEAR90?

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    kishan [ Reply ]

    how to hack password netgear

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    Brianna [ Reply ]

    What the. Password

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    mang kap [ Reply ]

    where is the NETGEAR27 login and password

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    Looking for default passwords for “netgear92”

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    Gregory Smith [ Reply ]

    What about netgear39_2gext

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      Gregory Smith [ Reply ]

      I need name and password pls

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    where is netgear JWNR2010v5

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    cassandra [ Reply ]

    where is netgear86 somebody help me pleseeee!!!!!!!!

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    I’ve just reseted my netgear to default and can’t connetct to it, because i don’w know factory wifi password, lol. Please help! :)

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    Ravidra [ Reply ]

    Awesome Its working

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    Brenda christian [ Reply ]

    Where is Netgear88_RE. Or NETGEAR_Guest.

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    NETGEAR14 i need the password if ya know it

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    s h ay [ Reply ]

    Netgear16 anyone

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    Isaiah Williams [ Reply ]

    Does anybody know the password for NETGEAR 21?????? If so, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks

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    I cannot get my wifi to work on my iPad.I have entered the preset password that is on the router.

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      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Is Airplane mode on? If not, try resetting your iPad or update the OS, if problem still persist, maybe you should have the Apple Care people check out the device for hardware problem.

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    Looking to NETGEAR(TIKI)

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    what is the password for netgear27?

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    Goddard Simolean [ Reply ]

    Man, y’all a bunch of morons asking for passwords. Look them up yourselves, stop being so lazy. Also, to the idiots posting “NETGEAR##”, those are the names given to the router. Not the routers manufactured model. Friggin morons.

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