40 ‘iPhone Wallpapers’ With Positive Words To Say To Your Child Daily

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As parents, sometimes we do get frustrated at our children, we’ve all been there, we are just humans. However, we should develop a habit of using more positive words on a daily basis for our child. These little encouragement on a daily basis will shape him or her when he or she is an adult.

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Kids learn by observing and then copying the adults. Our words and actions will influence them greatly. As an adult, it is more important to use positive language around them and teach positive words to kids. And the best reminder is not a poster on a wall, it is right on your phone wallpaper as you are likely to stare at it almost on an hourly basis. Here are some situations where you can reverse the negative words into words of encouragement.

  • When coloring, if a child colors an apple pink, instead of saying that is the wrong colour, ask why and tell him or her to explain. Teach them to reason their actions. You can end it with words like – maybe try this colour or how about ‘red’.
  • During teaching, instead of saying ‘Do your homework’, try words like ‘Let’s explore your homework together.’ Try using ‘We’ or ‘Together’ when doing something, instead of them feeling like they have to carry the burden alone.
  • When a child lost a game, ask him why he lost and give some suggestions, like maybe try this, maybe try that. Avoid blaming him immediately.
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How do you ‘discipline’ a child that is constantly misbehaving? It is all about the carrot and stick approach. Sometimes you have to scold them without shouting but showing how angry you are at their wrongdoings, and never forget to reward them when they perform.

Reward system for child that behave properly and given a star wars lego toy when completed the star stickers

One of the methods I use is the ‘Star Sticker’ method. When my son gets good grades for his weekly test, he gets a star, and when he doesn’t do well, no star is given. A toy, in this case a Star Wars Lego which he wanted badly will be the reward. Give him a goal. And never use this reward method for too long as it will backfire as they will demand things every time they complete something. Only use this once or twice to change his or her really bad behavior and stop immediately when you’ve reached the goal.

To use the wallpaper for your smartphone, right click to download the image. For an iphone, you should create an album, save the wallpapers and set the wallpaper settings to random for that album. the iPhone will shuffle the images inside the album. How to make your iPhone’s wallpaper a rotating gallery of good vibes?

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Set iPhone Wallpaper

  1. Save all the wallpaper to a new album
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Wallpaper’.
  3. Tap on the ‘+Add New Wallpaper’ button.
  4. Tap on the ‘Photo Shuffle’ button.
  5. Tap on the ‘Album’ and select the album where you save all the quotes.
  6. Under ‘Frequency’ you have a few options, select the one best suited for you
  7. Tap on the ‘Use Album’ and you are ready to go.
  8. Reposition the bottom row icons.

Using these positive words in your child’s everyday conversation isn’t hard, and when used correctly, meaning sincerely and honestly, these positive phrases can have powerful long term effects on your children. Words inspire, motivate, and build self-esteem in a child. Positive language matters! The positive feelings you cultivate during their early years will help your little ones grow into healthy, happy adults.

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