How To Activate Windows 7 via Phone Activation ‘slui.exe 4’ Client

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Here is a simple tutorial on how to activate your Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 via Phone activation, all done in 3 simple steps.

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How to Activate Windows 7 via Phone Activation 'slui.exe 4' Client

  • Step 1 – Click on Windows Orb and enter ‘slui.exe 4’ into the search box
  • Step 2 – From the search list, click on ‘slui.exe 4’

How to Activate Windows 7 via Phone Activation 'slui.exe 4' Client

  • Step 3 – From the drop down list, choose the country you are residing now. Select the right one to avoid crazy phone bills.

How to Activate Windows 7 via Phone Activation 'slui.exe 4' Client

Call the designated toll-free number; SMS is the better choice because of the extremely long code. Enter the number accordingly and your Windows 7 shall be validated in a moment. The phone activation method above is also applicable to Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

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    tešić zoran [ Reply ]

    activation for windows 7

  2. Gravatar
    tešić zoran [ Reply ]

    slui exe 4

  3. Gravatar
    don armack [ Reply ]

    i got window 7 in 2011 i had to take it out to fix my counter when i put it back in they want give a no but i got it onlline i dont have a no

  4. Gravatar
    ted stowe [ Reply ]

    my subcription runs out in march, and I cant renew by computer or by phone I get up to slui exe 4, and thats as far as I can get… why is is itso difficult to simply renew my subcrip?
    Ted Stowe

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    Ed Talbott [ Reply ]

    when I purchased my Dell tower, it had Windows Vista 64 installed. There was a free upgrade to Windows 7 since it would be released in a few days from when I bought it. I never did get around to upgrading the op system on my pc. Can I do so now and how do I go about it?
    Do I need a cd or is it available on line?

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    frank schoonie [ Reply ]

    i eot
    changed my hard drive, and put the same windows 7 back into it. but they say my product key
    is not a good key. told me to buy a product key that sucks… can install windows 10 without buying a key for win dow 7. i think it stinks might go to android system smaller and better……

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    the slui.exe 4’ does not give me the it just pops up in a window and click call I don’t get the screen that gives me a code for MS

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    Just do it!!!!

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    Melese Alene [ Reply ]

    Currently my window is window 8.1 pro and it requests activation. But i cant. therefore i need support from you. Thanks for your help.

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    Doesn’t give you the choice to enter a location to get the phone stuff

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    Robert Schlumpberger [ Reply ]

    Valid MS Windows 7 key fails to activate after replacing a failed hard drive for a client and reloading the OS. I need assistance with resolving this issue.

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