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Undeniably, the best antivirus is by Symantec Norton, their consumer version – Norton security provides great security across 5 devices (free for 7 days trial) is ideal for families with many devices. With complete device protection that’s compatible with either PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices, you can stay safe online no matter where you are or whatever device you are using.

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Norton Security is equipped with online privacy protection, your identity protection for web browsers, sensitive information like passwords and online banking transactions are safeguarded while using any free public wifi hotspot.

Download Norton Security Deluxe Free For 7 Days [ 5 Devices ]

For those in the dark, Symantec revamped their entire security lineup 3 years ago. Norton Security is the combination of Norton 360 + Norton Antivirus + Norton Internet Security. The best part is, with 1 License Key, you protect your PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices with a single protection plan. To get a free 7 days subscription to this security suite, download the installer from here .

  • Norton Security for One Device (Standard) – 1 PC or Mac
  • Norton Security (Deluxe) – 5 PCs, macOS, smartphones or tablets.
  • Norton Security with Backup (Premium) – 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets

Just like all previous versions, installation is simple and quick. The best part is, it runs quietly in the background. Below are the product links for the current line of Norton products. Install the software, after launching the security suite, first create a Norton account and update the definitions, restart your PC.

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Norton Security Deluxe

Three reasons why you will need an antivirus on both PC and Mac.

  • Safeguards you against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks
  • Provides more than just antivirus by protecting your identity and online transactions
  • Provides an additional layer of protection from ransomware by backing up your PC files in the cloud

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security 2015

Download Norton Security Free for 7 Days [138MB]

  • Rock-solid Norton protection for all the devices you use
  • Specialized security for each of your devices
  • Peace of mind thanks to privacy protection
  • Flexible protection to grow with your needs
  • Guaranteed protection

If the download link above expires, there is still the free trial of Norton Security Deluxe [ 100% Original – No Serial or License Key Required For Activation ] – complete antivirus and malware protection.

Why Norton? Norton vs Kaspersky vs etc

I’ve purchased genuine copies of Norton, and most probably will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Reason being that Norton doesn’t hog my computer’s resources when I am gaming or working, it has the ability to detect and stop many types of malwares, even those sneaky toolbars that come bundled with freeware.

My brand new Dell comes pre-installed with McA Antivirus, I am truly disappointed with McA Antivirus. Not only does it fail to stop freeware from installing a toolbar, it failed to stop the freeware from hijacking my browser’s homepage. Kaspersky is somewhat better but I still find Norton the best, since this is not a paid review and I’ve purchased Norton with my own money, you can take my word for it when I say Norton is the best Antivirus.

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Do I Need Antivirus for my Android Smartphone?

Yes, you need an antivirus if you’re downloading and installing apps outside of Google Play. The latest trend is Madware, and Android is their favorite target because Android’s market is huge and Android users have the liberty to download and install 3rd party apps. Unlike Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Store, there is no possible way of installing 3rd party apps unless you root the smartphone, which most people don’t.

Norton Security Deluxe

How To Renew Your Norton Product By Entering Key or Code

This video will show you how to renew your Norton subscription using a product key or code that you have already purchased. By renewing your subscription: All your Norton services stay updated and your devices are protected against the constantly evolving array of online threats.


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