5 Wireless Wifi 802.11 a,b,g,n Router Range and Distance Comparison

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As shown in the table below, the wireless 802.11n router modem has the best coverage in term of distance. However, it doesn’t eliminates blind spots (dead zones) when it comes to internet sharing between 2 different houses.

802.11 ProtocolFreq (GHz)Bandwidth (MHz)Approximate indoor rangeApproximate outdoor range
-2.42020 m / 66 ft100 m / 330 ft
a3.7 - 52035 m / 115 ft120 m / 390 ft
b2.42035 m / 115 ft140 m / 460 ft
g2.42038 m / 125 ft140 m / 460 ft
n2.4 - 520 - 4070 m / 230 ft250 m / 820 ft

Antenna Booster vs. Range Extender

Antenna booster is a short term solution, it simply amplifies the range, and it doesn’t extend the range. If the intention of amplifying the signal is to provide coverage for more people, this is not a viable solution as it might not handle the traffic unless your router comes with 3 antennas.

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Wireless Wifi 802.11 a,b,g,n Router Range And Distance Comparison

A range extender (repeater) is the best. It simply rely the wireless transmission and extend it, this enables wider coverage and eliminates blind spots such as corners and isolated areas. A range extender is very efficient when it comes to sharing internet between two houses.

Many Users Vs 1 User

Based on my own personal experience, my router crashed when more than 10 people tries to access the internet simultaneously. If your intention in extending the range is to provide internet access to many users, a router with 6 antenna and build in processor is a better choice.

However, if the intention is to share internet with a few friends living across the street, an antenna booster is a good solution.

Best Router For Mass User

If your intention is internet sharing for mass users, below is the must have specification:

  • Dual Band
  • 450Mbps
  • Powerful processor

Wireless Wifi 802.11 a,b,g,n Router Range And Distance Comparison

When Neighbors Do Not Get Along

Wifi wars. The best is if you own a van, set your wireless SSID name to ‘FBI Surveillance Van’.

Wifi SSID Wireless Broadcast network router

Wifi SSID Wireless Broadcast network router

Wifi SSID Wireless Broadcast network router

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    Rafael [ Reply ]

    From where did you get this range comparison table data?

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]


      If I am not mistaken, I source it from Wikipedia, some manufacturer website, from their product boxes and etc.

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        which wireless Routers Have The Best Range in the market? cisco?

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          charles [ Reply ]

          i have been using tplink routers for 2 years from now, dont have any complains, very solid and reliable piece of equipment. these routers have a nice features that the rest of routers don´t have, bandwidth control. you can config your uploading and downloading speed, totally recommended specially if you share ur internet connection with more than one user. it distributes equally your internet bandwidth. coverage is not a problem use the latest model, make sure u are using or working with the “n” standard. i know there are plenty of trademarks out there, but i have literally tasted all of them but this one is perfect. you can ban sites like facebook and others with no effort, lots of tutorials in youtube. It works smoothly with no lags or drops. i use tplink and an apple airport extreme base station, because i can share my printer with the rest of users at home, via bonjour with pcs with windows, in macs it works like a charm.

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    what is the average distance of a wireless router? which router has the furthest range and distance?

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    Which wireless router has the longest range? thanks

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    peipei [ Reply ]

    Longest range wireless router is netgear, belkin or asus? can we boost it or amplify it?

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    How to Maximize the Distance From Your Wireless Router without spending money?

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    can installing DD-WRT or tomato firmware to your router double boost the range and signal?? cheers

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    The reviews of long range wireless routers presented in this article is good

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    the Netgear’s R6300 has such high throughput that its distant and range is pretty amazing.

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      microsoft [ Reply ]

      Wireless N+ Performance Routers for Home is the best investmenet, forget about range extender, there will be a delay

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    i am thinking of the beer can booster shown in many youtube videos… i wonder if it works!

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    we have super wifi router be able to connect 150 users at the same time, and over 60users use stream media.

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