How To Turn Off Notebook / Laptop LCD Display Monitor Screen

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I am having problem on how to turn off or switch off my laptop’s LCD monitor. When my Acer Aspire Laptop died, it took me quite sometime to adapt to the new Sony Vaio laptop. Both are different in so many ways, for instant, the Acer laptop comes with Numpad, 17 inch screen, and lots of keyboard shortcuts. Sony on the other hand is a much more powerful beast, given that my Acer laptop was three years old powered by a slower processor and loaded with Windows XP.

One of the key features I missed the most and to the extend of surfing the net just for the solution is the ability to switch off my laptop’s LCD display monitor. Shutting down the laptop is a good habit but it doesn’t make any sense if I were to take a bath, have my meal or listen to my music. After much research, I was able to find two simple solution, they are:

Projector Mode

How To Turn Off Notebook / Laptop LCD Display Monitor Screen

If third party software is not the preferable solution, try changing the LCD mode to Projector. It will turn off the LCD. The keyboard shortcut combination is Fn + F7. Press ‘Esc’ key to exit.

Turn Off LCD Software

How To Turn Off Notebook / Laptop LCD Display Monitor Screen

Turn Off LCD is a tiny utility by RedmondPie, download the software and place it on your desktop. To turn off your display, double click on the file. The only problem I had was having a sensitive wireless mouse with the latest bluetrack technology.

p.s. From what I read, even HP doesn’t have this ‘brilliant’ short cut. Am not sure about Dell, I guess Acer has its selling point too.

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    Turning Off a Laptop Screen?

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    Nikhil Chakravarthi [ Reply ]

    how to Turn the LCD screen off when using HDMI?

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      by right it should be automatic, if it doesn’t, simply close the lid of your laptop

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    How do I turn off laptop display when I have an external display?

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    is there a laptop where you can turn off the backlight of the LCD screen?

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      physically no, use the software mentioned in the article. thanks

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